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This lists the CAHS Alumni per decade in alphabetical order of Last Name first. Other accompanying information are Degree, Major(s), Year of graduation and Email contact (where applicable).

Key Index of Majors

AGEC Agri - Economics
AGED Agriculture Education
AGEG Agricultural Engineering
AGHR Agriculture & Human Resources
AGJL Agricultural Journalism
AGLS Agriculture & Life Sciences
AGRI Agriculture
AGRO Agronomy
AGSS Soil Science
ANHU Animal Husbandry
ANSC Animal Science
CIAG Agriculture Education
CIHE Home Economics Education
FDSC Food Science
FMCS Family & Community Service
HMED Home Economics Education
HMEC Home Economics
HUNF Human Nutrition & Food
HUSC Human Sciences


Hammond, Arthur BA AGRI 1922


Allen, Claude BS AGRI 1923
Brown, Mary BS HMEC 1923
Bryant, Jimmie BS HMEC 1923
Carroll, Orlender BS AGRI 1923
Gardner, Effie BS HMEC 1923
Pickard, Imogene BS HMEC 1923
Simmons, Calloway BS AGRI 1923
Taylor, Anderson BS AGRI 1923


Abernthy, Grace BS HMEC 1924
Bell, Thelma BS HMEC 1924
Carter, W. F. BS AGRI 1924
Estelle, Jeanetta BS HMEC 1924
Howard, Henrietta BS HMEC 1924
Marshall, Lonnie BS AGRI 1924
Martin, S. M. BS AGRI 1924
Middleton, Bessie BS HMEC 1924
Minton, E. T. BS AGRI 1924
Osborne, Leotine BS HMEC 1924
Reid, Bessie BS HMEC 1924
Reynolds, Theresa BS HMEC 1924
Williams, John BS AGRI 1924


Alexander, J. M. BS AGRI 1925
Arnold Jr., Frank BS AGRI 1925
Carrington, C. C. BS AGRI 1925
Crouch, Geneva BS HMEC 1925
Henderson, Jesse BS AGRI 1925
Simms, Wheeler BS AGRI 1925
Smith, Thomas BS AGRI 1925
Smith, F. E. BS HMEC 1925
Smith, Zora BS HMEC 1925
Stewart, Thelma BS HMEC 1925
Williams, John BS AGRI 1925


Arthur, William BS AGRI 1926
Bremby, Booker BS AGRI 1926
Curtis, Jonathan BS AGRI 1926
Foreman, Rochelle BS AGRI 1926
Grimes, Zelema BS HMEC 1926
Humphrey, William BS AGRI 1926
Jeter, Curtis BS AGRI 1926
Sanders, Malvina BS HMEC 1926
Thompson, Sam BS AGRI 1926
Townsend, Ruby BS HMEC 1926
Walker, Piccola BS HMEC 1926
Walton, Cedar BS AGRI 1926
Wright, Snodie BS HMEC 1926


Arthur, Alton BS AGRI 1927
Arrington, M. B. BS HMEC 1927
Blunt, McKinley BS AGRI 1927
Brown, Ruby BS HMEC 1927
Buchanan, R. A. BS HMEC 1927
Carter, Jesse BS AGRI 1927
Davis, Anna BS HMEC 1927
Dilon, Nennie BS HMEC 1927
Farrell, Henrietta BS HMEC 1927
Fortson, Murray BS AGRI 1927
Hardeway, Marvin BS AGRI 1927
Jones, Gus BS AGRI 1927
Kennedy, Norman BS AGRI 1927
Norris, Ernest BS AGRI 1927
Pearson, Louie BS AGRI 1927
Richards, J. H. BS AGRI 1927
Thomas, Benjamin BS AGRI 1927
Toney, Seth BS AGRI 1927
Turner, Fred BS AGRI 1927


Blocker, Willie BS HMEC 1928
Brigman, Roosevelt BS AGRI 1928
Collins, Minnie BS HMEC 1928
Curtis, Henry BS AGRI 1928
Daily, Minnie BS HMEC 1928
Harnsbury, H. K. BS AGRI 1928
Hopkins, Julia BS HMEC 1928
Johnson, John BS AGRI 1928
Loud, Marie BS HMEC 1928
O'Neil, Addison BS AGRI 1928
Pace, Earnest BS AGRI 1928
Stiles, Celeste BS HMEC 1928
Taylor, Louisa BS HMEC 1928
Walker, Lossie BS HMEC 1928
Wille, Ernest BS AGRI 1928


Adams, Helen BS HMEC 1929
Brown, Timothy BS AGRI 1929
Carroll, Laura BS HMEC 1929
Collins, Gladys BS HMEC 1929
Davis, Napoleon BS AGRI 1929
Douglass, Julius BS AGRI 1929
Graves, Manuel BS AGRI 1929
Graves, Shedrick BS AGRI 1929
Green, Josie BS HMEC 1929
Herron, Emma BS HMEC 1929
Lewis, Ambrillas BS HMEC 1929
Martin, Elcena BS HMEC 1929
Muckleroy, Alice BS HMEC 1929
Perry, Lavonne BS HMEC 1929
Raibon, J. H. BS AGRI 1929
Spencer, Annie BS HMEC 1929
Teal, Johnson BS AGRI 1929
Walker, Inell BS HMEC 1929


Arnold, Robert BS AGRI 1930
Beal, Marie BS HMEC 1930
Blackman, Myrtle BS HMEC 1930
Brown, John BS AGRI 1930
Buchanan, Lister BS AGRI 1930
Clark, Juanita BS HMEC 1930
Collins, Alvin BS AGRI 1930
Colter, O. L. BS HMEC 1930
Cox, Ruth BS HMEC 1930
Davies, Maude BS HMEC 1930
Dix, Eugene BS AGRI 1930
Ferguson, Charles BS AGRI 1930
Gaston, Mildred BS HMEC 1930
Harrington, Richard BS AGRI 1930
Hines, Eloise BS HMEC 1930
Jackson, James BS AGRI 1930
Lee, James BS AGRI 1930
Jenkins, Juanita BS HMEC 1930
Massey, J. E. BS AGRI 1930
Moore, Doris BS HMEC 1930
Moore, Gladys BS HMEC 1930
Outley, Odessa BS HMEC 1930
Polk Allie BS HMEC 1930
Prince, Walter BS AGRI 1930
Scallion, Hilman BS AGRI 1930
Sewell, Alma BS HMEC 1930
Spiller, Myrtis BS HMEC 1930
Staton, Henry BS AGRI 1930
Tayylor, B. J. BS AGRI 1930
Waldon, Minyon BS HMEC 1930
Williams, Ike BS AGRI 1930
Williams, P. M. BS AGRI 1930


Anderson, Mercedes BS HMEC 1931
Bell, Ethel BS HMEC 1931
Bosset, Ezora BS HMEC 1931
Boykins, Mildred BS HMEC 1931
Brooks, Rubye BS HMEC 1931
Brown, Annie BS HMEC 1931
Brown, John BS AGRI 1931
Brown, Marshall BS AGRI 1931
Bryant, Arthur BS AGRI 1931
Buggs, Marie BS HMEC 1931
Butler, Charles BS AGRI 1931
Campbell, Willie BS HMEC 1931
Cephas, Johnnie BS HMEC 1931
Childs, Vita BS HMEC 1931
Coss, Robert BS AGRI 1931
Dansby, Cuney BS AGRI 1931
Ferguson, C. E. BS AGRI 1931
Fucles, Alberta BS HMEC 1931
Gaston, Rubye BS HMEC 1931
Hanner, Idonia BS HMEC 1931
Henderson, Annie BS HMEC 1931
Hilliard, Bernice BS HMEC 1931
Hogan, Vina BS HMEC 1931
Howard, Daisy BS HMEC 1931
Johnson, Mary BS HMEC 1931
Jones, Grace BS HMEC 1931
Jones, Sadie BS HMEC 1931
Kelley, Allene BS HMEC 1931
Kerr, Robbie BS HMEC 1931
Kyle, Eddie BS AGRI 1931
Lea, Mary BS HMEC 1931
Lee, Elna BS HMEC 1931
Luter, Buckner BS AGRI 1931
Menifee, Medora BS HMEC 1931
Miller, Geneva BS HMEC 1931
Nichols, Tempie BS HMEC 1931
Palmer, Sidney BS AGRI 1931
Parramore, Joseph BS AGRI 1931
Perry Eunice BS HMEC 1931
Phelps, Ruby BS HMEC 1931
Phillips, Irene BS HMEC 1931
Pointer, Leona BS HMEC 1931
Prince, Bennie BS AGRI 1931
Riser, Almeda BS HMEC 1931
Robinson, Frank BS AGRI 1931
Robinson, Lela BS HMEC 1931
Rowan, Iola BS HMEC 1931
Rutledge, Paul BS AGRI 1931
Sampson, Sylvester BS AGRI 1931
Sanders, Floyd BS AGRI 1931
Sanders, Rozena BS HMEC 1931
Sheffield, Maggie BS HMEC 1931
Sprott, Waurine BS HMEC 1931
Tarver, Nathaniel BS AGRI 1931
Teal, Artelia BS HMEC 1931
Terrell, Malinda BS HMEC 1931
Thomas, Ethel BS HMEC 1931
Vanwright, Gussie BS HMEC 1931
Walker, Erma BS AGRI 1931
Watkins, Lottie BS HMEC 1931
Watson, Otelia BS HMEC 1931
Wells, Bessie BS HMEC 1931
Wheeler, Mary BS HMEC 1931
Wilson, Leola BS HMEC 1931
Wilson, Norma BS AGRI 1931


Cobb, Clyde BS AGRI 1932
Drennon, Williams BS AGRI 1932
Eason, Commodore BS AGRI 1932
Gooden, Jack BS AGRI 1932
Mayes, Thomas BS AGRI 1932
McCullough, Marcellus BS AGRI 1932
Mills, Bodea BS AGRI 1932
Palmer, Ernest BS AGRI 1932
Powdrill, James BS AGRI 1932
Sadberry, Oliver BS AGRI 1932
Sampson, Sylvester BS AGRI 1932
Sanders, Milton BS AGRI 1932
Smith, Ernest BS AGRI 1932
Steven, Nolan BS AGRI 1932
Washington, Ennis BS AGRI 1932
Watkins, Eddie BS AGRI 1932
Alexander, Elouise BS HMEC 1932
Baker, Alvesta BS HMEC 1932
Brown, Agnes BS HMEC 1932
Brown, Marie BS HMEC 1932
Butler, Leila BS HMEC 1932
Caldwell, Eller BS HMEC 1932
Daniel, Alice BS HMEC 1932
Dearson, Essie BS HMEC 1932
Francis, Reba BS HMEC 1932
Frazier, Patsy BS HMEC 1932
Gee, Viola BS HMEC 1932
Green, Helen BS HMEC 1932
Harris, Simonetta BS HMEC 1932
Harrison, Alma BS HMEC 1932
Holden, Laurelia BS HMEC 1932
Holland, Arwilda BS HMEC 1932
Howard, Faye BS HMEC 1932
Jackson, Hazel BS HMEC 1932
Johnson, Vera BS HMEC 1932
Lewis, Margerine BS HMEC 1932
Mason, Olera BS HMEC 1932
Minor, Maxine BS HMEC 1932
Murphy, Lovie BS HMEC 1932
Nickerson, Libbie BS HMEC 1932
Perkins, Vertie BS HMEC 1932
Peterson, Mabel BS HMEC 1932
Raibon, Alice BS HMEC 1932
Randle, Melinee BS HMEC 1932
Shofner, Janie BS HMEC 1932
Smith, Elmo BS HMEC 1932
Sparrow, Katie BS HMEC 1932
Tatum, Hazel BS HMEC 1932
Tribble, Jewell BS HMEC 1932
Wells, Mary BS HMEC 1932
Whittaker, Robert BS HMEC 1932
Williams, Willia BS HMEC 1932


Adams, J. BS AGRI 1933
Clement, Thestal BS AGRI 1933
Collins, E.E. BS AGRI 1933
Curtis, Martin BS AGRI 1933
Henry, Arnett BS AGRI 1933
Hinton, Paul BS AGRI 1933
Mark, John BS AGRI 1933
McCullough, Arthur BS AGRI 1933
Powdrill, James BS AGRI 1933
Thomas, Charles BS AGRI 1933
Washington, R. E. BS AGRI 1933
White, Demosthenes BS AGRI 1933
Williams, Cad BS AGRI 1933
Williams, Jesse BS AGRI 1933
Alexander, Zelemor BS HMEC 1933
Diggs, Sydney BS HMEC 1933
James, Allee BS HMEC 1933
Martin, Amanda BS HMEC 1933
McBay, Earlene BS HMEC 1933
Morgan, Janice BS HMEC 1933
Mosby, Carrie BS HMEC 1933
Paley, Lillie BS HMEC 1933
Richards, Bessye BS HMEC 1933
Winkler, Beatrice BS HMEC 1933


Cobb, Clyde BS AGRI 1934
Davidson, Kermit BS AGRI 1934
Echols, Jack BS AGRI 1934
Harris, H. H. BS AGRI 1934
Mark, J. B. BS AGRI 1934
Raibon, Lonnie BS AGRI 1934
Ross, Carl BS AGRI 1934
Shankle, Ferdinand BS AGRI 1934
Terry, Grady BS AGRI 1934
Thomas, Cline BS AGRI 1934
Wedgeworth, Talton BS AGRI 1934
Bell, Eunita BS HMEC 1934
Bivins, Frances BS HMEC 1934
Bledsoe, Myrtle BS HMEC 1934
Britt, Ethel BS HMEC 1934
Carpenter, C. BS HMEC 1934
Collins, Marie BS HMEC 1934
Hayes, Mary BS HMEC 1934
Jenkins, Carrie BS HMEC 1934
Kirby, Jimmie BS HMEC 1934
Lee, Roberta BS HMEC 1934
Lee, Vernice BS HMEC 1934
McBroom, Juanita BS HMEC 1934
Rome, Lenora BS HMEC 1934
Scott, Alphonso BS HMEC 1934
Sinyard, Joy BS HMEC 1934
Smith, Helen BS HMEC 1934
Stevens, Elizabeth BS HMEC 1934
Westbrook, Pearline BS HMEC 1934
Williams, Dora BS HMEC 1934
Williams, Malinda BS HMEC 1934


Collins, William BS AGRI 1935
Dansby, Bennie BS AGRI 1935
Galloway, John BS AGRI 1935
Hall, Lloyd BS AGRI 1935
Humphrey, General BS AGRI 1935
Raibon, Lonnie BS AGRI 1935
Tamplin, Dorris BS AGRI 1935
Wade, Joe BS AGRI 1935
Walton, Odis BS AGRI 1935
Wedgeworth, Clyde BS AGRI 1935
Williams, Cad BS AGRI 1935
Bonner, Josie BS HMEC 1935
Booth, Donnie BS HMEC 1935
Bradley, Trudie BS HMEC 1935
Coleman, Geneveive BS HMEC 1935
Cossey, Gladys BS HMEC 1935
Crockett, Deborah BS HMEC 1935
Dansby, Minnie BS HMEC 1935
Fuller, Edith BS HMEC 1935
Fulton, Katie BS HMEC 1935
Gibson, Lorene BS HMEC 1935
Hall, Deya BS HMEC 1935
Harrison, Amanda BS HMEC 1935
Haywood, Mary BS HMEC 1935
Hilliard, Jewel BS HMEC 1935
Hoyt, Gussie BS HMEC 1935
Hyson, Ada BS HMEC 1935
James, Alberta BS HMEC 1935
Johnson, Helen BS HMEC 1935
Johnson, Varrie BS HMEC 1935
Kyle, Ruth BS HMEC 1935
Marshall, Delphine BS HMEC 1935
McDonald, Mattie BS HMEC 1935
Mucklroy, Mattie BS HMEC 1935
Nelson, Ruby BS HMEC 1935
Owens, Claudia BS HMEC 1935
Plummer, Agnes BS HMEC 1935
Powell, Eulah BS HMEC 1935
Scott, Consuela BS HMEC 1935
Stone, Rhetta BS HMEC 1935
Terrell, Inez BS HMEC 1935


Aikens, Anita BS HMEC 1936
Alton, Constance BS HMEC 1936
Barrett, Annie BS HMEC 1936
Bell, Velma BS HMEC 1936
Boothe, Donnie BS HMEC 1936
Buggs, Marie BS HMEC 1936
Canada, Dock BS AGRI 1936
Cleaver, Ella BS HMEC 1936
Coleman, James BS AGRI 1936
Coss, Winmon BS AGRI 1936
Cunningham, Elbert BS AGRI 1936
Curtis, Carrie BS HMEC 1936
Dansby, Annye BS HMEC 1936
Dansby, Lera BS HMEC 1936
Dixon, Sevella BS HMEC 1936
Douglass, Blanche BS HMEC 1936
Galloway, John BS AGRI 1936
Glasgow, Samuel BS AGRI 1936
Hansboro, Ferdinand BS HMEC 1936
Heagins, W. BS AGRI 1936
Hooper, Beatrice BS HMEC 1936
Hoyt, Gussie BS HMEC 1936
James, Alberta BS HMEC 1936
Johns, Clarence BS AGRI 1936
Johnson, Thelmo BS AGRI 1936
Jones, Andrew BS AGRI 1936
Jones, Robert BS AGRI 1936
Jones, Lucynthia BS HMEC 1936
Kennedy, Helen BS HMEC 1936
Lockett, Effie BS HMEC 1936
Morgan, Ella BS HMEC 1936
Mosby, Lucille BS HMEC 1936
Muckelroy, Mattie BS HMEC 1936
Nelson, John BS AGRI 1936
O'Brien, Odessa BS HMEC 1936
Pendleton, Carrie BS HMEC 1936
Polk, Ruby BS HMEC 1936
Raibon, Lonnie BS AGRI 1936
Sells, Onnie BS HMEC 1936
Smith, William BS AGRI 1936
Smith, Bennie BS HMEC 1936
Stinson, Ophelia BS HMEC 1936
Tamplin, Doris BS AGRI 1936
Tucker, Georgia BS HMEC 1936
Upchurch, Ray BS HMEC 1936
Ware, Addie BS HMEC 1936
Watson, Leonidas BS AGRI 1936
Whiting, Hattie BS HMEC 1936
Williams, John BS AGRI 1936
Williams, Juanita BS HMEC 1936
Yancy, Colquitt BS AGRI 1936


