CARC – Scientist Profile – Louis Nuti


Louis Nuti Ph. D.
Research Scientist


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (Endocrinology/Reproductive Physiology)
M.S., University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (Endocrinology/Reproductive Physiology)
B.A., Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN (Biology)

Key Interests

My research objective has always been to address producer and industry needs for improvement in reproductive performance as it applies to overall productivity and profitability.  Specific research interests and past research work has focused on control of reproduction in goats using various estrus synchronization methods in order to have goats kid at predetermined times.  This is done to allow producers to produce marketable products (milk, meat, hides, cheese) when market prices are at historical market peaks.  Additional work involves developing ways to improve artificial insemination and semen quality to help with genetic improvement in this breed.  Combining estrous synchronization with timed artificial insemination using highest quality semen helps producers quickly improve their stock.

Contact Information

Office: P.O. Box 519; MS 3008, The International Goat Research Center, Prairie View, TX 77446
Phone: (936) 261-5085

Recent Publications

Nuti, L.C., Washington, D., Palmer, C., Baker, K., Schuman, S., Newton, G.R.  2012.  Changes in small, medium and large follicle numbers in response to co-synch and select-synch synchronization treatments in Dairy Goats.  XI International conference on Goats, Gran Canaria, Spain. Oct. 2012 Poster.

Faucette, A., Riggs, P.K., Forrest, D., Ing, N., Newton, G., Nuti, L.  2011.  Gene expression changes in goat testes during development and in sperm during the breeding and non-breeding seasons.  ASAS/ADSA Joint Annual Meeting Montreal, Canada.  Abstract and presentation.  Page 654.

Washington, D. Baker, K., Horner, S., Palmer, C.,  Nuti, L., Newton, G.  2011.  Ultrasound Analysis of ovarian follicular changes in synchronized goats.  Barry Lecture Poster, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.

Rucker, D., Baker, Kl, Tress, U., Nuti, L.C., and Newton, G.R.  2010.  Characterization of seminal plasma proteins from dairy and meat goat sires.  Biol. Reprod. 83 (Suppl. 1): 532.

Baker, K.N., Horner, S.D., Rucker, D.K., Nuti, L.C. and Newton, G.R  2010. The relationships between somatic cell count and Bacteriology on milk quality and production in dairy goats.  J. Anim. Sci.  88 (Suppl. 2):  W44.

Faucette, A.N., Forrest, D.N., Nuti, L.C., Newton, G.R. and Ing, N.H.  2011  Gene expression changes in goat testes during development and in sperm during the breeding and non-breeding seasons.  J. Anim. Sci. 89 (suppl. 2): W421.

Nuti, L. and Horner, S.   2008.  Ethanol from corn:  Boon or boondoggle?  Goat Rancher, July,  pages 6-12

Garcia-Hernandez, R., Newton, G., Horner, S and Nuti, L. C., 2007. Effect of photoperiod on milk yield and quality, and reproduction in dairy goats.  Livestock Science 110, pp. 214-220.

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Nuti, L.C. and Pinkerton, F. 2001.  Supplementation of Boer and Spanish id goats on millet and Bermuda grass pastures.  4. Market response and economic returns.  ASAS/ADSA Southern Meeting, Ft. Worth, Texas.  January 27-30, Abstract pp. 14, No. 50.