Department of Agriculture, Nutrition and Human Ecology


AgricultureFor animal lovers, there’s an animal science program where our professors and research scientists will help you explore the study of animal genetics. With access to more than 700 acres of farmland right on campus, students will graduate with the hands-on experience needed to succeed.


NutritionNutrition, food science and dietetics is also covered and students who want to become park rangers, veterinarians, food inspectors, dietitians, government officials, business owners, county agents, fashion designers, ranchers and many other positions can get the education and experience they need.

Human Ecology

Human EcologyMarriage and Family Studies is predicated on the needs of its target clientele to provide knowledge in an area that has a high impact on the overall well-being of couples, families and the community especially the underserved population that includes single parent families, underscored by a low rate of marriages and high rates of divorce.

Dietetics Internship Program

Dietetics Internship ProgramRequirements must be met for acceptance into the internship. Students who successfully complete the internship will be verified for eligibility to write the Registration Examination leading to credentialing as a registered dietitian (RD).