Archie, Juanita  BS HMEC 1937
Baker, Roy Jr. BS AGRI 1937
Bundage, Arthur  BS AGRI 1937
Clark, Alice  BS HMEC 1937
Clemons, A.C.  BS AGRI 1937
Cole, Mattie  BS HMEC 1937
Coleman, Roosevelt  BS AGRI 1937
Coleman, Florence  BS HMEC 1937
Cooper, S.  BS AGRI 1937
Cunningham, Iney  BS AGRI 1937
Curtis, Mayme  BS HMEC 1937
Francis, Reba  BS HMEC 1937
Gaines, Louise  BS HMEC 1937
Gee, Viola  BS HMEC 1937
Goldthwaite, Ola  BS HMEC 1937
Gray, William  BS AGRI 1937
Hatchett, Cornell  BS HMED 1937
Kemp, Mollie  BS HMEC 1937
Kennedy, Picola  BS HMEC 1937
Lee, Alice  BS HMEC 1937
Love, Charles  BS AGRI 1937
Luper, Luther Jr. BS AGRI 1937
Mason, Beulah  BS HMEC 1937
Matthews, Eryn  BS HMEC 1937
McBroom, Jewel  BS HMEC 1937
McClellan, Julia  BS HMEC 1937
McGaskey, Jonnye  BS HMEC 1937
Means, Raymond  BS AGRI 1937
Meridith, Adel  BS HMEC 1937
Meridith, Ernestine  BS HMEC 1937
Myers, Ewitt  BS AGRI 1937
O'Brien, Mary  BS HMEC 1937
Peason, Lillia  BS HMEC 1937
Polk, Velma  BS HMEC 1937
Powell, John  BS AGRI 1937
Powell, Gladys  BS HMEC 1937
Powell, Myrtle  BS HMEC 1937
Rand, Annie  BS HMEC 1937
Rice, Jessie  BS HMEC 1937
Robbins, Irene  BS HMEC 1937
Runnels, Jo  BS HMEC 1937
Rutledge, Irving  BS AGRI 1937
Rutledge, Lorenzo  BS AGRI 1937
Sadberry, Alonzo  BS AGRI 1937
Samuel, Layon  BS AGRI 1937
Sanders, Elizabeth  BS HMEC 1937
Scott, Erma  BS HMEC 1937
Simond, John  BS AGRI 1937
Starks, Lerline  BS HMEC 1937
Taylor, Floyd  BS AGRI 1937
Taylor, Anna  BS HMEC 1937
Taylor, Eva  BS HMEC 1937
Tayor, Rosetta  BS HMEC 1937
Toliver, Elvis  BS HMEC 1937
Vaughn, Samuel  BS AGRI 1937
Weaver, Inez  BS HMEC 1937
Wedgeworth, Harry  BS AGRI 1937
West, Iona  BS HMEC 1937
Westbrooks, Pearline  BS HMEC 1937
Whitby, Marie  BS HMEC 1937
Wiley, Herman  BS AGRI 1937
Williams, Thelma  BS HMEC 1937
Woolridge, Gladys  BS HMEC 1937


Alexander, Novella  BS HMEC 1938
Allen, Victoria  BS HMEC 1938
Badwell, Lawrence  BS AGRI 1938
Banks, Lucille  BS HMEC 1938
Basey, Venella  BS HMEC 1938
Board, Edna  BS HMEC 1938
Boone, Arthur  BS AGRI 1938
Boston, Arbirda  BS AGRI 1938
Boykin, Seymore  BS AGRI 1938
Bradley, Reed  BS AGRI 1938
Brazelton, Etta  BS HMEC 1938
Brown, Enos  BS AGRI 1938
Bryant, Goldie  BS HMEC 1938
Bryant, Minnie  BS HMEC 1938
Cass, Corine  BS HMEC 1938
Cleaver, Emuel  BS AGRI 1938
Coleman, Sherman  BS AGRI 1938
Coleman, Zelia  BS HMEC 1938
Collins, Myrtle  BS HMEC 1938
Cooper, John  BS HMEC 1938
Cunningham, Irene  BS HMEC 1938
Daniels, Eunice  BS AGRI 1938
Davis, William  BS AGRI 1938
Dizer, Wade  BS AGRI 1938
Dunlap, Emma  BS HMEC 1938
Edwards, Evelyn  BS HMEC 1938
Glasson, Alonzo  BS AGRI 1938
Goldthwaite, Rogenia  BS HMEC 1938
Gray, Annie  BS HMEC 1938
Greene, Virginia  BS HMEC 1938
Hammons, Lawrence  BS AGRI 1938
Harper, Mcnoble  BS AGRI 1938
Hayes, Luther  BS AGRI 1938
Henry, Booker  BS AGRI 1938
Hicks, Phillip  BS AGRI 1938
Horn, Lois  BS HMEC 1938
Hubbard, Hezekiah II BS AGRI 1938
Humphrey, Thomas  BS AGRI 1938
Johnson, Ethylen  BS HMEC 1938
Johnson, Frances  BS HMEC 1938
Johnson, Maud  BS HMEC 1938
Lawson, Monroe  BS AGRI 1938
Ledbetter, Eva  BS HMEC 1938
Lockett, Jewell  BS HMEC 1938
Love, Lula  BS HMEC 1938
Malone, Thelma  BS HMEC 1938
McClure, Foster  BS AGRI 1938
McDaniel, Webster  BS AGRI 1938
Mean, Evelyn  BS HMEC 1938
Moore, Portia  BS HMEC 1938
Muse, Bert  BS AGRI 1938
Musgrove, Irvin  BS AGRI 1938
Nellum, Arquilla  BS HMEC 1938
Pierce, Sylvester  BS AGRI 1938
Poole, Dussie  BS HMEC 1938
Preuitt, Gladys  BS AGRI 1938
Redus, Carlly  BS AGRI 1938
Richards, Roby  BS AGRI 1938
Robinson, Chaucer  BS AGRI 1938
Robinson, Marvin  BS AGRI 1938
Sayles, Felton  BS AGRI 1938
Scales, Eursula  BS HMEC 1938
Sigers, Rosa  BS HMEC 1938
Singleton, Ollie  BS HMEC 1938
Smilie, C. V.  BS HMEC 1938
Smith, Audrey  BS HMEC 1938
Smith, Sallie  BS HMEC 1938
Starks, Willie  BS AGRI 1938
Taylor, Charmaine  BS HMEC 1938
Thomas, Rosie  BS HMEC 1938
Toliver, Luberdia  BS HMEC 1938
Towles, Golden  BS HMEC 1938
Tyson, Curtis  BS AGRI 1938
Walton, Johnnie  BS HMEC 1938
Westbrook, Rhoda  BS HMEC 1938
White, Edna  BS HMEC 1938
Williams, Willie  BS HMEC 1938
Winston, Erma  BS HMEC 1938
Woods, Johnnie  BS AGRI 1938
Wright, Fannie  BS HMEC 1938
Wright, Kathryn  BS HMEC 1938


Ainsworth, Jess  BS HMEC 1939
Alexander, Hawthorne  BS AGRI 1939
Alton, Willie  BS AGRI 1939
Andrews, Evelyn  BS AGRI 1939
Butler, Beatrice  BS AGRI 1939
Bynum, Thomas Jr. BS AGRI 1939
Catchings, Ellouise  BS AGRI 1939
Conley, Aleice  BS AGRI 1939
Criner, Louie Jr. BS AGRI 1939
Davis, Carl  BS AGRI 1939
Eanes, Wilburn  BS AGRI 1939
Frances, Henry  BS HMEC 1939
Gardner, Camille  BS HMEC 1939
Goodson, Barney  BS HMEC 1939
Hall, Edna  BS HMEC 1939
Hays, Delphine  BS AGRI 1939
Hightower, Myrtle  BS AGRI 1939
Hurdle, Irving  BS HMEC 1939
Jordan, Rena Mae  BS HMEC 1939
King, Grace  BS HMEC 1939
Lightfoot, Golden  BS AGRI 1939
Mayo, John  BS HMEC 1939
McBay, Dorothy  BS AGRI 1939
McClellan, Van  BS HMEC 1939
McElroy, Penn  BS HMEC 1939
Powell, Wilhelmina  BS HMEC 1939
Rainey, George  BS HMEC 1939
Scales, Onie  BS HMEC 1939
Thompson, Ora  BS AGRI 1939
Webster, Bessie  BS HMEC 1939
Williams, Thelma  BS AGRI 1939
Williams, Florence  BS HMEC 1939
Williams, Isaac  BS HMEC 1939
Williams, Ora  BS HMEC 1939


Alexander, Ethel  BS HMEC 1940
Batiste, Jimmie  BS AGRI 1940
Bilal, Lee  BS HMEC 1940
Cole, Austin  BS HMEC 1940
Coleman, Bernarr  BS HMEC 1940
Collins, Harold  BS HMEC 1940
Covington, Christine  BS AGRI 1940
Crawford, Matthew  BA HMEC 1940
Curl, Annie  BS HMEC 1940
Daniels, Frankie  BS AGRI 1940
Davis, Lucy  BA HMEC 1940
Edwards, Hermie  BA AGRI 1940
Eldridge, Lucille  BS HMEC 1940
Espritt, Antion  CER HMEC 1940
Geter, Susie  BS AGRI 1940
Graham, Charles  BS HMEC 1940
Greene, Valerie  BS AGRI 1940
Hadnott, William  BS HMEC 1940
Harden, Ruby  BS AGRI 1940
Hart, Roy  BS HMEC 1940
Hicks, Marguerite  BS HMEC 1940
Hornsby, Eulalia  BS AGRI 1940
Jackson, Gwendolyn  BS HMEC 1940
January, Grace  BS HMEC 1940
Jefferson, Jennie  BS HMEC 1940
Jones, Lowell  BS AGRI 1940
Joseph, Marion  BS HMEC 1940
Kimble-O'Neal, Westerfield  BS HMEC 1940
Lee, Charlene  BS HMEC 1940
Lewis, Robert  BS HMEC 1940
Loving, Gwendolyn  BS HMEC 1940
Moore, Maurice  BA HMEC 1940
Mulkey, Lola  BS AGRI 1940
Myers, Sam  BA HMEC 1940
Oliphant, Lucy  BA HMEC 1940
Palmer, Olie  BS HMEC 1940
Pannell, Robert  BS HMEC 1940
Parham, Ouida  BS AGRI 1940
Pawley, Ethel  BS HMEC 1940
Powell, Ellen  BS HMEC 1940
Powell, Marguerite  BS HMEC 1940
Pree, Marvin  BS AGRI 1940
Robinson, Jewell RN BS HMEC 1940
Sadberry, John R.  BS AGRI 1940
Scott, Bertha  BS HMEC 1940
Sims, Beverly  BS AGRI 1940
Smith, Willie  BS HMEC 1940
Snell, Mary  BS AGRI 1940
Stevens, Elonza  BS HMEC 1940
Strain, Rosetta  BS AGRI 1940
Swan, Honey Lee  BS AGRI 1940
Terry, Velma  BS AGRI 1940
Thomas, Essie  BS HMEC 1940
Thomas, Vashti  BS HMEC 1940
Townsend, Marguerite  BS AGRI 1940
Traylor, Samuel  BS HMEC 1940
Turner, Melba  BS AGRI 1940
Washington, Cle  BS AGRI 1940
White, Alton  BS AGRI 1940
Wilkerson, Lucious  BS HMEC 1940
Williams, Louise  BS HMEC 1940
Williams, Ruth  BA HMEC 1940
Young, Cornelius  BS AGRI 1940


Blair, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1941
Bolden, Vernon  BS HMEC 1941
Brady, Arthur  BS AGRI 1941
Brannon, Ophelia  BS HMEC 1941
Bridge, Addison  BS HMEC 1941
Burton, Catherine  BS AGRI 1941
Charlton, George  BS AGRI 1941
Clater, Marie  MS AGRI 1941
Clinton, John  BS HMEC 1941
Douglas, Eddie  BS HMEC 1941
English Sparrow, Mary  BS AGRI 1941
Fields, Jimmie  BS AGRI 1941
Giles, Ross  BS HMEC 1941
Hughes, Juanita  BS HMEC 1941
James, Erma  BA HMEC 1941
Kimbrough, Bettye  BA HMEC 1941
Lee, Wister  BS HMEC 1941
Lewis, Theresa  BS AGRI 1941
Lott, Kathryn  BA AGRI 1941
Marshall, Janice  BS AGRI 1941
McCowan, Gertie  BA AGRI 1941
Melonson, Douglas  BS HMEC 1941
Montgomery, Doris  BA AGRI 1941
Moore, Willie Jr. BS AGRI 1941
Moore, Wendell  BS HMEC 1941
Murphy, Josephine  BS HMEC 1941
Ocheltree, Lorraine  BS AGRI 1941
Parish, Addie  BS AGRI 1941
Perry, Luella  BA HMEC 1941
Primus Crabbe, Valaida  HMEC 1941
Ray, Lucy  BS HMEC 1941
Reyes, Joseph  BS HMEC 1941
Richards, Lurene  BS AGRI 1941
Richards, Herbert  BS HMEC 1941
Roberts, Janie  BS HMEC 1941
Roberts, Johnnie  BS HMEC 1941
Robinson, Emma  BS AGRI 1941
Silder, Frank  HMEC 1941
Smith, Jenkins  BS HMEC 1941
Snell, Mabel  BS AGRI 1941
Terrell, Freddie  BA HMEC 1941
Webster, Gladys  BS HMEC 1941
Wells, Thelma  MS HMEC 1941
Witherspoon, Lottie  BS HMEC 1941


Bonner, Geneva  BS HMEC 1942
Boones, Janie  BS HMEC 1942
Caldwell, Herman  MS HMEC 1942
Carroll, John  BS HMEC 1942
Cole, Dorothy  BA HMEC 1942
Cook, Lillian  BA HMEC 1942
Crunk, Kathryn  BS HMEC 1942
David, Veola  BS HMEC 1942
Dorn, Fentress Jr. BS HMEC 1942
English, Alberta  BS HMEC 1942
Eusan, Ida  BS HMEC 1942
Galloway, Josie  BS HMEC 1942
Gerrand, Odie  BS HMEC 1942
Griffith, Lillian  BS HMEC 1942
Hines, Lillie  MS AGRI 1942
Jackson, Adolphe Jr. BS AGRI 1942
Jackson, John  BS HMEC 1942
Kemper, Willie  BS HMEC 1942
Kennedy, Lavernon  CER HMEC 1942
Lee, Dimples  BS HMEC 1942
Lewis, Thelma  BS HMEC 1942
Luter, Buckner  MS HMEC 1942
Manos, Mattie RN BS HMEC 1942
Mervin, George  BS HMEC 1942
Nelson, Isaac  BS AGRI 1942
Oliphant, Mary  BS AGRI 1942
Parker, Theresa  BS HMEC 1942
Patterson, Jack  BA HMEC 1942
Rydolph, Ross  BA HMEC 1942
Sadberry, Edgar  BS HMEC 1942
Sansom, Leona  BS AGRI 1942
Shackles, Willie  BS HMEC 1942
Smith, Beatrice  BS AGRI 1942
Smith, Olivia  BS HMEC 1942
Snell, Howard  BS HMEC 1942
Spinks, Naomi  BS AGRI 1942
Stewart, Iva  BA HMEC 1942
Tarver, Edly Jr. BS HMEC 1942
Taylor, Bennie  BA AGRI 1942
Taylor, Samuel  MS HMEC 1942
Tillis, Edna  BA AGRI 1942
Waddy, Edward  BS HMEC 1942
Williams, Lillian M.  BA AGRI 1942
Williams, Dorothy  BA HMEC 1942
Wilson, Charles  BS HMEC 1942


Alexander, John  BS AGRI 1943
Allums, Lorene  BS HMEC 1943
Anderson, Cordia  BS HMEC 1943
Anderson, Helen  BA HMEC 1943
Ballard, Emma Mae  BS HMEC 1943
Banks, Quenton  BA HMEC 1943
Barclay, Leona  BS HMEC 1943
Barmett, Jewel  MS HMEC 1943
Bradley, Eddie  BS AGRI 1943
Callahan, Inella  BS HMEC 1943
Crawford, Charles  BS HMEC 1943
Davis, Thelma  BS AGRI 1943
Davis, Lillie  BS HMEC 1943
Davis, Martin  BS HMEC 1943
Dillingham, Frances  BA AGRI 1943
Farris, William  BS HMEC 1943
Ford, Opal  BS AGRI 1943
Frazier, Lodie  BA HMEC 1943
Glaze, Oz USA(Ret.) BS HMEC 1943
Goldberg, Cynthia  BA HMEC 1943
Greathouse, Juana  BA HMEC 1943
Guice, Gloria  BA HMEC 1943
Hardiman, Evelyn  BA HMEC 1943
Henderson, Florence  BS HMEC 1943
James, George  BS HMEC 1943
Johnson, Florine  BS AGRI 1943
Johnson, Valerie  MS AGRI 1943
Johnson, Bessie  MS HMEC 1943
Johnson, Lenora  BA HMEC 1943
Johnson, Melva  BS HMEC 1943
Johnson, Veda  BS HMEC 1943
Kirk, Nannie  BS HMEC 1943
Know, Mabel  BS HMEC 1943
Lawson, Katheryne  BS HMEC 1943
Lee, Eva  BS HMEC 1943
Lott, Willie  CER AGRI 1943
Marshall, Mattie M.  BS HMEC 1943
Mattox, Pretha  BS HMEC 1943
McBeth, Bernice  BA HMEC 1943
McElroy, Nelda  BS AGRI 1943
McGowan, Artie  BS HMEC 1943
Mosley, Lillian  BS AGRI 1943
Perkins, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1943
Perry, Anna  BS HMEC 1943
Pollard, Marianna  BA HMEC 1943
Price, Kelly  BS AGRI 1943
Punson, Elizabeth  BS AGRI 1943
Rice, Verna  BS AGRI 1943
Robertson, Helen  BS HMEC 1943
Robertson, Van  BS HMEC 1943
Ross, Ethel  BS HMEC 1943
Ross, Theodora  BS HMEC 1943
Scott, Calvin  BS AGRI 1943
Session, Pauline  BS HMEC 1943
Smith, Junious  BS AGRI 1943
Smith, Lillian  BS AGRI 1943
Smith, Walter  BS HMEC 1943
Stubblefield, Beauregard  BS HMEC 1943
Thomas, Willie  BS HMEC 1943
Thomas, Winfred  BS HMEC 1943
Thompson, Warren  BS HMEC 1943
Ward, Johnie  BS AGRI 1943
Warren, Verna  BS AGRI 1943
Warren, Henry  BS HMEC 1943
Wright, Gladys  BS AGRI 1943


