SUBR Workshop

From March 21 Friday to March 24, Sunday, 2013, the consortium offered a Technical Assistance for experimental Fuel Cell Research at Southern University and A&M College at Baton Rouge site. The attendees are

  • Mr. Tommy Rockward (co-PI, LANL)
  • Dr. Diola Bagayoko (co-PI, Southern)
  • Dr. Malozovsky (Postdoc, Southern)
  • Dr. S. Hasan (Chemical Engineer, Southern)
  • Bethuel Khamala (graduate student)
  • Dr. Anthony Stewart (Materials Scientist/graduate student)

An interview with Mr. Rockward, conducted by Edward Pratt, of the Southern University Media Relations Office, has been  featured on “Faces of SU: Tommy Rockward”,

The following are the picture taken during the workshop.