Undergraduate Research

Research represents an integral part of the educational experience in the college.  Undergraduate students, collaborating with faculty members, participate in independent research as a process of creating new knowledge.  COJJP students can participate in research efforts across diverse topics in juvenile justice and psychology through mentoring by faculty. The apprenticeship model of mentoring strongly encourages students to initiate independent projects, showcase the results at conferences (i.e., either local, state, or national) and assist with writing a manuscript for publication.

Psychology Research Lab

The Psychology department has established a state-of-the-art research lab designed to encourage a undergraduate and graduate research agenda within the College of Juvenile Justice and Psychology. The research lab allows students to develop their skills in conducting research, data collection and analysis processes. The aim is to offer students a rewarding experience while learning about and implementing different stages of research. As with any organization there are some basic rules and guidelines to follow to ensure that we produce high quality work. Therefore, a current high-tech research management system has been implemented.

SONA System

The Psychology Subject Pool is a system that provides undergraduate students enrolled in psychology courses participation experience with a broad range of psychological research. The Psychology Subject Pool also provides faculty and graduate students in the Psychology department with a source of participants for their research projects. The purpose is to ensure that consistent and proper procedures are followed by all researchers for the protection of participants and to make student participation as easily accessible as possible.

Every research study in Psychology Subject Pool must be individually approved or receive an exempt status from the Prairie View A&M University Institution Review Board (IRB). Each study must have a consent form or an information statement. The subject pool is managed by the Psychology Subject Pool Coordinator.

Undergraduate students may pay participate in the subject pool voluntarily or as part a class requirement. Students may enroll in the web-based registry system at http://pvamu.sona-systems.com/. After enrolling, students will be able to sign up for any of the various research projects listed in the registry.  Study information including the study name, description, credit amount, and investigator are provided. The online system is available 24-hours a day and offers online cancellation and up-to-date viewing of credits earned throughout the semester. The online subject pool also gives participants contact information of researchers conducting particular studies and sends reminder emails for scheduled research sessions.

Summer Research Opportunity Programs (SROP)


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