Baker, Willie  BS AGRI 1944
Barlow, Michael  MS HMEC 1944
Bland, Evans  MS HMEC 1944
Brown, Julia  BS AGRI 1944
Carrier, Wilda  BS AGRI 1944
Clemons, Rosa  MS HMEC 1944
Conner, Jane  BS HMEC 1944
Conner, Jeffie  MS HMEC 1944
Cowan, Elizabeth  BS HMEC 1944
Davis, Olenka  BS HMEC 1944
Dawson, Allie  BS HMEC 1944
Dory, Ruth  BS HMEC 1944
Howard, Bernice  BS HMEC 1944
Jackson, Ida  BS HMEC 1944
Kennedy, Marston  BS HMEC 1944
Kenyon, Mattie  MS HMEC 1944
Lewis, Florence  BS HMEC 1944
Lewis, Narva  BS HMEC 1944
McCowan, Gertrude  BS HMEC 1944
Murray, Elsie  BS HMEC 1944
Newell, Beatrice  BA HMEC 1944
Precipha, Willie  BS HMEC 1944
Robertson, Athal  MS AGRI 1944
Ross, Earline  BS HMEC 1944
Sanders, Reta  MS HMEC 1944
Scurlock, Doris  BS HMEC 1944
Scurry, Doris  BS HMEC 1944
Smith, Carol  BA HMEC 1944
Sneed, Beatrice  MS HMEC 1944
Starr Isaacs, Cassie  BS HMEC 1944
Stevens, Hazel  BA HMEC 1944
Washington, Opal  BS AGRI 1944
Wickliff, Aloysius M.  BS HMEC 1944
Williamson, James  BA HMEC 1944
Young, Joyce  BA HMEC 1944


Alexander, Walter  BS HMEC 1945
Allen, Ruth  BS HMEC 1945
Anderson, Mable  BS HMEC 1945
Anderson, Ola  BS HMEC 1945
Anderson, Theresa  BS HMEC 1945
Arnold, Viola  BA HMEC 1945
Berry, Herculean  BS AGRI 1945
Brown, Lillian  BA HMEC 1945
Bryant, Elnore  BS HMEC 1945
Carpentier, Marguerite  BS HMEC 1945
Cebrum, Bernice  BS HMEC 1945
Cleaver, Maebelle  BS AGRI 1945
Daniels, John Jr. BS AGRI 1945
Deville, Thelma  BS HMEC 1945
Evans, Canzetta  BS AGRI 1945
Gardner, Louise  BS AGRI 1945
Gipson, Marcelle  BS HMEC 1945
Guinn, Edward M.D. BS HMEC 1945
Harris, Albertine  BS HMEC 1945
Hendricks, Louie  BA HMEC 1945
Holloway, Hazel  MS HMEC 1945
Horton, Addie  BA HMEC 1945
Jones, Mae  BS HMEC 1945
Payne, Lamar  BS HMEC 1945
Paynes, Alice  BA AGRI 1945
Piggee, Inez  BS HMEC 1945
Renfro, Martha  BS AGRI 1945
Richardson, Clarena  BS HMEC 1945
Smith, E. C.  BS HMEC 1945
Spivy, Chlorean  BS HMEC 1945
Strange, Altha  BS HMEC 1945
Sweeney, Edna  BS HMEC 1945
Waddleton, Euretta  BS HMEC 1945
Whiting, Sammie  BS HMEC 1945
Williams, Elsie  BS AGRI 1945


Batts, Fred Jr. BS AGRI 1946
Bedford, Louis Jr. BA AGRI 1946
Brooks, Bernice  BA AGRI 1946
Bryant, Henry  BS HMEC 1946
Burr, Albert  BS AGRI 1946
Campbell, Dorothy  BA HMEC 1946
Cater, Emma  BS AGRI 1946
Collier, Savannah  BS HMEC 1946
Crecy, Mary  BS HMEC 1946
Daniels, Josie  BA HMEC 1946
Dixon, Hortense  BS HMEC 1946
Eagleton, Earline  BS HMEC 1946
Edwards, Kathryn  BS HMEC 1946
Fifer-Brown, Lucille  BS AGRI 1946
Frazier, Merle  BA HMEC 1946
Giles, Wilbert  BS HMEC 1946
Gray, Lucille  BS HMEC 1946
Guyton, Jessye  BS HMEC 1946
Hampton, Olivia  BA HMEC 1946
Henry, Mary  BA AGRI 1946
Jackson, Helen  BS HMEC 1946
Jackson, Rose  BA HMEC 1946
Johnson, Jesse  MS HMEC 1946
Johnson, W. L. Jr. MS HMEC 1946
Lee, Fred  BS AGRI 1946
Lewis, Johnnie  BA HMEC 1946
Loyd, Reva  BS AGRI 1946
Marion, Willia  BS HMEC 1946
McClennan, Walter  BS HMEC 1946
McGowen, Ernest  BS HMEC 1946
McQuirter, Odia  BS HMEC 1946
Peterson, Atoy  HMEC 1946
Phillips, Inez  BS HMEC 1946
Pittman, Lula  BS HMEC 1946
Pittman, Vivian  BS HMEC 1946
Pleasant, Cleopatra  BS HMEC 1946
Pope, Colleen  BS HMEC 1946
Preciphs, Ethel  BS HMEC 1946
Randle, Lucille  BS HMEC 1946
Reece, Emma  BS HMEC 1946
Rowe, Jimmy  BS HMEC 1946
Rutherford, Helen  BS HMEC 1946
Scott, Hazel  BS AGRI 1946
Sharpe, Rena  BA HMEC 1946
Solomon, Samuel  BS HMEC 1946
Stewart, Lena  BA HMEC 1946
Taylor, Hazel  BS AGRI 1946
Taylor, Alexander  BS HMEC 1946
White, Constance  BA AGRI 1946
Williams, Dorethea  BA HMEC 1946
Williams, Hortense  BS HMEC 1946
Williams, Valrie  BS HMEC 1946
Young, Odisa  BS HMEC 1946


Amey, Melissa  BS HMEC 1947
Batts, Mattie  BS HMEC 1947
Batts, Ruth  BS HMEC 1947
Bell, Louvenia  BS AGRI 1947
Bell, Willie  BS HMEC 1947
Bolden, Will  BS HMEC 1947
Brackens, Brown Jr. BS AGRI 1947
Brackens, Ellen  BA AGRI 1947
Breeding, Fidelus  BS AGRI 1947
Brown, Juanita  BS AGRI 1947
Bryant, Henry  BS HMEC 1947
Burnim, Arzo  BS HMEC 1947
Busby, Jerome  MS HMEC 1947
Canty, Idell  BS HMEC 1947
Carrington, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1947
Chase, Bessie  BS HMEC 1947
Collins, Limone Sr. PhD BS AGRI 1947
Collins, Carrie  BA HMEC 1947
Countee, Doris  BS AGED 1947
Davis, Ramona  BS HMEC 1947
Edwards, Maudell  BS HMEC 1947
Elliott, Mary  BS HMEC 1947
Elmore, Bernice  BS HMEC 1947
Emery, George  BS HMEC 1947
Evans, Edward Jr. MS HMEC 1947
Flewellen, Jesse  BS AGRI 1947
Flewellen, Marie  BA AGRI 1947
Gatlin, Sarah  BS HMEC 1947
Gearin, Eddye  BA HMEC 1947
Goffney, Charles Mae  BA HMEC 1947
Grant, Harvel  BS AGRI 1947
Harrington, Richardson  BA AGRI 1947
Hicks, Nolvia  BA HMEC 1947
Hill, Booker  BS AGRI 1947
Hill, Joe  BS AGRI 1947
Hilliard, Seretha  BA AGRI 1947
Hubert, Johnnie  BS AGRI 1947
Jefferson, Calvin  BS AGRI 1947
Johns, Theodore  BA AGRI 1947
Johnson, Euradell  BS AGRI 1947
Johnson, Mary  BS HMEC 1947
Jones, Mary  BS AGRI 1947
Killyon, E. A.  MS AGRI 1947
King, Audrey  BA HMEC 1947
King, Clarence  BS HMEC 1947
Ledbetter, Albert  BS AGRI 1947
Lester, George  BS AGRI 1947
Lewis, Maggie  BS AGRI 1947
Marks, Curtis  MS AGRI 1947
Mason, Leon  MS AGED 1947
Mathis, Edell  BS AGED 1947
Mathis, Willie  BS AGRI 1947
Maxey, Eugene  CER AGRI 1947
McDuffie, S. Matilda  CER AGRI 1947
McNeil, James  BS HMEC 1947
Merrell, Queen  BA AGRI 1947
Minfield, Frankie  MS AGRI 1947
Moore, Henry  BS AGED 1947
Moore, Madelyn  BA AGRI 1947
Myers, Ewitt  MS AGRI 1947
Penson, Beverly  BS AGRI 1947
Peterson, Alandrus  CER HMEC 1947
Polk, Wayman  BS AGRI 1947
Price, Ermagene  BS AGRI 1947
Reed, Mae  BS AGRI 1947
Reeves, Mirian  BS HMEC 1947
Rhambo, Olivia  BA HMEC 1947
Richardson, Willie  MS AGRI 1947
Robbins, Hal Jr. BA HMEC 1947
Sadberry, Edgar  MS AGRI 1947
Scott, Marie  BS AGRI 1947
Thomas, Constance  BS HMEC 1947
Waddleton, Valentine  BS HMEC 1947
Walker, Marvin  BS AGRI 1947
Walker, Thelma  BS AGRI 1947
Wallace, Gladis  BS HMEC 1947
Warner, Dillard  MS AGRI 1947
Washington, Ruth  BS AGRI 1947
Washington, Samuel  BA HMEC 1947
White, Carrie  MS AGRI 1947
White, Clarence  BS AGRI 1947
White, Wilma  MS HMEC 1947
Willis, Willie  BS AGRI 1947
Wimbush, Callie  BS AGRI 1947
Wrenn, Melvia  BA HMEC 1947


Adams, Alyce  BS AGRI 1948
Alexander, Irma  BA HMEC 1948
Anderson, Juanita  BS AGRI 1948
Anderson, Oliver  CER HMEC 1948
Bogan, Lee  CER HMEC 1948
Bonner, Eulalia  BA AGRI 1948
Bradley, Mabel  MS HMEC 1948
Branch, Athon  CER HMEC 1948
Brown, Hallie  BS AGRI 1948
Bryant, Clarice  BS HMEC 1948
Burnim, Margaret  BS HMEC 1948
Burton, Sammie  CER HMEC 1948
Callahan, Barney  CER AGRI 1948
Carey, Ora  MS HMEC 1948
Chapman, Nobel  BS HMEC 1948
Clouser, Margaret  BS HMEC 1948
Collins, Izola  BA HMEC 1948
Crowe, Bobbye  BS HMEC 1948
David, Helen  BS AGRI 1948
Day, Norene  BS AGRI 1948
Dial, James  BS HMEC 1948
Dibble, Louise  BS AGRI 1948
Diggs, Sydney  BS HMEC 1948
Dillon, Dohn Ray  BS HMEC 1948
Edmundson, Birdie  BS HMEC 1948
English, Leon  BS HMEC 1948
Everett, Marie  BS AGRI 1948
Ewell, Marjorie  MS HMEC 1948
Freeman, Irma  BS HMEC 1948
Gipson, Blossie  BS HMEC 1948
Givens, Lessie  BA AGRI 1948
Gumpton, Bertha  BA AGRI 1948
Hardeway, Sarah  BS HMEC 1948
Hardin, Rubye  MS HMEC 1948
Harris, Alvin  CER AGRI 1948
Harris, Alton  BS HMEC 1948
Harris, Harriet  BS HMEC 1948
Harrison, Richard  MS AGRI 1948
Hollins, Arntie  MS AGRI 1948
James, Rosalind  BS AGRI 1948
Johnson, Anita  BS HMEC 1948
Johnson, Beatrice  BS HMEC 1948
Johnson, David  BS HMEC 1948
Jones, Pansy  BS HMEC 1948
Kennedy, Jimmie  BS AGRI 1948
King, Ben  CER AGRI 1948
Larry, George  CER AGRI 1948
Maxwell, Irma  BS AGRI 1948
Mayes, Charlie Jr. BS HMEC 1948
McDonald, Lucy  BS AGRI 1948
Moore, Zema  BS AGRI 1948
Moran, Lillie  BS HMEC 1948
Owens, Jennie  MS AGRI 1948
Peppers, Edwin  BS HMEC 1948
Phillips, Eddie  BS HMEC 1948
Pipkins, Edward  BS HMEC 1948
Pitts, Charles  CER AGRI 1948
Poole, Flura  BS AGRI 1948
Price, Ernestine  BA AGRI 1948
Price, Thelma  BS HMEC 1948
Riddle, Bessie  BS HMEC 1948
Ross, Istria  BA AGRI 1948
Ross, Harding  BS HMEC 1948
Sally, Ruby  BS AGRI 1948
Sanders, Clarence  BS AGRI 1948
Scott, Doris  MS AGRI 1948
Scranton, Lee  BA HMEC 1948
Simpson, Gertrude  BS HMEC 1948
Taylor, Ernest  CER AGRI 1948
Taylor, Charles  BS HMEC 1948
Thomas, Harl  CER HMEC 1948
Toliver, Geraldine  BS AGRI 1948
Towsend, Ollie  CER HMEC 1948
Vincent, Clifton  BA HMEC 1948
Ward, Wildred  CER AGRI 1948
Waters, Flura  BS HMEC 1948
Watkins, Helen  BS HMEC 1948
Westbrook, Johnnie  BA HMEC 1948
Whitman, Lena  BS HMEC 1948
Whittaker, Carl  CER HMEC 1948
Williams, Decie  BS HMEC 1948
Williams, Doris  BA HMEC 1948
Williams, James  BS HMEC 1948
Wilson, Helen  BS HMEC 1948


Alexander, David  BS AGRI 1949
Anderson, Roy  MS AGRI 1949
Bell, Lee  BS HMEC 1949
Bridges, Ester  MS HMEC 1949
Bridges, Mildred  BS HMEC 1949
Brighman, Thaddeus Jr. BS HMEC 1949
Briscoe, Charlece  BA AGRI 1949
Brown, Fred  BS AGED 1949
Brown, Jewell  BA AGRI 1949
Brown, Tommie  BA HMEC 1949
Butler, Howard  BS AGRI 1949
Caldwell, Emmett  BS AGRI 1949
Carter, Mary  BS AGRI 1949
Chandler, Adella  MS HMEC 1949
Churchill, Dolores  BA HMEC 1949
Clay, Matthew  BS HMEC 1949
Claye, Vera  BS HMEC 1949
Cleaver, Celestine  BS HMEC 1949
Clewis, Audrey  BS HMEC 1949
Collins, Herbert  CER AGRI 1949
Crawford, Therman  BS AGRI 1949
Crawford, Jack  BS HMEC 1949
Crear, Clyde  CER AGRI 1949
Davis, Helen  BA AGRI 1949
Davis, Joseph  BA HMEC 1949
Davis, Melvin  BS HMEC 1949
Dean, Frank Jr. CER AGRI 1949
Douglas, Edwin  CER AGRI 1949
Edmondson, Gus  CER HMEC 1949
English, Warner  BA AGRI 1949
Evans, Jerelene  BS HMEC 1949
Fields, John  CER HMEC 1949
Ford, Ray  BA AGRI 1949
Franklin, Luckie  MS HMEC 1949
Frazier, Tommy  BS AGRI 1949
Gilmore, Chester  CER AGRI 1949
Green, Curley  CER HMEC 1949
Hallmon, Grant  BS HMEC 1949
Hampton, Theodore  BS AGRI 1949
Hardeman, Henry Jr. BS AGRI 1949
Harden, Harold Jr. BS AGRI 1949
Hatchett, Ernest  BS AGRI 1949
Henry, Maud  BS AGRI 1949
Henson, Lois  BS HMEC 1949
Hill, L. J.  BA AGRI 1949
Hill, Alvin  BS HMEC 1949
Hunter, Emma  BS HMEC 1949
Jackson, Thelma  BS HMEC 1949
Johnson, Catherine  BS HMEC 1949
Johnson, David  MS HMEC 1949
Johnson, Will Jr. BA HMEC 1949
Kinlaw, Eva  BS HMEC 1949
Kirby, Maxine  BS HMEC 1949
Knighton, Emerson  MS HMEC 1949
Landry, Mary  BS AGRI 1949
Larkin, Huretta  BA HMEC 1949
Lawson, Georgia  BS AGRI 1949
Lee, Francis  BS AGED 1949
Lewis, Milton Jr. BS AGRI 1949
Lewis, Odis  MS AGRI 1949
Martin, Christine  BA AGEC 1949
Maxey, Pearlie  BS AGRI 1949
McClure, Foster  MS HMEC 1949
McNeil, Iriah  BS HMEC 1949
McQueen, Constance  BA AGRI 1949
Mitchell, Willie  BS HMEC 1949
Morgan, Cuetta  BS HMEC 1949
Morgan, Roy  BS HMEC 1949
Murphy, Vandy  BS HMEC 1949
Penn, June  BS HMEC 1949
Perkins, Louis  BS AGRI 1949
Randle, Charles  MS AGEC 1949
Rolark, Ross  BA HMEC 1949
Sampson, Bertha  BA AGEC 1949
Shelton, Myrtle  BS HMEC 1949
Shipes, Myrtle  BS HMEC 1949
Smith, Ruby  BS HMEC 1949
Spencer, Ethelyn  BS HMEC 1949
Spiller, Gladys  BS HMEC 1949
Spriggins, Helen  BS HMEC 1949
Stanton, Lonnie  MS AGRI 1949
Taylor, D. V.  BS AGED 1949
Taylor, Floyd  MS AGRI 1949
Thomas, Harl  BS HMEC 1949
Thompson, Tullie  BA AGRI 1949
Thompson, Elma  BS HMEC 1949
Walker, Lillian  BA AGRI 1949
Ware, William  BS AGRI 1949
Warren, Ethel  BS AGRI 1949
Wash, Thomas  BA HMEC 1949
Washington, Smauel  MS AGRI 1949
Webster, Bernice  BA AGRI 1949
Wells, Grace  BA AGRI 1949
White, Mae  BA AGEC 1949
Williams, Clarence  BS AGRI 1949
Williams, Valrie  BS HMEC 1949
Wilson, Sherman  BS HMEC 1949
Wright, Artiemesie  BA HMEC 1949


