Community and Economic Development

Community and Economic Development

YEP4Success: Youth Entrepreneurship Leads to Stronger Texas Economies

July 9, 2018 - Concerns about small business access to capital are a significant reality for new entrepreneurs. According to the Congressional Research Service reports, small businesses are behind the curve accessing the capital investment needed to start or expand their operations that lead to job creation and improved economies in the local regions. Federal [...]

How Beans Turned from a Nuisance to a Profitable Enterprise

June 4, 2018 - It isn’t often a business can actually come from the trash heap unless it is an enterprise focused on recycling.  The Mesquite tree has been deemed a nuisance for the past several decades as more vacant land is developed.  In times past, the Mesquite tree "beans" were a vital food staple [...]

The Commitment to Be an Entrepreneur

May 21, 2018 - Start-up and established business owners are learning to overcome the challenges they face with putting short and long-range planning on the back burner. Entrepreneurs are known to be the visionaries of the business world, and whether the vision is of a small enterprise, a work from home operation, or a Fortune [...]

CEP Offers Helping Hand to Hurricane Harvey Victim in Dayton

April 23, 2018 - Claudia Cannaday of Dayton, Texas stated that her area received 57 inches of rain from Harvey and debris from the storm left several large piles of debris in her yard. It ruined all of the carpet in the house and the drywall throughout the house had to be replaced. Even the [...]

Regional Partnerships

In the fall of 2015, USDA-RD Area Director, Joe De Ochoa, received a “why is your area not making very many grants for the elderly and disabled home renovation program?”. Since I was in his office, he looked to me for an answer and suggestion.  I determined the limited “in-house” staff was overextended and outreach [...]

Williams and Conner Beef Jerky

While working with a client in Zavala County, a USDA “meat inspector” question came up, and having a “friend to call”, I initiated contact. During the conversation, we spoke of “the old days” when I helped launch their business (from cooking in their home kitchen to a state of the art processing facility). As we [...]

How to Use E-commerce for Online Markets

Traditional retail business models are changing rapidly with growth through online sales referred to as e-commerce. E-commerce has changed the way consumers shop and purchase from brick and mortar stores. A storefront is no longer an absolute requirement for having a successful business. E-commerce has opened doors for entrepreneurs and limited resource individuals with little [...]

Hurricane Harvey and Cooperative Extension’s Response

There are a lot of people affected by Hurricane Harvey that need help with their paperwork and follow up. It is not clear why flood victims are receiving denial and cancelation letters. The Cooperative Extension Program is looking to help people affected by flood navigate the systems. The unit is working on alleviating some of [...]

The Art of the Startup: Startup Stories Event 2017

November is recognized as National Entrepreneurship Month. According to the US Department of Commerce, "entrepreneurs are responsible for virtually all new job growth across the county." However, local entrepreneurs have the opportunity to transform from within by providing jobs, products and services to limited resource communities. The Community and Economic Development Unit of the Cooperative [...]

Liberty County Agent James Motton assists family in home repair following Housing Workshop

Liberty County residents are thankful today since learning of the valuable resources available through USDA and the Prairie View A&M University Cooperative Extension Program in Liberty County. Before Hurricane Harvey, Community and Economic Development specialist and county agents organized a series of home buying and home repair seminars educating the public on the resources available [...]