Family and Consumer Sciences

FCS_Logo_secondaryThe Family and Consumer Sciences component of the Cooperative Extension Program recognizes that strong families are important to a prosperous and productive society. The family is the major provider of joy, security, values and goals. The Extension staff works to plan and deliver research-based family focused programs in health and well being, parenting, life skills and nutrition to underserved clientele, but, not excluding other audiences, that will serve as a catalyst to improve the quality of living.


Health and Wellness

The prevalence of obesity has increased dramatically in the United States since the mid-1970s. If trends are not reversed, more people will suffer from diabetes at some point in their lives.  Others will face chronic obesity-related health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma. This program provides research based information on improving diet, exercise and overall health by consuming nutritious fruits and vegetables, while reducing foods that are high in fat and sugars.

Major topic areas:

  • Step Up and Scale Down Program
  • Balanced Living
  • Media Smart
  • Diabetes Education
  • Chronic Disease Prevention

Nutrition and Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. Obese youth are more likely to have risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure.  A healthy diet is the foundation for overall health and well-being.  Making informed food choices, in addition to being physically active, can help people attain and maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic disease, and promote health.  This program provides technical and educational information to limited resource families and individuals to help them understand the importance of nutrition and diet. Additionally, it heightens awareness of the relationship between high calorie food consumption and lack of exercise to health status.

Major topic areas:

Food Safety

Each year, millions of Americans suffer—and thousands die—from foodborne illnesses.  This is a preventable problem that is damaging to both individuals and the economy, but many of these illnesses can be prevented.  This program provides technical and educational information to limited resource families and individuals to help them understand the importance of food safety. Additionally, it heightens awareness of the relationship between basic sanitation practices when handling food reduces waste, conserve nutrients and prevent foodborne illness.

Major topic areas:

  • How to Avoid Foodborne Illnesses
  • Food Safety Workshops
  • Food Protection Management
  • Healthy Food Preparation


As the population continues to grow and diversify, our quality of life increasingly depends on understanding the impact of human behavior.  Individuals who are raised in an environment, in which they learn to make informed decisions, manage their basic needs, and tackle pressing human and societal challenges emerge equipped to lead happier and healthier lives.  A range of health and socioeconomic factors can affect family stability and strength.  This program provides educational and technical information to limited resource families to strengthen family systems.

Major topic areas:

  • Bullying Programs
  • Active Parenting of Teens: Families in Action
  • Active Parenting: Cooperative Parenting and Divorce
  • Active Parenting:  The Grief Recovery Method
  • Child Care Conference
  • Families Reading Every Day (F.R.E.D.) Program

Financial/Money Management

This program provides educational and technical information to families thus empowering family systems and family resiliency using information that will develop an understanding of how individuals and families obtain and use resources of time and money as well as community resources to achieve their standard of living and overall quality of life.

Major topic areas:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Power Camp
  • Money Matters Workshops
  • Welcome to the Real World
  • Survive and Thrive and Winning Cooperation
  • Savvy Saving Seniors

Meet our Staff

At headquarters...

Jacquelyn WhiteJacquelyn M. White, Ed.D.
Program Leader (FCS)
(936) 261-5132

Jennifer GarzaJennifer Garza
Program Specialist
(936) 261-5113

Danielle Hairston-GreenDanielle Hairston-Green, Ph.D.
Program Specialist
(936) 261-5118

Sabrina SimonSabrina Simon
Program Specialist
(936) 261-5127

In College of Nursing...

Dawn BurtonDawn Burton
Health Coordinator
(713) 797-7032

Placeholder imageJoyce Osborne
Program Specialist
(713) 797-7034

In the county (FCS)...

Monica Aguirre
Extension Agent, Maverick County
(830) 773-5064

7E8A4170Sheryl Austin
Extension Agent, Bell County
(254) 933-5305

Courtney BryantCourtney Bryant
Extension Agent, Fort Bend County
(281) 342-3034

Gloria CarterGloria Carter
Extension Agent, Cameron County
(956) 361-8236

Grace Guerra-GonzalezGrace Guerra-Gonzalez
Extension Agent, Bexar County
(210) 631-0400

Rosondra HartsfieldRosondra L. Hartsfield
Extension Agent, Falls County
(254) 883-1413

Carla HayesCarla Hayes
Extension Agent, Grimes County
(936) 873-3907

Ashley MooreAshley Moore
Extension Agent, Harris County
(281) 855-5600

Te'Anna ReedTe'Anna Reed
Extension Agent, Waller County
(979) 826-7651

Stephanie Bowman
Extension Agent, Nueces County
(361) 767-5220

Mary SandersMary Sanders
Extension Agent, Washington County
(979) 277-6212

Kashara SheltonKashara Bell
Extension Agent, Wharton County
(979) 532-3310

Dr. Crystal WiltzCrystal Wiltz, Ph.D.
Extension Agent, Travis County
(512) 854-9612

Marvin Young
Extension Agent, Dallas County
(214) 904-3050

In the county (EFNEP)...

Elaine FreeneyElaine Freeney
Program Coordinator (EFNEP), Harris County
(713) 440-4900

Alfredo Alberto
Nutrition Education Associate, Harris County (EFNEP)
(713) 440-4900

Vida Harrison
Nutrition Education Associate, Harris County (EFNEP)
(713) 440-4900

Maria Irma Ortiz
Nutrition Education Associate, Starr County (EFNEP)
(956) 487-2306

Shard'e J. Scott
Nutrition Education Associate, Harris County (EFNEP)
(713) 440-4900

Tameka ThomasTameka Thomas
Administrative Assistant, Harris County (FCS/EFNEP)
(713) 440-4900

Krystal WilcoxKrystal Wilcox
Nutrition Education Associate, Fort Bend County (EFNEP)
(281) 342-3034

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