Alexander, Lillian  BS HMEC 1950
Allen, Leonard  BS HMEC 1950
Allen, Robbie  BS HMEC 1950
Anderson, Claudia  BS HMEC 1950
Archie, Clara  BS HMEC 1950
Armstrong, Lemual  BS AGRI 1950
Bailey, Ossie  BS HMEC 1950
Barlow, Sadie  BS HMEC 1950
Berry, Freddie  BS HMEC 1950
Booker, Willie  BS HMEC 1950
Boozer, Floyd  BS AGRI 1950
Brooks, Gazetta  BS HMEC 1950
Brooks, Ruth  BS HMEC 1950
Broussard, Esther  BS HMEC 1950
Brown, Fred  BA AGEC 1950
Cade, Harold  BS AGRI 1950
Cade, Josephine  BS HMEC 1950
Caldwell, Artis  BS AGRI 1950
Caldwell, Jean-La  BS HMEC 1950
Caldwell, Levater  BS HMEC 1950
Chatman, Alma  BS HMEC 1950
Crosby, Willie Jr. BS AGRI 1950
Crouther, Jessie  BS HMEC 1950
Davis, Bettye  BS HMEC 1950
Dunn, Willie  BS HMEC 1950
Forte, Ulycess  BS AGRI 1950
Hanks, Linclon III BS AGRI 1950
Harris, Frankie  BS HMEC 1950
Harrison, Meatra  BS HMEC 1950
Hudson-Garrett, Ida  BA HMEC 1950
Jackson, Lewis  BS AGRI 1950
Jackson, Woodrow  BS AGRI 1950
Kirkpatrick, Brazylle  BS HMEC 1950
Landry, Geneva  BS HMEC 1950
Marks, Willie  BS HMEC 1950
McClellan, Anna  BS HMEC 1950
McGrew, Addie  BS HMEC 1950
McKnight, Berlyn  BS HMEC 1950
McQueen, Clyde  BS AGRI 1950
Mitchell, Nettie  BS HMEC 1950
Mitchell, Robbie  BS HMEC 1950
Mooring, Leon  BS AGRI 1950
Pannell, Lowell  BS AGRI 1950
Pettie, Oveta  BS HMEC 1950
Pleasant, Alclair  BS HMEC 1950
Potts, Irene  BS HMEC 1950
Price, Lawrence  BS AGRI 1950
Scott, James  BS AGRI 1950
Sneed, Burton Jr. BS AGRI 1950
Spence, Milt  BS AGRI 1950
Theus, Dessie  BS HMEC 1950
Thomas, Emma  BS HMEC 1950
Turner, Rufus  BS AGRI 1950
Walker, Arleatha  BS HMEC 1950
Walker, Massaree  BS HMEC 1950
Watson, Fred  BS AGRI 1950
Wesley, Verdell  BS HMEC 1950
Wilkerson, Claudia  BS HMEC 1950
Williams, Elijah  BS AGRI 1950
Williams, Winston  BS AGRI 1950
Williams, Josie  BS HMEC 1950
Williams, Mae  BS HMEC 1950


Abram, Maryetta  BS HMEC 1951
Abrams, Mary  BS HMEC 1951
Alexander, Walter  BS AGRI 1951
Allen, Volena  BS HMEC 1951
Anderson, Samuel  BS AGRI 1951
Armstrong, Thelma  BS HMEC 1951
Baugh, Vela  BS HMEC 1951
Bigsby, Marjorie  BS HMEC 1951
Bigsby, Velma  BS HMEC 1951
Bilton, Harry Jr. BS AGRI 1951
Boozer, Floyd  MS AGEC 1951
Boozer, Clarence  BS AGRI 1951
Boston, Johnny  BS AGRI 1951
Brooks, Mart  BS AGRI 1951
Brown, Roy  BS AGRI 1951
Byrd, Ollie  BS HMEC 1951
Cheeseborough, Eulalia  BS HMEC 1951
Coleman, Willie  BS HMEC 1951
Coruthers, Rose  BS HMEC 1951
Cotton, Clarence  BS AGRI 1951
Crawford, Cart  BS AGRI 1951
Cuerington, J.Aaron  BS AGRI 1951
Culberson, Arthur Jr. BS AGRI 1951
Darkins, Annie  BS HMEC 1951
Davis, Albert  BS AGRI 1951
Davis, Eugene  BS AGRI 1951
Davis, Floyd  BS AGRI 1951
Davis, James  BS AGRI 1951
Davis, Robert Jr. BS AGRI 1951
Davis, Christine  BS HMEC 1951
Dosha, Conseula  MED HMEC 1951
Douglas, Alfred  MS AGED 1951
Edwards, Vernon  BS AGRI 1951
Ellis, Hasko  MS AGEC 1951
Ewell, Jenelle  BS HMEC 1951
Floyd, Charles  BS AGRI 1951
Forte, Ulycess  BS AGRI 1951
Garrett, A. D.  BS AGRI 1951
Gilbert, Louis  BS AGRI 1951
Goodman, Winold  BS HMEC 1951
Greenwood, Bernice  BS HMEC 1951
Greggs, Delroy  BS AGRI 1951
Hall, Celester  BS HMEC 1951
Harrison, Katye  BS HMEC 1951
Hawkins, George  BS AGRI 1951
Hendrix, James  BS AGRI 1951
Hooper, Helen  BS HMEC 1951
Hopkins, John  BS AGRI 1951
Hoyt, Altha  BS HMEC 1951
Hunter, Cornelius  BS AGRI 1951
Jackson, Timothy Jr. BS AGRI 1951
Jackson, Essie  BS HMEC 1951
Jackson, Mildred  BS HMEC 1951
Jackson, Leroy  CER TAILORING 1951
Johnson, A.D.  BS AGRI 1951
Johnson, Clarence  BS AGRI 1951
Jolley, Jesse  BS AGRI 1951
Jones, Alfred  BS AGRI 1951
Jones, Emmitt  BS AGRI 1951
Kelley, Bettie  BS HMEC 1951
Khrone, Clemmie  BS HMEC 1951
Kissarn, William  MS AGED 1951
Lilly, Amos  BS AGRI 1951
Lister, Vernal  BS AGRI 1951
Livingston, Traswell  BS AGRI 1951
Love, John  BS AGRI 1951
Lusk, John  BS AGRI 1951
Mack, Oliver  BS AGRI 1951
Miles, Willie  BS AGRI 1951
Nichols, Wanda  BS HMEC 1951
Nolen, Mary  BS HMEC 1951
Otoo, J. Murl  BS AGRI 1951
Outley, Alice  BS HMEC 1951
Parker, Floid  BS AGRI 1951
Perkins, R. J.  BS AGRI 1951
Phillips, James  BS AGRI 1951
Pruitt, John Jr. BS AGRI 1951
Rambo, Dana  BS HMEC 1951
Reese, Gaynell  BS HMEC 1951
Richardson, James  BS AGRI 1951
Richerson, Solon Jr. CER WOODWORK 1951
Richmond, Winfred  CER WOODWORK 1951
Roberts, Empra  BS AGRI 1951
Robinson, Clara  BS HMEC 1951
Rogers, Lelia  BS HMEC 1951
Ross, Allie  BS HMEC 1951
Ross, Martha  BS HMEC 1951
Sanders, Verna  BS HMEC 1951
Sargent, Emory  BS AGRI 1951
Sargent, Ernest Jr. BS AGRI 1951
Scott, Edward  BS AGRI 1951
Scott, Judge  BS AGRI 1951
Sims, Ida  BS HMEC 1951
Smith, Lavern  BS AGRI 1951
Stephens, Evia  BS HMEC 1951
Steward, L. V.  BS AGRI 1951
Stewart, Eva  BS HMEC 1951
Stubblefield, Walter  BS AGRI 1951
Taylor, Georgia  BS HMEC 1951
Turner, Wilbur  MS AGRI 1951
Vonner, Quinton  BS AGRI 1951
Wade, Murline  BS HMEC 1951
Whitaker, Ben Jr. BS AGRI 1951
White, Billie  BS AGRI 1951
White, Thomas  BS AGRI 1951
Williams, Cecil  BS AGRI 1951
Williams, Cleveland  BS AGRI 1951
Williams, James  BS AGRI 1951
Williams, John Jr. BS AGRI 1951
Wilson, Faris  BS AGRI 1951
Winfield, Marcellene  BS HMEC 1951
Wright, Ethel  BS HMEC 1951


Anderson, Emma  BS HMEC 1952
Armstrong, Lemuel  MS AGEC 1952
Armstrong, Damoh  BS AGRI 1952
Barlow, Woodrow  BS AGRI 1952
Barrett, Artie  BS HMEC 1952
Bell, Tenola  MED HMED 1952
Bland, Carolyn  BS HMEC 1952
Boney, David  MS AGED 1952
Booker, Herman  BS AGRI 1952
Bradford, Jessie  BS HMEC 1952
Briscoe, Frankie  BS HMEC 1952
Brown, Clever  CER TAILORING 1952
Bruton, Alma  BS HMEC 1952
Burleson, Melvin  BS AGRI 1952
Burrell, Almeda  BS HMEC 1952
Cameron, Mae  BS HMEC 1952
Carter, Allene  BS HMEC 1952
Clayborn, Jimmie  BS HMEC 1952
Cleaver, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1952
Coleman, Edna  BS HMEC 1952
Collins, Clifton  BS AGRI 1952
Dansby, Effie  BS HMEC 1952
Darby, Maye  BS HMEC 1952
Darden, William  BS AGRI 1952
Davenport, Theresa  BS HMEC 1952
Dean, Don  BS AGRI 1952
Dillard, Leatha  BS HMED 1952
Dorsey, Archie  BS AGRI 1952
Evans, Mccoy  BS AGRI 1952
Forte, Jimmie  BS HMEC 1952
Franklin, Perry  BS AGRI 1952
Frederick, Austin  BS AGRI 1952
Garner, Audrey  BS HMEC 1952
Garrison, Annie  BS HMEC 1952
Gibson, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1952
Goins, Idell  BS HMEC 1952
Gray, Tommie  BS AGRI 1952
Green, Alice  BS HMEC 1952
Green, Effie  BS HMEC 1952
Griggs, Vernice  CER TAILORING 1952
Griner, Leroy  BS AGRI 1952
Harper, Lillie  MED HMEC 1952
Harper, Verdia  BS HMEC 1952
Hicks, Vivian  BS HMEC 1952
Hodge, Erie  MED HMED 1952
Jackson, Beulah  BS HMED 1952
Johnson, Consuella  BS HMEC 1952
Jones, Harvey  BS AGRI 1952
Jones, Billie  BS HMEC 1952
Jordan, Suereatha  BS HMEC 1952
Kennedy, Marvin  BS AGRI 1952
Lawson, Jimmie  BS HMEC 1952
Lott, Nettye  BS HMEC 1952
Lucas, James  BS AGRI 1952
Mack, Vina  BS HMEC 1952
Malone, Cecil  BS AGRI 1952
Mayes, Johnnie Jr. BS AGRI 1952
Mayfield, Geatha  BS HMEC 1952
McAfee, Magdalene  BS HMEC 1952
McDonald, Alma  BS HMEC 1952
Melton, Marian  MED HMEC 1952
Mills, Essie  BS HMEC 1952
Moore, Ulysses  MED AGED 1952
Moye, Oscar  BS AGRI 1952
Myles, Martha  BS HMEC 1952
Nelson, Doris  BS HMEC 1952
Organ, Arrie  BS HMEC 1952
Osband, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1952
Pegues, Eloise  BS HMEC 1952
Petitt, Ada  BS HMEC 1952
Phillips, Thoymmee  BS HMEC 1952
Phillips, Missouri  MED HMED 1952
Poole, Gus  BS AGRI 1952
Powell, Gentry  MS AGED 1952
Reed, Pearl  BS HMEC 1952
Reid, Marie  MED HMED 1952
Robertson, Lois  BS HMEC 1952
Rodgers, Ralph  BS AGRI 1952
Roligan, Bobbie  BS HMEC 1952
Saners, Vera  BS HMEC 1952
Seidel, Willie  MED HMED 1952
Shanklin, Adelina  BS HMEC 1952
Shelton, Lillian  BS HMEC 1952
Simpson, Veatrice  BS HMEC 1952
Smith, James  BS AGRI 1952
Smith, Eva  BS HMEC 1952
Taylor, Velma  BS HMEC 1952
Taylor, Dorothy  MED HMED 1952
Thomas, Doretha  BS HMEC 1952
Thompson, Sara  BS HMEC 1952
Thornton, Mildred  BS HMEC 1952
Turner, Ermodine  BS HMEC 1952
Wade, Valasta  BS HMEC 1952
Ward, Mary  BS HMEC 1952
Washington, Helen  BS HMEC 1952
Washington, Johnnie  BS HMEC 1952
Watkins, Hester  BS HMEC 1952
Watson, Leonidas  MS AGED 1952
Williams, Laverna  BS HMEC 1952
Williams, Minnie  BS HMEC 1952
Willis, George  BS AGRI 1952
Willis, John  BS AGRI 1952
Woodfork, Burna  BS HMEC 1952
Wright, Ida  BS HMEC 1952
Yates, Roy  BS AGRI 1952
Younger, Frankie  BS HMEC 1952


Anderson, Bettye  BS HMEC 1953
Archie, Nathaniel  MS AGED 1953
Austin, Mary  BS HMEC 1953
Baker, Jerdie  BS HMEC 1953
Beamon, Rhuzell  BS HMEC 1953
Bolden, Annie  BS HMEC 1953
Brackshear, John  BS AGED 1953
Bradford, Clara  BS HMEC 1953
Briggs, Ervin  BS AGRI 1953
Bryant, Eleanor  BS HMEC 1953
Burton, Varn  BS AGRI 1953
Cannon, Frances  MED HMED 1953
Claybon, Lemuel  BS AGRI 1953
Cole, Daniel  BS AGRI 1953
Collins, Maurine  BS HMEC 1953
Cooper, Ruthie  CER Dressmaking 1953
Crawford, Roberta  MED HMEC 1953
Crenshaw, Homer  BS HMEC 1953
Curry, Willie  BS HMEC 1953
Curvey, Euraline  BS HMEC 1953
Dansby, Domosthenes  BS AGRI 1953
Davis, Robert  BS AGRI 1953
Davis, Myrtle  BS HMEC 1953
Dyes, Arthur  BS AGRI 1953
Finley, Elsie  BS HMEC 1953
Foreman, Dolores  BS HMEC 1953
Franklin, Ira  BS AGRI 1953
Freeman, Theodore Jr. BS AGRI 1953
Garcia, James  BS AGRI 1953
Garrett, Berneice  BS HMEC 1953
Gilcroase, Herbert  CER Dry Cleaning 1953
Harrison, Eddie  BS AGED 1953
Harrold, Bertha  BS HMEC 1953
Herndon, Daniel  MS AGED 1953
Hill, Elsa  BS HMEC 1953
Holley, Ezell  BS AGRI 1953
Holloway, Alma  BS HMEC 1953
Howard, Louis  BS AGRI 1953
Jefferson, Nova  MS HMED 1953
Johnson, Nathaniel  BS AGRI 1953
Johnson, Robbie  BS HMEC 1953
Jones, Clyde  BS AGRI 1953
Jones, Rubye  BS HMEC 1953
Knox, Alvilda  MED HMEC 1953
Lampkin, George  BS AGED 1953
Lewis, Clever  BS AGRI 1953
Lewis, Ida  BS HMEC 1953
Long, Robert  BS AGRI 1953
Love, Velma  MED HMEC 1953
Malone, Mildred  BS HMEC 1953
Martin, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1953
McPherson, Annie  CER Tailoring 1953
Meador, George  BS AGRI 1953
Mitchell, James  BS AGRI 1953
Moore, Ada  MED HMEC 1953
Moreland, Rastus  BS AGEC 1953
Morris, Durwood  BA AGRI 1953
Morrison, George  BS AGRI 1953
Morrison, Vivian  BS HMEC 1953
Owens, Earlene  BS HMEC 1953
Pendleton, Carrie  MED HMEC 1953
Phillips, Nathaniel  BS AGED 1953
Poole, Thelma  BS HMEC 1953
Price, Doris  BS HMEC 1953
Prince, Leoma  MS HMEC 1953
Pryor, Bernice  MS Agricultural Extension Education 1953
Ragdale, Rufus  BS AGRI 1953
Reed, Lois  MED HMED 1953
Robinson, Eura  MED HMED 1953
Roquemore, Saul  BS AGRI 1953
Sadberry, Carolyn  MED HMEC 1953
Scott, Alvin  BS AGRI 1953
See, Wilburn  BS AGRI 1953
Smith, Marjorie  BS HMEC 1953
Smith, Erma  BS HMED 1953
Spates, Robnett  MS HMED 1953
Spencer, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1953
Stewart, Morris  BA AGRI 1953
Thomas, Ruby  BS HMEC 1953
Turner, Janie  BS HMEC 1953
Wallace, Mable  MED HMEC 1953
Walton, Willard  BS AGRI 1953
Walton, Mose  CER Dietetics 1953
Washington, Garland  BS AGRI 1953
Washington, Josie  MED HMEC 1953
Watson, Cloceal  BS HMEC 1953
Wells, Gwendolyn  BS HMEC 1953
Wells, Ella  CER Tailoring 1953
Wheatfall, Lorena  CER Tailoring 1953
Williams, Donald  MS AGED 1953
Williams, Bernice  MED HMEC 1953
Williams, Florence  BS HMEC 1953
Williams, Jewel  BS HMEC 1953
Williams, Pearline  BS HMEC 1953
Wilson, Willie  BS AGRI 1953
Wilson, Adlonious  BS HMEC 1953
Wilson, Darlene  BS HMEC 1953
Woodfork, Sarah  BS HMEC 1953


