About Us

The Center of Excellence for Communication Systems Technology Research (CECSTR) conducts comprehensive research in the selected aspects of Communication Systems and Engineering problems by way of algorithm developments, modeling, simulation, analysis, design, testing and performance evaluation and supports technology transfer to our sponsors. CECSTR contributes directly to the research component of the University’s mission.

CECSTR supports and trains undergraduate and graduate students by recruiting talented students, awarding scholarships and creating pipelines with our industry partners for students’ placements. The center has three research tracks: Broadband Communications (Wired & wireless), Signal Processing (Analog & Mixed Signal, DSP), and Control Systems. CECSTR has labs and facilities for broadband communications, analog-mixed signal, DSP and control systems.

The center is funded by various industry and government agencies. CECSTR established Texas Instruments (TI) Endowed Chair ($1 Million) and TI Undergraduate and Graduate Assistantship Endowment ($600,000).



Our Expertise


Partial List Of Milestones

• Energy Detector’s Performance Analysis, Relay Implementation & Adaptive Transmission over Myriad Fading Environment  (2010-2013).
• Theoretical Analysis & Testing of Cognitive Radio Systems in terms of Opportunistic Spectrum Access, Relay Transmissions, Security Aspects, Modulation Schemes and Data Rate (2009-12).
• Diversity receiver model development over diverse fading channels (2013)
• Development of A New Analysis for Area under ROC Curve (AUC) (2011).
• Theoretical Model Development of Cross-Layer Throughput Optimization (2012)  
• Joint Design of Channel-Source Coding for Compressive Sampling Systems (2010)
• Signal Detection in Nyquist Folding Analog-to-Information Receiver by Wavelet Transform method (2009).
• Sparseness Measures of Signals for Compressive Sampling (2007)
• Wavelets and Self-similarity applications to Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (2007)
• Wavelet based ADC/DAC Testing Using Lab View (2005-2006) 
• Design and Digital Implementation of Proportional-Integral-Derivative Controller for Nonlinear Motors (2004)
• ADSL Interoperability and Reliability Studies (2004)

Project Sponsors