4-H Sausage Making 101 Session

This free Sausage Making 101 workshop, hosted by the 4-H and Youth Department Unit, experimental in nature is designed for the “rookie” sausage maker. The workshop allows participants to gain “hands-on” techniques of creating sausages. All will receive an overview of essential knowledge of sausage making such as: Ingredients, Meat Selection, Food Safety, Casings, Equipment, Stuffing, Supplies, Preparation, Packaging/Processing, Recipes, Resources, and Evaluation of the Final Product.

The workshop is for volunteers, stakeholders, agents, educators or those who will be training youth, individuals and families about agricultural sustainability, entrepreneurship, creating healthy children, and individuals who want experience in developing and tweaking basic sausage recipes. Use this skill to create your own business. Enroll today!

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Contact Information

Joice A. Jeffries, Ph.D.
Email : jojeffries@pvamu.edu