Adams, Janie  MS HMEC 1954
Baker, Roy  MS AGRI 1954
Baker, Carole  BS HMEC 1954
Barber, Curtis Jr. BS AGRI 1954
Berry, Virginia  BS HMEC 1954
Bizzie, Sadie  BS Dietetics 1954
Blackburn, Robert Jr. BS ANHU 1954
Brooks, Rubye  BS HMED 1954
Broussard, Evelyn  BS HMEC 1954
Brown Johns, Bobbie  BS HMEC 1954
Bruce Callahan, Geraldine  BS HMEC 1954
Burgess, Gussie  BS HMEC 1954
Buttrill, Ellen  BS HMEC 1954
Canada, Mayme  MS HMEC 1954
Canady, Willie  BS AGRI 1954
Canady, Onnie  BS HMEC 1954
Carden, Hoover  BS AGRI 1954
Cashaw, Ikie  BS HMEC 1954
Cass, Willie  BS HMEC 1954
Chretien, Onita  MS HMEC 1954
Crayton, James  BS AGRI 1954
Crenshaw, Homer  MS HMEC 1954
Culton, Billy  BS AGRI 1954
David, Claud  BS AGRI 1954
Davis, James  BS AGRI 1954
Easley, Richard  BS AGRI 1954
Edmond, Valrie  BS HMEC 1954
Flowers, Elois  BS AGED 1954
Frazier, Naomi  BS HMEC 1954
Fry, Eleanor  MS HMEC 1954
Fryer, Lawrence  BS AGRI 1954
Gamble, Evelyn  BS HMEC 1954
Garner, Herman  BS HMEC 1954
Garrett, James  BS AGRI 1954
Givens, Clay  CER Welding 1954
Gray, Walter  BS AGRI 1954
Hadnot, Iva Jean  BS HMEC 1954
Hamilton, Solomon  BS AGRI 1954
Harkless, Germalean  BS HMEC 1954
Hawley, Mary  BS Dietetics 1954
Henderson, Leon  BA AGEC 1954
Henegan, Mary  BS HMEC 1954
Herren, Katherine  MS HMEC 1954
Hooper, Margie  BS HMEC 1954
Houston, Mildred  BS HMED 1954
Howard, Mary  BS HMEC 1954
Jackson, James  MS AGED 1954
Jackson, Roosevelt  BS AGRI 1954
Jackson, Adolphe Jr. MS Agricultural Extension Education 1954
Johnson, Issac  BS ANHU 1954
Jones Richardson, Pauline  BS HMEC 1954
Keys, Florence  MS HMEC 1954
Kidd, Helena  BS HMEC 1954
King, William Jr. BS AGED 1954
Latimer, Bonnie  BS HMEC 1954
Lee, Dorothy  CER Tailoring 1954
Lewine, Henry  BS AGRI 1954
Lezine, Henry  BS AGRI 1954
Lilly, Dwight Jr. BS AGRI 1954
Lockett, Willie  MS AGED 1954
Lynch, Charles  BS AGRI 1954
Manning Hall, Lee  BA Dietetics 1954
Manor, Cleavon  BA AGEC 1954
Massey, Ira  BS AGRI 1954
May, Ethel  CER Clothing & Textile 1954
McClellan, Harryette  BS HMEC 1954
McDowell Seastrunk, Vernice  BS HMEC 1954
McDuffy Gillum, Blanche  BS HMEC 1954
McGowan, Mary  BS HMEC 1954
Moseley, Earl Sr. BS AGRI 1954
Odom, Beulah  BS HMEC 1954
Perkins, Albert Jr. BS AGED 1954
Perkins, Thomas  CER Tailoring 1954
Perry, Alma  BS HMEC 1954
Poindexter, Rachael  BS HMEC 1954
Prejean, Irene  BS HMEC 1954
Richardson, Cluren  BS Dairy Manufacturing 1954
Riley, Anna  BS HMEC 1954
Roberson, Faye  BS HMEC 1954
Roquemore, Saul Sr. BS AGRI 1954
Sanders, Albert  BS AGRI 1954
Sanders, Helen  BS HMEC 1954
Sanders, Nettie  BS HMEC 1954
Shaw, Lawrence  BS AGRI 1954
Sigers, Genera  BS Dietetics 1954
Stephens, Estelle  BS HMEC 1954
Stiggers, Nadine  BS HMEC 1954
Timms, Carzzetta  BS HMEC 1954
Walker, Eva  BS HMEC 1954
Williams, Maye  MS HMEC 1954
Williams, Ester  CER Tailoring 1954
Wilson, Violue  BS HMEC 1954
Womack, James USA(Ret.) BS ANHU 1954
Wrighting, Doris  BS HMEC 1954
Wynne, Steve  BS HMEC 1954
Young Harrison, Margaret  CER Clothing & Textile 1954


Adams, J.  BS AGEC 1954
Adams, Dicy  MS HMEC 1954
Adams, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1954
Austin, Mozelle  BS HMEC 1954
Bailey, Louis  MS HMEC 1954
Baker-Scott, Anna  BS HMEC 1954
Bracken, Margaret  BA HMEC 1954
Brown, Ovell  CER Tailoring 1954
Burks, Versie  MS HMEC 1954
Burks, Hazel  MS HMED 1954
Burley, Rosa  MS HMEC 1954
Butler, Cormelia  BS HMEC 1954
Bynum, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1954
Carrington, Bettye  BS HMED 1954
Carter, Johnnie  BS HMEC 1954
Collins, Harold  MS AGED 1954
Conners, Nathaniel  BS AGRO 1954
Cook, Osley  BS AGRI 1954
Craft, Ernestine  BS HMED 1954
Dansby, Kenneth  BS AGED 1954
Davis, John Attorney at Law BS Dietetics 1954
Delane, Howie  BS HMEC 1954
Derouen, Dudley  BA AGEC 1954
Estes, Curtis  BS AGRI 1954
Finley, Charlsetta  MS HMEC 1954
Fortson, Bobby  BS AGED 1954
Garland, Bessie  BS Dietetics 1954
Garrett, Myrtle  BS HMEC 1954
Giles, Pressely  BS Voc. Agri. 1954
Grace, Angie  BS HMED 1954
Green, Preston  MS AGEC 1954
Green, James  BS AGRI 1954
Harper, Emory  BS AGRI 1954
Hill, Edward  BS AGRI 1954
Hill, Nina  BS HMEC 1954
Hilton, Viola  BA HMEC 1954
Hodge, Robert  BA AGED 1954
Hubbard, Hezekiah  MS AGRI 1954
Hubbard, Joe  BS HMEC 1954
Humphrey, Melvin  BS AGRI 1954
Johnston, Lucille  MS HMEC 1954
Jones, Halretha  BS HMEC 1954
Landers, Willie  BS HMEC 1954
Mann, Horace  BS AGED 1954
Marsh, Tommye  BS HMEC 1954
Martin, Mae  MS HMEC 1954
McDonald, Thaddeus  BS AGRI 1954
McLennan, Anne  BS HMEC 1954
Melton, Koecadee Jr. BS AGED 1954
Montgomery, John  BS AGEC 1954
Morris, Joyce  BS HMEC 1954
Nickens, Claudette  BS Textiles 1954
Nickerson, Bobbie  BS HMED 1954
Owens, Maurice  BS AGRI 1954
Pace, Millie  BS HMEC 1954
Pouncy, Veneta  BS HMEC 1954
Rausaw, Doris  CER Textiles 1954
Reese, Jimmy  BS AGED 1954
Riley, Lovie  BA AGED 1954
Robinson, Joe  BS AGEC 1954
Robinson, Mary  CER Tailoring 1954
Rogers, Lonia  BS HMEC 1954
Russell, Virgil  BS HMEC 1954
Salone, Myrtle  BS HMEC 1954
Samuel, Dorothy  MED HMED 1954
Sanders, Eloise  BS HMEC 1954
Simmons, John  BS AGEC 1954
Smith, George  BA AGED 1954
Smith, James  BS AGRI 1954
Snell, John  BA AGED 1954
Stevenson, Palma  BS HMEC 1954
Taylor, James  CER Tailoring 1954
Thomas, Addie  BS HMEC 1954
Tisdell, Hazel  BS HMEC 1954
Tolliver, Jessie  BS HMED 1954
Trotty, Archie  BS AGRI 1954
Wade, Valasta  MS HMEC 1954
Wallace, Berthenia  MS HMEC 1954
Williams, Ollie  BA AGED 1954
Williams, Agnes  BS HMEC 1954
Wilson, Gillespie  BS AGRI 1954
Yarbrough, Oura  BS AGRI 1954


Adams, J.  BS AGEC 1955
Adams, Dicy  MS HMEC 1955
Adams, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1955
Austin, Mozelle  BS HMEC 1955
Bailey, Louis  MS HMEC 1955
Baker-Scott, Anna  BS HMEC 1955
Bracken, Margaret  BA HMEC 1955
Brown, Ovell  CER Tailoring 1955
Burks, Versie  MS HMEC 1955
Burks, Hazel  MS HMED 1955
Burley, Rosa  MS HMEC 1955
Butler, Cormelia  BS HMEC 1955
Bynum, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1955
Carrington, Bettye  BS HMED 1955
Carter, Johnnie  BS HMEC 1955
Collins, Harold  MS AGED 1955
Conners, Nathaniel  BS AGRO 1955
Cook, Osley  BS AGRI 1955
Craft, Ernestine  BS HMED 1955
Dansby, Kenneth  BS AGED 1955
Davis, John Attorney at Law BS Dietetics 1955
Delane, Howie  BS HMEC 1955
Derouen, Dudley  BA AGEC 1955
Estes, Curtis  BS AGRI 1955
Finley, Charlsetta  MS HMEC 1955
Fortson, Bobby  BS AGED 1955
Garland, Bessie  BS Dietetics 1955
Garrett, Myrtle  BS HMEC 1955
Giles, Pressely  BS Voc. Agri. 1955
Grace, Angie  BS HMED 1955
Green, Preston  MS AGEC 1955
Green, James  BS AGRI 1955
Harper, Emory  BS AGRI 1955
Hill, Edward  BS AGRI 1955
Hill, Nina  BS HMEC 1955
Hilton, Viola  BA HMEC 1955
Hodge, Robert  BA AGED 1955
Hubbard, Hezekiah  MS AGRI 1955
Hubbard, Joe  BS HMEC 1955
Humphrey, Melvin  BS AGRI 1955
Johnston, Lucille  MS HMEC 1955
Jones, Halretha  BS HMEC 1955
Landers, Willie  BS HMEC 1955
Mann, Horace  BS AGED 1955
Marsh, Tommye  BS HMEC 1955
Martin, Mae  MS HMEC 1955
McDonald, Thaddeus  BS AGRI 1955
McLennan, Anne  BS HMEC 1955
Melton, Koecadee Jr. BS AGED 1955
Montgomery, John  BS AGEC 1955
Morris, Joyce  BS HMEC 1955
Nickens, Claudette  BS Textiles 1955
Nickerson, Bobbie  BS HMED 1955
Owens, Maurice  BS AGRI 1955
Pace, Millie  BS HMEC 1955
Pouncy, Veneta  BS HMEC 1955
Rausaw, Doris  CER Textiles 1955
Reese, Jimmy  BS AGED 1955
Riley, Lovie  BA AGED 1955
Robinson, Joe  BS AGEC 1955
Robinson, Mary  CER Tailoring 1955
Rogers, Lonia  BS HMEC 1955
Russell, Virgil  BS HMEC 1955
Salone, Myrtle  BS HMEC 1955
Samuel, Dorothy  MED HMED 1955
Sanders, Eloise  BS HMEC 1955
Simmons, John  BS AGEC 1955
Smith, George  BA AGED 1955
Smith, James  BS AGRI 1955
Snell, John  BA AGED 1955
Stevenson, Palma  BS HMEC 1955
Taylor, James  CER Tailoring 1955
Thomas, Addie  BS HMEC 1955
Tisdell, Hazel  BS HMEC 1955
Tolliver, Jessie  BS HMED 1955
Trotty, Archie  BS AGRI 1955
Wade, Valasta  MS HMEC 1955
Wallace, Berthenia  MS HMEC 1955
Williams, Ollie  BA AGED 1955
Williams, Agnes  BS HMEC 1955
Wilson, Gillespie  BS AGRI 1955
Yarbrough, Oura  BS AGRI 1955


Alexander, Johnnie  BS HMEC 1956
Alford, Hazel  BS HMEC 1956
Alton, Anna  MS HMED 1956
Arbuckle, Billie  BA HMED 1956
Barnes, Bozie Jr. MS ANHU 1956
Beasley, Juanita  BS HMEC 1956
Bennett, Rose  MS AGSS 1956
Blocker, Wilma  MS HMEC 1956
Bluiett, Charlene  BS HMEC 1956
Boulden, Zelma  BS HMED 1956
Boykin, Claude  BS HMEC 1956
Branch, Gloria  BS HMEC 1956
Browne, Reginald  MS AGRI 1956
Burnett, Hill Jr. MS ANHU 1956
Caldwell, Azee  MS AGEC 1956
Chambers, Elloine  BS HMEC 1956
Clayborne, Ruth  BS HMEC 1956
Conally, Dorothy  MS HMEC 1956
Connor, Alpearl  MS HMEC 1956
Cotton, Dorothy  BS HMED 1956
Crawford, Morris  MS AGRI 1956
Crosby, Lorenza Jr. BS AGED 1956
Curry, Bishop  MS AGEC 1956
Delley, Dorothy  BS HMED 1956
Denmore, Cary  BS AGRI 1956
Derry, Dolphus  MS AGED 1956
Dixon, Gladys  BS HMEC 1956
Fowlks, Joyce  BS HMEC 1956
Franklin, Ruth  BS HMEC 1956
French, Irene  BS HMEC 1956
Garrett, A. D.  MS AGED 1956
Gilcrease, Cleveland  BS AGRI 1956
Gilcrease, Cleveland  MS AGRI 1956
Giles, Margaret  MS HMEC 1956
Giles, Ruby  MS HMEC 1956
Glenn, Melvin  BS AGED 1956
Griffin, Richard  BS AGRI 1956
Griffin, Esther  BS HMED 1956
Harris, Maurice  BS HMEC 1956
Hayes, Luther  MS AGED 1956
Hayes, Easter  BA AGSS 1956
Henderson, Elnora  MS HMEC 1956
Hicks, Lee  BS AGED 1956
Hicks, Leonard  MS AGED 1956
Hill, Booker  BS AGEC 1956
Hopkins, Elna  BS HMEC 1956
Irving, Opal  BS HMED 1956
Jackson, Barbara  BS HMEC 1956
Jackson, Pheebia  BS HMEC 1956
Jeffero, Algianon  BS AGED 1956
Johnson, Karen  BA AGED 1956
Johnson, Byron  BA AGSS 1956
Jones, Willie  MS AGED 1956
Jones, Patsy  MS HMEC 1956
Jones, Alva  MS HMED 1956
Kemp, Hilliard  BS AGRI 1956
King, Algertha  BA HMEC 1956
Laymond, Ruthie  BS HMEC 1956
Lee, Mary  BA HMED 1956
Lester, Monnie  BS HMEC 1956
Levy, Julia  MS HMEC 1956
Lewis, Mattie  BS HMEC 1956
Lyons, Maurice  MS AGED 1956
McClellan, Van  MS AGED 1956
McDavid, Jesse  BS AGED 1956
Miller, Joseph  MS AGEC 1956
Miller, Effie  MS HMEC 1956
Mitchell, James  BS AGRI 1956
Molett, Barbara  BS HMEC 1956
Montgomery, Arthur  BS AGED 1956
Morgan, Alton  BS AGRI 1956
Owens, Thay  MS HMEC 1956
Perry, Marvin  BS ANHU 1956
Powell, Nellie  MS HMEC 1956
Roach, Earlene  BS HMED 1956
Robinson, Marvin  MS AGEC 1956
Robinson, Maurine  MS HMEC 1956
Scott, Alton  MS AGEC 1956
Scott, Thelma  MS HMED 1956
Shepherd, Mary  BS HMEC 1956
Smith, Dora  MS HMED 1956
Spencer, Evelyn  BS HMEC 1956
Spencer, Myrtle  MS HMEC 1956
Spencer, Bessie  MS HMED 1956
Steward, Bernice  BS HMEC 1956
Strong, Harold  BS AGRI 1956
Sweats, Peter  BS AGEC 1956
Taylor, Celestine  BS HMEC 1956
Thirlkill, Deloris  BS HMED 1956
Thomas, T. J.  BS ANHU 1956
Timmons, Nancy  BS HMED 1956
Tyler, Finus  BS AGED 1956
Wagner, Rody  BS AGRI 1956
Walton, Billye  BS HMED 1956
Waters, James  BS AGRI 1956
Williams, Mary  BS HMEC 1956


