Faculty Research

COJJP faculty members are actively engaged in several research endeavors aimed to advance knowledge and inform intervention programs related to at-risk youth in our communities. Specifically, many of these projects are associated with identifying psycho-social risk and protective factors related to juvenile delinquency. Faculty is also involved in conducting research that pertains to student retention within the college. Student involvement in faculty research is strongly encouraged at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Justice Studies Faculty Research

Dr. Charles Bailey, Assistant Professor/Coordinator of the Undergraduate Program:

Prevention and control of juvenile crime; service learning as a teaching method

Dr. Myrna CintrĂ³n, Associate Professor:

Crime/delinquency theory; juvenile gangs; drug use and control; racial/ethnic issues in the criminal/juvenile justice systems; Latinos: multicultural/bilingual issues

Dr. Camille Gibson, Associate Professor and Interim Department Head:

Schools and delinquency; Jamaican organized crime; juvenile sex offending; child abuse; law enforcement and juvenile interactions

Psychology Faculty Research

Dr. Aisha Asby, Assistant Professor:

Family functioning; socio-emotional functioning and coping; spirituality; HIV/AIDS

Dr. Tamara Brown, Dean and Professor:

Substance use in African Americans; cultural factors and African Americans’ mental health functioning and use of services

Dr. Joe Dickson, Assistant Professor:

Subjective-understanding; attachment; psychological disorders

Dr. Pamela Martin, Associate Dean:

Theology; religion; spirituality; faith practices; racial identity; racial socialization; achievement identity among adolescents; and STEM education

Dr. Peter Metofe, Assistant Professor:

Statistical and psychometric methods to practical problems in organizational and educational settings; scale development and validation; job attitudes (e.g., job satisfaction and employee turnovers); academic and job performance, and critical analysis of social psychological constructs with implications in clinical and organizational settings

Dr. B. Drake Williams, Visiting Assistant Professor:

Male coping; crisis management; sex trafficking

Dr. Derek Wilson, Associate Professor and Interim Department Head:

The establishment of positive mental health model for African Americans including: connectedness; consciousness and competency; positive psychological functioning; culturally consistent assessment and intervention programs; and culturally related biological connection to behavior

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