Ball, Bessie  BS HMEC 1957
Bass, Sara  BA HMEC 1957
Bratcher, Aubrey  MS AGRI 1957
Breckenridge, Joe  BS AGRI 1957
Brewster, Shirley  BS HMEC 1957
Brown, Aaron  BS AGED 1957
Brown, Wilma  BS Dietetics 1957
Burks, James  BS AGRI 1957
Butcher, Vera  MED HMED 1957
Carter, Helen  BA Clothing 1957
Chapple, Melba  BA HMEC 1957
Collins, Edna  BS Dietetics 1957
Currington, Tommy  CER Tailoring 1957
Davis, J.V. Jr. CER Tailoring 1957
Edmond, Coreace  BS HMEC 1957
Edwards, Frances  BS HMEC 1957
Elmore, Collins  BS AGRI 1957
Emanuel, Jimmie  MS AGRI 1957
Fontenot, Hurley  BS AGED 1957
Fulbright, Dorothy  BS Dietetics 1957
Garcia, Herbert  CER Tailoring 1957
Hall, Mildred  MS HMEC 1957
Hughes, Lake  BS AGRI 1957
Hunt, Zelma  BS HMEC 1957
Hurd, Allean  BS HMEC 1957
Jackson, Ruth  BS HMEC 1957
Joiner, Charles  BS AGRI 1957
Kline, Noah  MS AGRI 1957
Ligon, Barbara  CER Dress Making 1957
Little, Robert  BS AGRI 1957
Livingston, Eddie  BS HMEC 1957
Lockett, Vollie  BS ANHU 1957
Mathis, Jesse  BS AGRI 1957
Moore, Wendell  MS AGRI 1957
Morris, Hazel  BS HMEC 1957
Muse, Gloria  CER Tailoring 1957
Norman, Verbe  MS AGRI 1957
Overstreet, Johnanna  BS Dietetics 1957
Phillips, Willa  BS HMEC 1957
Pittman, Joe  BS AGRI 1957
Polk, Clayborne  BS AGRI 1957
Powell, Oweta  CER Clothing  1957
Pryor, Wilford  BS AGRI 1957
Ransom, Davis  BS AGRI 1957
Reece, Mercy  BS HMEC 1957
Robinson, Rose  CER Dress Making 1957
Ross, Valerie  MS HMEC 1957
Sanders, Ammie  BS HMEC 1957
Shepherd, Jim  BS ANHU 1957
Taylor, Therman Sr. BS AGRI 1957
Taylor, Edna  BS HMEC 1957
Thomas, Lloyd  MS AGRI 1957
Thomas, Ethelyn  BS HMEC 1957
Thompson, Joy  BS HMEC 1957
Washington, Vivian  BS HMEC 1957
White, Clarence  BS AGRI 1957
Williams, Margaret  BS HMEC 1957
Wise, Zeta  BS Dietetics 1957
Wynne, Dorothy  CER Clothing  1957
Yates, Billy  BS AGED 1957


Adams, Amelia  BS HMEC 1958
Adams, Annie  BS HMEC 1958
Ardoin, Ella  BS HMEC 1958
Bass, Edward  BA AGEC 1958
Bedell, James  BS ANHU 1958
Bell, Sadie  MED HMED 1958
Bradford, William  BS AGRI 1958
Brown, Ida  CER Clothing  1958
Brown, Rosetta  MS HMED 1958
Caldwell, Emmett  MS AGEC 1958
Campbell, Mary  BS HMEC 1958
Caviel, Jessie  MS HMED 1958
Chandley, Della  CER Tailoring 1958
Chappell, Alonzo  BS AGRI 1958
Choice, Bobbie  CER Tailoring 1958
Clack, Edward  BS AGEC 1958
Cotton, Joe  BS AGRI 1958
Daniels, Floyd  MS AGED 1958
Davis, Mary  BS HMED 1958
Dunkins, Reva  CER Clothing  1958
Edmond, Vernon  BS AGED 1958
Edwards, Herlan  CER Dry Cleaning 1958
Elum, Willie  BS HMEC 1958
Fair, Eugenia  MS HMEC 1958
Gardner, Rose  BS HMEC 1958
Golston, Gladys  MS HMEC 1958
Harris, Frankie  MS HMEC 1958
Holiday, Berniece  BS HMEC 1958
Humphrey, Royland  BS AGRI 1958
Ingram, Crystal  BS HMEC 1958
James, Evie  CER Tailoring 1958
Jennings, Freddie  BA AGEC 1958
Jennings, Betty  MA HMEC 1958
Johnson, Elroy  BA AGEC 1958
Johnson, Shirley  BS Dietetics 1958
Joiner, Charles  MS AGEC 1958
Kelly, Bobbie  BS HMEC 1958
Kennon, Crystal  BS HMEC 1958
Lambert, Clarence  App. Dry Cleaning 1958
Lewis, Shirley  BS Dietetics 1958
Lewis, Ettie  CER Tailoring 1958
Louis, Jenella  CER Dress Making 1958
Lynch, Johnnie  BS HMEC 1958
Martin, Bettye  BS HMEC 1958
McCoy, Charlie  BS AGED 1958
McGlothen, Mattie  CER Clothing & Textile 1958
Mitchell, Eura  BS HMED 1958
Monmouth, William  BS AGEC 1958
Moon, Carlos  CER Dry Cleaning 1958
Morgan, Jimmie  BS Dietetics 1958
Morgan, Ethel  BS HMEC 1958
Patrick, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1958
Pettit, Lee  CER Tailoring 1958
Reeves, John  BS AGRI 1958
Richardson, Jimmie  BS HMEC 1958
Robertson, Elward  BS AGRI 1958
Scales, Gloria RT BS HMEC 1958
Shaw, Floyd  BS AGRI 1958
Smith, Dennie  App. Dry Cleaning 1958
Stansell, Laverne  BS HMEC 1958
Sturns, Riley  CER Tailoring 1958
Tealer, Sarah  CER Clothing    1958
Thompson, Ina  BS HMEC 1958
Toney, Mable  App. Tailoring 1958
Tucker, Sarah  BS HMEC 1958
Wallace, Lawrence  MS AGED 1958
Williams, Elroy  BS AGED 1958
Williams, Geraldine  BS HMEC 1958
Williams, Bessie  CER Tailoring 1958
Willis, Thelma  BS Dietetics 1958
Wormely, Tensel  CER Tailoring 1958
Wright, Ida  BS Clothing  1958
Wrightsil, Alma  BS HMEC 1958
Yarbrough, Rudolph  BS AGED 1958


Allen, Betty  BS Clothing  1959
Bluiett, Gerraldine  BS HMEC 1959
Boone, Granison Jr. BS Tailoring 1959
Browne, Eldora  BS HMEC 1959
Buchanan, Elizabeth  CER Clothing 1959
Canton, Lillian  CER Dress Making 1959
Carpenter, Maurie  BS HMEC 1959
Culton, Archie  BS AGRI 1959
Daniel, Howard Jr. BS AGED 1959
Dansby, Kathryn  BS HMEC 1959
Davis, Annie  MS HMEC 1959
Davis, Jalonick  CER Welding 1959
Dever, Gladys  BS Dietetics 1959
Dorsey, Jewel  BS Clothing 1959
Edwards, Billy  App. Tailoring 1959
Eryin, Clarence  BS AGED 1959
Fuller, Theodore Jr. BA AGED 1959
Gage, Minnie  BS HMEC 1959
Gallien, Bessie  BS HMED 1959
Glasco, Jessie  BA Dietetics 1959
Green, Emrie  BS HMEC 1959
Grimes, Robert  BS AGRI 1959
Handy, Lannie  App. Dry Cleaning 1959
Hardy, Carol  BS Dietetics 1959
Henry, Wilson  BS AGED 1959
Henry, Selena  BS HMED 1959
Howard, William  BA AGRI 1959
Jackson, Mathie  BS AGRI 1959
Jenkins, Shirley  BS HMED 1959
Johnson, Foress  BS Dry Cleaning 1959
Jones, Emrie  BS HMED 1959
Kelly, Arthur Jr. BS Tailoring 1959
Kinard, Mattie  BS HMED 1959
Knox, John  BS AGED 1959
Lewis-Luster, Vera  BS HMEC 1959
Lister, John  BS ANHU 1959
McClelland, Eloise  BS Dietetics 1959
McClendon, Elworth  BS AGED 1959
Moreland, Rastus  MS AGEC 1959
Morris, Theo  MS HMEC 1959
Peacock, Shirley  BS Dietetics 1959
Phillips, Lawrence  MS AGED 1959
Price, Iva  BS Clothing 1959
Price, Marion  BS HMEC 1959
Quaite, Delmareese  BS Dietetics 1959
Robinson, Frank  MS AGED 1959
Shurn, Mary  MS HMEC 1959
Smith, Clara  BS Dietetics 1959
Terry, Alphonso  MS AGEC 1959
Waller, Calvin  BS AGRI 1959
Wells, Harold  BS ANHU 1959
Williams, Cecil  MS AGED 1959
Williams, Edward  BS AGED 1959
Williams, Martin  BS AGED 1959
Williams, Ernestine  BS HMEC 1959


Beatty, Joe  BS AGRI 1960
Bell, Ida  BS HMEC 1960
Brown, George  BS AGED 1960
Clarkson, Anne  BS HMED 1960
Davis, Myrtle  MS HMEC 1960
Drennan, Kenneth  BS AGRI 1960
Edmond, James  BS ANHU 1960
Fowlks, Edison  BS AGED 1960
Gibson, Sylvester  BS Dietetics 1960
Gray, Bobby  BS AGED 1960
Griffin, Bobbie  BS Dietetics 1960
Harris, Mary  BS Clothing 1960
Hill, Eva  BS Cloth. & Text. 1960
Hodges, Barbara  BS Dietetics 1960
Isabel, Frank  BS AGED 1960
Jackson, Lucy  BS Dietetics 1960
Jackson, Rose  CER Tailoring 1960
James, Winifret  BS Dietetics 1960
Johnson, Billy  BS AGED 1960
Johnson, Elneita  MED HMEC 1960
Jolayemi, James  BS AGRI 1960
Limbrick, Thurman  BS AGED 1960
Livingston, Jams  BS AGED 1960
Lowe, Shellia  BS Cloth. & Text. 1960
McCoy, Kaye  BS Dietetics 1960
McDonald, Thaddeus  BS AGEC 1960
Medlock, Laura  BS Clothing 1960
Morgan, Imar  CER Clothing 1960
Nazon, Faye  BS Dietetics 1960
Nero, Ruby  CER Tailoring 1960
Nicholas, Harold  BS AGED 1960
Nix, George  BS Dietetics 1960
Perry, William  BS ANHU 1960
Ransom, Freddie  BS HMEC 1960
Renfro, Martha  MS HMEC 1960
Robbins, Ruby  BS Dietetics 1960
Robinson, Erma  BS Dietetics 1960
Sharp, Barbara  BS HMEC 1960
Shephard, Jessie  CER Dress Making 1960
Simpson, Ocleris  BS AGRI 1960
Thomas, Esther  BS HMEC 1960
Thomas, Audrey  BS HMED 1960
Toles, Mary  BS HMEC 1960
Traylor, Elbert  BS AGED 1960
Walker, Edwin  BS AGED 1960
Williams, Buford  MS AGED 1960
Yancy, Floyd  BS AGED 1960


Alexander, Syvia  BS Clothing 1961
Anderson, Flora  BS HMED 1961
Atchison, Hettie  BS HMEC 1961
Bates, Jimmy  BS ANHU 1961
Belvin, Shirley  BS Clothing 1961
Boniaby, Elnora  BS HMEC 1961
Cheatam, Rosa  BS Clothing 1961
Crear, Barbara  BS Dietetics 1961
Cubie, Roosevelt  MS AGED 1961
Elliott, James  BS AGED 1961
Farmah, John  BS AGRI 1961
Frazier, Olar  BS HMEC 1961
Fromayan, Alfred  BS AGRI 1961
Ghee, Olivia  BS HMED 1961
Green, Warren  BS AGRI 1961
Green, Hilbert  BS ANSC 1961
Green, Lorene  BS HMEC 1961
High, Vera  BS HMED 1961
Holloway, Macle  CER Tailoring 1961
Ingram, Quency  BS Dietetics 1961
Jackson, Claudine  BS HMED 1961
King, Gwendolyn  BS HMEC 1961
Lawson, Elnora  BS HMED 1961
Lee, Yvonne  BS HMEC 1961
Leonard, Lavada  BS Dietetics 1961
Levingston, Mae  BS HMED 1961
McIvees, Garland  BS AGED 1961
Mills, Joan  BS Dietetics 1961
Moon, Carlos  CER Dry Cleaning 1961
Nickerson, Bobbie  MS HMED 1961
Perry, Bennie  BS HMED 1961
Saddler, Eva  BS Dietetics 1961
Scott, Mary  BS HMED 1961
Shepherd-Owens, Ophelia  BS Dietetics 1961
Sippio, Flora  BA Clothing & Textiles 1961
Stokes, Charlotte  BS Clothing 1961
Terry, Earnestyne  BS HMED 1961
Wade, Frank  MS AGED 1961
Wallace, Ulysses  MS AGED 1961
Walthall, Shirley  BS Clothing 1961
Washington, Shirley  BS HMED 1961
Wiley, Mary  BS Dietetics 1961


Allen-Sommerville, Lenola PhD BS HMED 1962
Ashley, Kathryn  MS Voc. Home Econ. 1962
Bedford, Roylene  Dietetics 1962
Blackbmon, Ruby  MS AGED 1962
Bradford, Arie  BS HMEC 1962
Brown, Lorell  BS Cloth & Textile 1962
Coleman, Mamie  BS HMEC 1962
David, Mildred  MS HMEC 1962
Davis, Lillian  BS Clothing & Textiles 1962
Davison, Ara  BS HMED 1962
Evans, Parthenia  BS HMED 1962
Fifer Colvin, Eleanor  BS HMEC 1962
Fleming, Arthur  BS AGRI 1962
Freeman, Theodore Jr. MS AGED 1962
Howard, Mary  MS HMEC 1962
Humphrey, Theo  CER Dry Cleaning   1962
Johnson, Loydia  BS HMEC 1962
Johnson, Rosie  CER Tailoring 1962
Lewis, Claralyn  BS HMED 1962
Martin, Thomas  BS AGRI 1962
McLennan, Ann  MS HMEC 1962
Miller, Tommie  BS HMEC 1962
Montgomery, Mattie  MS HMEC 1962
Perkins, James  MS Agric. Exten. 1962
Roberts, Paneltha  BS Dietetics 1962
Scott, Bobbie  CER Dry Cleaning 1962
Simmons, Robert  BS AGED 1962
Thomas, Hazel  BS Dietetics 1962
Wagner, Earnestine  CER Clothing & Textiles 1962
Wedgeworth, Picola  MS HMEC 1962
Williams, Edith  BS HMED 1962
Wilson, Marzell  BS HMEC 1962


Ababio, Loveridge  MS ANHU 1963
Bacon, Elner  BS HMEC 1963
Baldwin, Alma  BS Dietetics 1963
Bloodworth, Maxine  BS Dietetics 1963
Borsay, Jenson  BS Horti. 1963
Bradley, Gwendolyn  CER Clothing 1963
Brown, Josephine  BS HMEC 1963
Brown, Gloria  BS HMED 1963
Bryant, Pauline  CER Tailoring 1963
Cash, Lorine  BS Dietetics 1963
Colvin, Roosevelt Sr. BS AGED 1963
Epps, Hugh Jr. BS AGED 1963
Evans, Leatha  MS HMEC 1963
Fiest, Josephine  BS HMEC 1963
Green, Nola  BS HMEC 1963
Haynes, Vera  BS Dietetics 1963
Hester, Margie  BS HMEC 1963
Jackson, Andrew  BS ANSC 1963
Jackson, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1963
Jackson, Erma  BS HMEC 1963
Jackson, Orie  BS HMEC 1963
Jackson, Marjorie  BS HMED 1963
Jefferson, Verna  BS HMEC 1963
Lott, Gloria  CER Dress & Design 1963
Lynn, Cecil  BS AGEG 1963
Miller, Elaine  BS HMED 1963
Roberts, Alfred  BS ANSC 1963
Sanders, Helen  MS HMEC 1963
Simon, Geneva  BS HMEC 1963
Simpson, James  BS AGRI 1963
Thomas, Genetha  BS Dietetics 1963


Alexander, Myrtis  BS Dietetics 1964
Allen, Elnora  CER Tailoring 1964
Anderson, Leon  BS ANSC 1964
Brown, Mary  BS HMED 1964
Burns, Leslie  BS AGED 1964
Cole, Spencerene  MED HMEC 1964
Dacus, Alton Jr. BS AGED 1964
Drisdale, Horace  BS AGRI 1964
Easley, Anthony  BS AGED 1964
Fuller, Earline  BS HMEC 1964
Garner, Arthur  BS AGED 1964
Glenn, William Sr. CER Dry Cleaning 1964
Grant, Ora  BS Dietetics 1964
Harry, Lula  BS Dietetics 1964
Harvey, Eddie  BS AGED 1964
Hayes, Gwendolyn  BS HMEC 1964
Hubbard, Dorothy  BS Dietetics 1964
Hunt, Della  BS Dietetics 1964
Johnson, Marion  BS AGED 1964
Johnson, Thomas  BS AGED 1964
Jones, Glenn  BS AGED 1964
Livingston, Eddie  MS HMEC 1964
Lorthridge, James  BS AGED 1964
Love, Paul  CER Dry Cleaning 1964
Matlock, Sadie  BS HMED 1964
McKelvey, Frances  BS HMED 1964
McMurray, Betty  BS Dietetics 1964
Moore, Aria  MS HMEC 1964
Norvell, Irma  BS HMEC 1964
Peppers, Gloria  BS Dietetics 1964
Peterson, Charlie  BS HMEC 1964
Peterson, Margaret  CER Tailoring 1964
Petties, Roy  CER Dry Cleaning 1964
Reese, Billy  BS AGED 1964
Reeves, Lilyan  MS HMED 1964
Stansell, Ross  BS AGED 1964
Tarver, Carl  BS AGED 1964
Taylor, Curtis  BS AGED 1964
Taylor, John  App. Dry Cleaning 1964
Taylor, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1964
Terry, John  BS AGED 1964
Watson, Delores  BS HUNF 1964
Weatherall, Hattie  BS Dietetics 1964
Whyte, Charles  BS AGEC 1964
Williams, Joyce  BS Dietetics 1964
Williams, Rose  BS Dietetics 1964
Williams, Josie  MS HMEC 1964
Wilson, John  CER Tailoring 1964
Yancy, Eula  BS HMED 1964


Adams, Cloid Jr. BS AGRI 1965
Allen, Lena  BS Dietetics 1965
Allen, Robert  BS Dietetics 1965
Ballenger, Myrna  BS Dietetics 1965
Bostick, Henry  BS ANSC 1965
Brown, Patricia  BS HMEC 1965
Campbell, Alberta  BS Dietetics 1965
Clark, Shirley  BS HMEC 1965
Clark-Grier, Juanita  BS Dietetics 1965
Daniel, Gussie  BS Dietetics 1965
Davis, Dorothy  MS HMEC 1965
Dean, Olar  MS HMEC 1965
Dixon, Julia  BS HMED 1965
Farrington, Margaret  BS Clothing 1965
Finley, Rosie  BS Clothing 1965
Foster, Jo Ann  BS HMEC 1965
Hampton, Mildred  MS HMED 1965
Hardy, Leonard  BS AGED 1965
Hayes, Lurlene  BS HMEC 1965
Hoyt, Joyce  BS Dietetics 1965
Jackson, Jeselyn  BS Clothing 1965
Jacob, Geraldine  BS HMED 1965
Jefferson, Delbert  BS AGED 1965
Johnson, Betty  BS HMED 1965
Jones, Donald  BS ANSC 1965
Jones, Octavia  BS HMED 1965
King, Nancy  BS Dietetics 1965
Lilly, Oran Jr. BS AGED 1965
Mack, Patricia  BS HMED 1965
Madkins, Lawrence Jr. BS AGED 1965
Mask, John  BS AGED 1965
McIvory, Lillian  BS Clothing 1965
McKinney, Wilmarie  BS HMEC 1965
Milam, Jean  BS Dietetics 1965
Mitchell, Sammie  BS AGED 1965
Mosley, Eva  MS HMEC 1965
Parish, Patricia  BS Dietetics 1965
Patterson, Barbara  BS Dietetics 1965
Phlegm, Merlie  BS Clothing 1965
Piolet, Laura  BS HMEC 1965
Pittman, Freddie  BS HMEC 1965
Ragston, Carolyn  BS Clothing 1965
Reed, Carole  BS Dietetics 1965
Reed, Lawrence  CER Dry Cleaning 1965
Robinson, Frances  BA HMEC 1965
Rogers, Eleanor  BS Clothing 1965
Seals, Elmer  BS AGED 1965
Smith, James  MS AGED 1965
Smith, Henry  CER Tailoring 1965
Spencer, Darlyne  BS HMED 1965
Wagner, William  BA AGED 1965
Wagner, Mary  BS Clothing & Textiles 1965
Watkins, Richard  BS ANSC 1965
West, Estella  BS Dietetics 1965
White, Bertha  BS HMEC 1965
Williams, P. J.  BS AGEG 1965
Williams, Ann  BS Dietetics 1965
Woodall, Minnie  MS HMED 1965
Woodkins, Shirley  BS Dietetics 1965
Wooten, Otis  MS AGED 1965
Young, John  BS AGRI 1965


Adams, Vera  BS HMED 1966
Alcorn, Maudie  BS Clothing 1966
Allen, Gloria  BS Clothing 1966
Amie, Grover  BS ANSC 1966
Armour, Julius  BS ANSC 1966
Aycock, Bertha USAR BS Dietetics 1966
Beaty, Learline  BS HMED 1966
Brown, Bryson  BS AGED 1966
Brown, Taff  BS AGED 1966
Burns, Gwendolyn  BS Dietetics 1966
Crayton, Mary  BS HMED 1966
Dacus, Ida  BS Dietetics 1966
Daniels, Linda  BS HMED 1966
Dean, Hannah  BS HMED 1966
Doggett, Elmarie  BS Dietetics 1966
Dorsey, Jo  BS Dietetics 1966
Givens, James  BS AGED 1966
Goffney, Joan  BS Dietetics 1966
Grace, Horace  BS AGED 1966
Gray, Dorothy  BS Dietetics 1966
Griffie, Gloria  BS Dietetics 1966
Hamilton, Alberta  BS Dietetics 1966
Harris, La Verne  BS Clothing 1966
Hill, Bettye  BS HMEC 1966
Holloway, Barbara  BS HMED 1966
Jenkin, Jewel  BS Dietetics 1966
Johns, Theodore  BS AGED 1966
Johnson, Alice  BS Dietetics 1966
Knighton, Qunitus  BS Dietetics 1966
Knighton, Sandra  BS Dietetics 1966
Lee, Beverly  BS Clothing 1966
Lilly, Maudesta  BS HMED 1966
Mobley, Gloria  BS Clothing 1966
Moore, Christine  BS Dietetics 1966
Neal, Steva  BS Dietetics 1966
Perkins, Blonzie RD BS Dietetics 1966
Ratledge, Billy  BS HMED 1966
Riley, Barbara  BS HMED 1966
Rutledge, Billie  BS HMED 1966
Sanders, Rosanna  BS Dietetics 1966
Simpson, Gwendolyn  BS HMED 1966
Sinegal, Bettye  BS HMED 1966
Smith, Shirley  BS HMED 1966
Solomon, Billy  BS AGED 1966
Stripling, Verlon  BS ANSC 1966
Tatum, Velma  BS Dietetics 1966
Tucker, Sandra  BS HMED 1966
Twitty, Willie  BS AGED 1966
Waddleton, Bertha  BS HMEC 1966
Washington, Jean  BS HMEC 1966
Whisnant, Courtney  BS AGRI 1966
White, Willie Sr. BS AGRI 1966
Williams, Vera  BS Dietetics 1966
Williams, Doris  BS HMEC 1966
Willis, K. C.  BS AGED 1966
Wilson, Marion  BS HMED 1966


Agbodjan, Victoria  BS HMEC 1967
Alcorn, Doris  BS Dietetics 1967
Anderson, Cheryl  BS Dietetics 1967
Beasley, Delores  BS HMEC 1967
Caldwell, Ruthie  BS Dietetics 1967
Carr, Algeretta  BS HMEC 1967
Carter, Doris  BS HMEC 1967
Chew, Bettye  BS Dietetics 1967
Clark, Don  BS AGEG 1967
Clark, Mabel  BS HMEC 1967
Cobbs, Alma  MS HMEC 1967
Cross Brown, Joyce  BS HMEC 1967
Crum, Betty  BS HMEC 1967
Evans, Otis  BS AGED 1967
Gamble, Ada  BS HMEC 1967
Garrett, Bobbie  BS HMEC 1967
Hackworth, Luther  BS AGRI 1967
Hardin, Hallie  CER Dry Cleaning 1967
Hines, Edna  BS HMEC 1967
Houston, Callie  CER Tailoring 1967
Huff, Mable  BS HMEC 1967
Jackson, Wanda  BS Dietetics 1967
Jackson, Nancy  BS HMEC 1967
Jackson, Leon  CER Welding 1967
Johnson, Dean  BS Clothing 1967
Johnson, Charles  BS Dietetics 1967
Johnson, Marva  BS Dietetics 1967
Johnson, Diane  BS HMEC 1967
Lakes, Thomas  BS AGRI 1967
Lester, Virda Mae  BS HMEC 1967
Love, Owenia  CER Tailoring 1967
McKinney, Alice  BS HMEC 1967
Miles, Willie  MS AGEC 1967
Mitchell, Stelvin  BS AGRI 1967
Mitchell, Betty  BS HMEC 1967
Montgomery, Valra  BS HMEC 1967
Mosley, Marie  BS Dietetics 1967
Peacock, Georgia  BS Dietetics 1967
Poole, Trachanzie  BS AGRI 1967
Pratt, Mable  BS HMEC 1967
Richards, Eula  BS Dietetics 1967
Robinson, Emma  BS HMEC 1967
Sensley, Willie  MS AGEC 1967
Shaw, Helen  BS HMEC 1967
Smith, Thelma  BS Dietetics 1967
Thomas, Everett  MS AGED 1967
Timberlake, Vivian  BS Dietetics 1967
Turner, Mae  BS HMEC 1967
Vaughn, Geraldine  BS HMEC 1967
Warren, Arthur  BS AGRI 1967
Warren, Ethel  BS HMEC 1967
White, Glen  BS AGRI 1967
Whitfield, Ruby  BS Dietetics 1967
Williams, Barbara  BS Dietetics 1967
Wilson, Alice  BS HMEC 1967
Wilson, Jessie  BS HMEC 1967
Woods, Billye  BS Dietetics 1967
Woods, Johnnie  BS Dietetics 1967
Woods, Janice  BS HMEC 1967
Yancy, Precious  BS Dietetics 1967
Yancy, John  BS Tailoring 1967
Young, Carlotta  BS Clothing 1967


Alemi, Ali  BS AGRI 1968
Anglin, Jacqueline  BS HMEC 1968
Baines, Veronia  BS HMEC 1968
Barnes, Earnest  BS ANSC 1968
Berry, Margaret  BS HMEC 1968
Best, Melva  BS Dietetics 1968
Beverly, Byron  BS ANSC 1968
Burns, Charles  BS AGRI 1968
Cammon, Jimmie  BS Dietetics 1968
Clay, Erma  CER Dressmaking Design 1968
Davis, Geraldine  BS Clothing 1968
Diggs, Ennis  BS ANSC 1968
Douglas, Carolyn  BS Dietetics 1968
Edwards, Carolyn  BS HMEC 1968
Ellis, Frank  BS ANSC 1968
Fontenot, Dwight  BS AGRI 1968
Garrett, Bobbie  MA HMEC 1968
George, Carolyn  BS HMEC 1968
Givens, Doris  BS HMED 1968
Handy, Bobby  BS ANSC 1968
Jefferson, Waverly Jr. BS AGRI 1968
Johnson, Amos  BS AGRI 1968
Johnson, Henry  BS ANSC 1968
Johnson, Carolyn  BS Clothing 1968
Leath, Andrea  BS Clothing 1968
Lee, Ruth  BS HMEC 1968
Lowery, R. C.  BS ANSC 1968
Mattox, Maggie  BS HMEC 1968
McKinnis, Melva  MS HMEC 1968
McShan, George  BS AGRI 1968
Mock Roberts, Margaret  BS Dietetics 1968
Moore, Brenda  BS HMEC 1968
Ozan, Lucille  BS HMEC 1968
Pegues, Willie  BS Clothing 1968
Pinson, Adolphus  BS ANSC 1968
Polk, Catherine  BS HMEC 1968
Porter, Barbara  BS Dietetics 1968
Redmon, Carolyn  BS HMEC 1968
Roberson, Nina Mae  BS HMEC 1968
Robertson, Mabel  MS HMEC 1968
Session, Edwina  BS HMEC 1968
Smith, Jeanelle  BS HMEC 1968
Steamer, Wilma  BS HMEC 1968
Sturns, Wiley  BS ANSC 1968
Upson, Jessie  BS HMEC 1968
Vaughn, Kathryn  MS HMEC 1968
Williams, Martin  MS AGED 1968
Williams, Mary  BS Dietetics 1968
Williams, Naomi  MED HMEC 1968
Wilson, Tommy  BS AGRI 1968
Woodson, Linda  BS Dietetics 1968


Banks, Rosa  BS Dietetics 1969
Baty, Peggy  BS HMEC 1969
Champagne, Brenda  BS Clothing 1969
Cyrus, Minnie  BS HMEC 1969
Dever, Beatrice  BS Dietetics 1969
Dews, Ruthie  BS Dietetics 1969
Fobbs, Evelyn  BS Clothing 1969
Francis, Mary  BS Clothing 1969
Gipson, Grace  BS Dietetics 1969
Graves, Roy  BS ANSC 1969
Harris, Charolette  BS HMED 1969
Hill, Julia  BS Dietetics 1969
Hines, Carolyn  BS HMEC 1969
Jackson, Cornetta  BS HMEC 1969
Jennings, Jeraline  BS Clothing 1969
Johnson, Leo Jr. BS AGEG 1969
Johnson, Richard  BS ANSC 1969
Johnson, Shirley  BS HMEC 1969
Jones, Diana  BS Dietetics 1969
Kirven, William  BS ANSC 1969
Lang, Mckinley  BS AGED 1969
Lee, Harold  BS AGRI 1969
Littlejohn, Gloria  BS HMEC 1969
Lynn, Milton  BS AGEG 1969
Maxwell, William  BS AGED 1969
McGee, Evelyn  BS HMEC 1969
McGowan, Ruby  BS HMEC 1969
Miles, Jerry  BS HMEC 1969
Mitchell, Shirley  BS Clothing 1969
Moore, Charles  BS ANSC 1969
Raibon, Sylvia  BS HMED 1969
Simon, Clifton  BS ANSC 1969
Smoots, Robert  BS ANSC 1969
Stiner, Joann  BS Dietetics 1969
Taylor, Finnis  BS ANSC 1969
Traylor, Martha  BS HMEC 1969
Wells, Mary  BS HMEC 1969
Williams, Dorothy  BS Dietetics 1969
Williams, Sherlia  BS Dietetics 1969
Wright, Malcolm  BS ANSC 1969
Wright, Shirley  BS HMEC 1969


Askew, Elvis  BS ANSC 1970
Baines, Neal  BS ANSC 1970
Bonham, Leona  BA HMED 1970
Booker, Willie Jr. MS AGEC 1970
Brooks, Margie  BS HMED 1970
Brown, Bettye  BS HMED 1970
Brown, Dolly  BS HMED 1970
Calhoun, Johnnie  BS Dietetics 1970
Carter, Odis  BS HMEC 1970
Cash, Larry  MS AGED 1970
Cato, Lewis  BS AGED 1970
Coleman, Jettie  MS HMEC 1970
Collins, Mattie  MS HMEC 1970
Corley, Dorothy  BS HMED 1970
David, Mary  BS Dietetics 1970
Dawkins, Bettye  BS HMEC 1970
Dews, Johnny  BS ANSC 1970
Dickinson, Erma  BS HMED 1970
Dillard, Bennie  BS AGEC 1970
Douglass, Blanche  MS HMEC 1970
Edmond, John  BS ANSC 1970
Everett, Clarice  BS HMEC 1970
Fisher, Myrtle  BS HMED 1970
Franklin, Gilbert  BS ANSC 1970
Furgerson, Margaret  BS HMEC 1970
Gooden, Pauline  BS HMEC 1970
Gray, Edward  BS AGRI 1970
Grays, Harrison  MS AGEC 1970
Hardeman, Florence  MS HMEC 1970
Harnsberry, Faye  BS Dietetics 1970
Harrison, Walter  BS ANSC 1970
Hawkins, Lura  BS HMED 1970
Hewett, Beverly  BS AGRI 1970
Hights, Geneva  BS HMEC 1970
Hill, Lovie  MS HMEC 1970
Holt, Annie  BS HMEC 1970
Hubbard, Australia  BS AGRI 1970
Jarquo, Gilda  CER Clothing & Textiles 1970
Johnson, James  BS AGRI 1970
Johnson, Christene  BS Clothing & Textiles 1970
Johnson, Doris  CER Clothing & Textiles 1970
Johnson, Yvonne  BS HMEC 1970
Johnson, Carolyn  BA HMED 1970
Johnson, Deborah  BS HMED 1970
King, Willie  BS AGRI 1970
Land, Evelyn  MS HMEC 1970
Laws, Queen  BS HMEC 1970
Leblanc, Richard  BS ANSC 1970
Lee, Wilmarie  MS HMEC 1970
Lewis, Donald  BS AGEC 1970
Malone, Clara  BS HMEC 1970
McClellan, Anna  BS HMEC 1970
McCoy, Josephine  BS Dietetics 1970
McDaniel, Mattye  MS HMEC 1970
McGee, Normia  BS Dietetics 1970
McKnight, Mable  BS HMED 1970
McPerson, Etta  BS HMEC 1970
McQueen, Clyde  BS AGRI 1970
Moore, Ester  BS HMEC 1970
Mooring, Leon  BS AGRI 1970
Morgan, John  BS AGRI 1970
Morrison, Noval  BS HMEC 1970
Pannell, Lowell  BS AGRI 1970
Phillips, Will Jr. BS AGRI 1970
Polk, Elmer  BS AGEG 1970
Powdrill, Bettye  BS HMEC 1970
Price, Lavern  BS HMED 1970
Reeves, Eunice  BS HMEC 1970
Roberts, Earline  BS HMEC 1970
Robinson, George  BS AGRI 1970
Rutherford, Melvin  BS ANSC 1970
Session, Bettye  BS HMED 1970
Sidney, Donald  BS ANSC 1970
Smith, Fay  BS HMEC 1970
Sneed, Burton Jr. BS AGRI 1970
Sparks, Harry  BS AGEC 1970
Stanmore, Linda  BS Dietetics 1970
Stean, Theresa  BS Dietetics 1970
Stewart, Ernestine  BS HMEC 1970
Stewart, Iez  BS HMEC 1970
Stoney, Raymond  CER Tailoring & Garment Making 1970
Stykes, Verniece  BS HMEC 1970
Summers, Ophelia  BS HMEC 1970
Thomas, James  BS AGEG 1970
Thornton, Daisy  CER Clothing 1970
Tompkins, Betty  BS AGEG 1970
Turner, Wilbur  BS AGRI 1970
Twitty, Almeda  BS HMED 1970
Tyrone, Roma  BS HMED 1970
Wallace, Frankie  BS HMEC 1970
Warfield, Jeremiah  BS ANSC 1970
Weatherspoon, Marjorie  BS HMED 1970
Wells, Arthur Jr. BS AGEC 1970
White, Desmothenes  MS AGEC 1970
White, Ola  BS HMEC 1970
White, Sarah  BS HMEC 1970
Williams, Lester  BS AGEC 1970
Wilson, Helen  BS HMEC 1970
Wilson, Lillian  BS HMEC 1970


Allen, David  BS AGEG 1971
Allen, Lee  BS HMEC 1971
Anderson, Delilia  BS HMED 1971
Arps, Gladys  BS Dietetics 1971
Battise, Irma  BS HMED 1971
Baylock, Carolyn  BS HMED 1971
Bowser, Clydia  BS Dietetics 1971
Branch, Erma  BA HMED 1971
Brown, Arnold  BS ANSC 1971
Brown, John  BS HMED 1971
Carroll, Mary  BS HMED 1971
Christopher, Mary  BS Dietetics 1971
Cluff, Elnor  BS DIETETICS 1971
Collins, Jb JR BS ANSC 1971
Collins, Evelyn  BS HMED 1971
Davenport, Betty  BS HMED 1971
Edney, Mary  BS HMED 1971
Evans, Brenda  BA CLOTH & TEXTILE 1971
Garrett, Walter  BS ANSC 1971
Gooch, Lorenza Jr. BS ANSC 1971
Hale, Henry  BS ANSC 1971
Hightower, Rochelle  DIETETICS 1971
Holden, Karen  DIETETICS 1971
Holiday, Betty  BS HMED 1971
Horn, Jerdie  BS HMED 1971
Johnson, Patsy  BS Cloth & Textile 1971
Kindle, Kelvin  BS AGED 1971
Lightfoot, Tyrone  BS ANSC 1971
Martin, George  BS AGRI 1971
McShan, Milton  BS AGRI 1971
Miller, Floyd  BS ANSC 1971
Morrison, Willie  BS AGRI 1971
Murphy, Woodrow  BS ANSC 1971
Murphy, Glenn  BS HMED 1971
Nelson-Hightower, Costelle  DIETETICS 1971
Pounders, Rose  MS Dietetics 1971
Reed, Billy  BS ANSC 1971
Robertson, Linda  DIETETICS 1971
Robinson, Patricia  DIETETICS 1971
Sam, Mary  BS Cloth & Tex 1971
Scott, Evelyn  BS HMED 1971
Shepard, Roy  BS AGEC 1971
Smith, Marilyn  BS CLOTH & TEXTILE 1971
Taylor, Essie  BS AGEC 1971
Thomas, Benny  DIETETICS 1971
Thompson, Virgil  BS ANSC 1971
Townson, John  BS ANSC 1971
Wesley, E. W.  BS ANSC 1971


Addison, Paul  BS ANSC 1972
Alderson, Alfred Jr. BS DIETETICS 1972
Alford, James  BS AGED 1972
Allen, Lenola  MS HMEC 1972
Banks, Robert  BS ANSC 1972
Bell, Rosa  BS HMEC 1972
Branford, Barbara  BS CLOTHING 1972
Brown, Kaye  BS DIETETICS 1972
Chambers, James  BS ANSC 1972
Cook, Dorothy  BS HMEC 1972
Cooper, Lee  BS ANSC 1972
Copeland, Luther  BS ANSC 1972
Cotton, Roland  BS ANSC 1972
Davidson, Irene  BS HMEC 1972
Davis-Boney, Norma  BS HMEC 1972
Dillard, Lois  BA Dietetics 1972
Dixon, Robert  BS ANSC 1972
Easter, Mary  MED HMEC 1972
Franklin, Eileen  BA Clothing 1972
Frazier, Robert III BS ANSC 1972
Freeman, Anita  BS HMEC 1972
Fuller, Laurace  BS HMEC 1972
Gibson, Debra  BS HMEC 1972
Gonzales, Jose  MS AGED 1972
Graham, Calvin  BS ANSC 1972
Handsborough, Verdine  BS HMEC 1972
Harvey, Ronald  BS ANSC 1972
Jackson, Brenda  BS HMEC 1972
Jackson, Terral  BS HMEC 1972
Jeter, Carol  BS DIETETICS 1972
Jimerson, Jesse Jr. BS ANSC 1972
Jones, Johnnie  BS HMEC 1972
Knotts, Dianne  BS HMEC 1972
Lee, Gail  BS HMEC 1972
Lefall, Myrtis  BS CLOTHING 1972
Lewis, Rosa  BS HMEC 1972
Logan, Sherry  BS HMEC 1972
Love, Edward  BS AGRI 1972
Lucas, Betty  BS HMEC 1972
Malone, Thomas  BS ANSC 1972
Mays, Margie  BS Clothing 1972
McClellan, Venola  BA HMEC 1972
McClure, Le'Odell  BS HMEC 1972
Meadearis, Sidney  BS HMEC 1972
Mercer, Patricia  BS HMEC 1972
Mitchell, Benard  BS ANSC 1972
Moore, Ulysses Jr. BS AGEG 1972
Mumphrey, Troy  BS ANSC 1972
Polk, Raymond  BS AGED 1972
Porter, James  BS ANSC 1972
Ransom, Gloria  BS Clothing 1972
Ransom, Avis  BS Dietetics 1972
Ripley, Grady  MS AGED 1972
Scott, Wanda  BS HMEC 1972
Smallwood, Andrew  BS ANSC 1972
Steptoe, Eddie  BS ANSC 1972
Taylor, Carolyn  BS HMEC 1972
Thurman, Gloria  BS HMEC 1972
Wade, Alfred  BS ANSC 1972
Walker, Norvell  BS HMEC 1972
Washington, Claudette  BS HMEC 1972
Wesley, Randall  BS ANSC 1972
Wiley, Arnetha  BS HMEC 1972
Williams, Brenda  BS HMEC 1972
Wilson, Rufus Jr. BS ANSC 1972


Abercrombie, Juanita  BS HMEC 1973
Banks, Robert  AGED 1973
Blakemore, William Jr. BS ANSC 1973
Boulden, Melvis  BS ANSC 1973
Burke, Terry  BS AGED 1973
Castle, Mary  BS Dietetics 1973
Combs, Ajurella  BS Clothing & Textiles 1973
Dixon, Robert  MS AGED 1973
Elmore, Ollie  BS cloth/textile 1973
Friedel, Gary  BS ANSC 1973
Fuchs, Curtis  MED AGED 1973
Gaderson, Gayle  BS HMEC 1973
Garrett, Jimmy  BS ANSC 1973
Gathings, Teri  BS HMEC 1973
Gilliam, Pinky  BS HMED 1973
Hackett, Edwards  BS AGEG 1973
Hakimi, Ferydoun  MS AGED 1973
Hall, Curley  BS cloth/textile 1973
Harris, Robert Jr. ANSC 1973
Ingram, Myrtle  BS Dietetics 1973
Jackson, Esther  BS dietetics 1973
Jackson, Claudine  MS HMEC 1973
Jameson, Carolyn  BS HMEC 1973
Kasumbein, Paul  AGED 1973
Kemp, Teresa  BS HMEC 1973
Kindle, Kelvin  MS AGED 1973
Lopez, Cesar  MS AGSS 1973
Loudd, Jane  BS Dietetics 1973
Mason, Lovie  BS cloth/Textile 1973
McCalla, Billy  BS ANSC 1973
Miller, Mattie  BS HMEC 1973
Mitchell, Jo Ann  BS Cloth&Textile 1973
Morrison, Willie  MS AGED 1973
Nichols, Driselda  BS Dietetics 1973
Nickleberry, Teresa  BS HMEC 1973
Perry, Gayle  BS HMEC 1973
Pickens, Gloria  BS Clothing 1973
Polk, Eddie  BS AGEG 1973
Pope, Margaret  BS Dietetics 1973
Reliford, George  BS AGRI 1973
Richardson, Ester  HMEC 1973
Scurry, Sandra  BS HMED 1973
Singletary, Kenneth  BS ANSC 1973
Smith, T.V.  BS AGED 1973
Solomon, Driselda  BS Dietetics 1973
Tepera, Ray  MS AGSS 1973
Teseda, Luis  MS AGSS 1973
Thrash, Norman  BS AGRI 1973
Thrash, Carolyn  CER Clothing & Textiles 1973
Tisdel, Charlotte  BS Cloth/Textile 1973
Williams, Milton  BS ANSC 1973
Woods, Gilvietta  BS Cloth/Textile 1973
Workman, Thomas  BS AGRO 1973


Agard, Albert  MS AGED 1974
Alexander, Alex Jr. BS AGRI 1974
Andre', Louis  MS AGSS 1974
Bolden, Pamela  BS HMED 1974
Boone, Henry  BS AGSS 1974
Branford, Deborah  BS Cloth/Textile 1974
Brown, Arnold  MS AGED 1974
Brown, Willie  AGRI 1974
Brown, James  BS ANSC 1974
Bryant, Marva  BA HMED 1974
Carter, Meryle  BS Dietetics 1974
Clark, Johnny  ANSC 1974
Davis, David  BS AGRI 1974
Davis, Cynthia  BS DIETETICS 1974
Dilliard, Grady  AGED 1974
Etuk, Lugard PhD MS AGED 1974
Gibson, Carolyn  BS HMED 1974
Gilder, Alice  BS HMED 1974
Glover, Gene  BS AGED 1974
Griffin, Edward  BS ANSC 1974
Hatchett, Cornell  MS HMED 1974
Henry, Normil  MS AGSS 1974
Hines, Carl  BS AGED 1974
Hood, Shirley  BS Dietetics 1974
Johnson, Nettie  BS HMED 1974
Kargbo, Charles  BS AGSS 1974
King, Jessica  HMEC 1974
Kline, Noah  ANSC 1974
Mickey, Bouche  MS AGED 1974
Moten, Donald  AGED 1974
Murphy, Eunice  BS HMEC 1974
Murray, Sharon  HMED 1974
Neal, Cora  BS HMED 1974
Pruitt, Clovus  BS AGED 1974
Reed, Rayford  BS AGRO 1974
Reed, Clarice  BS Dietetics 1974
Shepherd, Morris  BS AGRI 1974
Smith, Ester  BS HMED 1974
Sparks, Hortense  DIETETICS 1974
Tejada, Cesar  BS AGRI 1974
Thomas, Lara  HMED 1974
Traylor, Ester  BS HMED 1974
Walker, Barbara  HMEC 1974
Wartell, Lula  BS HMEC 1974


Abbott, William  MS AGSS 1975
Banks, Gwendolyn  BS HMEC 1975
Benford, Thelma  BS Dietics 1975
Burns, Rosetta  BS HMEC 1975
Carr, Bruce  BS AGRI 1975
Casteel, Betty  BS Cloth/Textile 1975
Collins, Verna  BS Cloth/Textile 1975
Cotton, Ronald  MS AGEC 1975
Cotton, Robert  BS AGED 1975
Crosby, Willie Jr. BS ANSC 1975
Davis, Samuel  BS AGRI 1975
Dews, Johnny  MS AGED 1975
Ducan, Sharon  BS HMEC 1975
Evans, Joe  BS AGRI 1975
Fisher-Griggs, Linda  BS HMEC 1975
Gaines, Ernestine  BS HMEC 1975
Garvie, Horace  BS AGRI 1975
Glover, Gene  MED AGRI 1975
Gray, Brenda  BS Cloth/Textile 1975
Hargrove, Larry  BS AGRI 1975
Harris, Effie  BS HMEC 1975
Heard, Ajurella  MS HMEC 1975
Henderson, Delores  BS Dietetics 1975
Hendrix, Sammie  BS ANSC 1975
Hilliard, Alda  BS dietetics 1975
Jackson, Climmie  BS HMEC 1975
Jackson, Josephine  HMEC 1975
Johnson, Addie  BS HMEC 1975
Johnson, Nettie  BS HMED 1975
Kelley, Garlin Jr BS ANSC 1975
Lister, Lorine  BS HMEC 1975
Machac, Terry  BS AGRI 1975
Maduakor, Hilary  MS AGSS 1975
Marshall, Jo  BS HMEC 1975
Mathis, Sherry  BS HMEC 1975
Mavis, Deborah  BS Dietetics 1975
Miller, Mattie  MS HMEC 1975
Mitchell, Benard  MS AGRI 1975
Moore, Shirley  BS Clothing 1975
Randle, Eleanor  BS HMEC 1975
Rengaswamy, Balakrishnan  MS AGRI 1975
Rodgers-Mcconney, Cynthia  BS Cloth/Textile 1975
Sapenter, Karen  BS Dietetics 1975
Scott, Gary  BS AGRI 1975
Scott, Michael  BS AGRI 1975
Shaw, Mary  Clothing & Textiles 1975
Shorter, Gracie  BS HMEC 1975
Simmons, Ronda  BS HMEC 1975
Stanley, Mildridge  BS HMEC 1975
Steptoe, Levi Jr. BS AGSS 1975
Teague, Climmie  BS HMEC 1975
Thomas, Jacqueline  BS HMEC 1975
Tucker, Gwenita  BS HMEC 1975
Walker, Sudie  BS Clothing 1975
Walker, Wanda  BS Dietetics 1975
Ward, Harry  BS AGRO 1975
Ward, Elaine  MS HMEC 1975
Wartell, Lula  BS HMEC 1975
Washington, James  BS ANSC 1975
Whalon, Kay  BS HMEC 1975
Woodard, Mary  MS HMEC 1975


Abayneh, Tesfaye  BS AGSS 1976
Barton, Jimmy  BS AGRO 1976
Bennett, Gerald  BS ANSC 1976
Booker, Lola  BS HMEC 1976
Branch, Brenda  BS HMEC 1976
Breedlove, Linda  MS HMEC 1976
Carr, Bruce  MS AGED 1976
Carroll, Delores  BS HMEC 1976
Christopher, Larry  BS AGRI 1976
Daniels, Juanita  BS HMEC 1976
Davis, Barbara  BS HMED 1976
Deason, Judith  BS HMEC 1976
Dennis, Charles  BS ANSC 1976
Dews, Johnny  MS AGSS 1976
Duvall, Robert  BS ANSC 1976
East, Earline  BS CLOTHINGS 1976
Eplen, Billy  MED AGED 1976
Farinde, Omolayo  BS HMEC 1976
Farindf, Amos  MS AGSS 1976
Fife, Harold  MS AGRI 1976
Fontenot, Ester  BS HMEC 1976
Ford, Curtis  BS AGED 1976
Fredousian, Sohrab  MS AGED 1976
Garvie, Horace  MS AGED 1976
Glenn, Monroe  BS AGRI 1976
Griffin, Edward  MS AGSS 1976
Hayes, Judith  BS HMEC 1976
Haynes, Sandra  BS CLOTHING 1976
Henderson, Norman Jr. BS ANSC 1976
Henson, Sandra  MS HMEC 1976
Hines, Carl  MS AGRI 1976
Jackson, Hannah  BS HMEC 1976
Johnson, Alfred  BS AGRI 1976
Magoti, Julius  BS AGED 1976
Morris, Arsenia  BS HMEC 1976
Morrow-Daniels, Juanita  BS HMED 1976
Negatu, Asebe  MS AGSS 1976
Nwihim, Martha  MS HMEC 1976
Reagins, Peggy  BS Clothing & Textiles 1976
Scott, Gary  MS AGED 1976
Scott, Michael  MS AGED 1976
Smith, Ephriam  BS AGED 1976
Sparks, Mickey  BS AGED 1976
Strong, Roger  BS ANSC 1976


Alridge, Sherlyn  BS Clothing 1977
Ashton, Gary  BA AGRI 1977
Axel, Finest  BS AGED 1977
Belay, Haile  BS AGSS 1977
Benton, Margie  BS HMED 1977
Boateng, Michael  MS AGEC 1977
Brown, Etta  BS HMEC 1977
Carr, Eleanor  BS HMEC 1977
Claybon, Jacquelyn  BS Clothing 1977
Dabney, Helen  BS Clothing 1977
Daniels, Ethel  BS Dietetics 1977
Dawodu, Olusesi  MS AGEC 1977
Edison, Anthony  BS AGED 1977
Edwards, Howard  BS ANSC 1977
Fincher, Anita  BS Dietetics 1977
Freeman, John Jr. BS AGRI 1977
Geter, Ray  BS ANSC 1977
Hammond, Argillon  BS Clothing & Merchandising 1977
Hormozi, Abdolrexa  BS AGEG 1977
Howard, Michelle  BS HMED 1977
Hudson, Cutee  BA HMEC 1977
Jackson, Climmie  MS HMEC 1977
Jernigan, Larry  BS AGRI 1977
Johnson, Van  BS AGED 1977
Kauffman, Andrew  BS AGRI 1977
Lindsey, Diane  BS HMEC 1977
Marshall, Jo  MS HMEC 1977
Mazloumi, Hassan  MS AGSS 1977
McGregor, David  MS AGED 1977
Melton, Delores  BS Clothing 1977
Meurer, Elizabeth  BS HMEC 1977
Mulzac, John Jr. MS AGED 1977
Ned, Gloria  BS Dietetics 1977
Nobles, Carolyn  BS HMEC 1977
Riley, Robert  MS AGED 1977
Robertson, Doris  BS HMEC 1977
Rolle, Rudolph  BS AGRI 1977
Singletary, Willie  BS AGRI 1977
Smith, Carol  BS Dietetics 1977
Sokan, Melvina  MS AGED 1977
Waddleton, Wanda  BS Clothing & Merchandising 1977
Wallace, Linda  MS HMEC 1977
Watts, Cleveland  BS AGSS 1977
Weathers, Freddie  BS HMEC 1977
Wolfe, Don  BS CLOTHING 1977
Woodard, Luster  BS AGRI 1977
Woodard, Jerry Jr. BA ANSC 1977
Zuniga, Edward  BS AGED 1977


Achonu, Felix  MED AGED 1978
Andrews, Therasa  BS Clothing 1978
Arkadie, Edward  BS AGED 1978
Beard, Sandra  BS HMEC 1978
Booker, Birdie  BS Clothing 1978
Butler, Karen  Dietetics 1978
Carter, Vickie  BS HMEC 1978
Chatham, Sharon  BS HMEC 1978
Coleman, Claudia  BS Clothing 1978
Cooper, Shirley  BS Clothing 1978
Deason, Cheryl  BS HMEC 1978
Dorsett, Cecil  AGRO 1978
Fowler, James JR BS AGED 1978
Franklin, Silvia  BS HMEC 1978
Garner, Barbara  BS HMEC 1978
Hill, Deloris  BS Clothing 1978
Hodge, Horace  BS AGED 1978
Hodge, Sherlene  BS HMEC 1978
Johnson, Cheryl  BS HMEC 1978
Johnson, June  HMEC 1978
Johnson, Lela  BS HMED 1978
Jones, Patricia  HMEC 1978
Keaton, Denise  BS HUNF 1978
Lyles, Erma  BS HMEC 1978
Lynn, Mable  HMEC 1978
Mitchell, Stelvin  AGED 1978
Monroe, Mealie  BS HMEC 1978
Omutsani, Wycliffe  ANSC 1978
Otulan, Olasupo  AGEC 1978
Pinkard, Avie  ANSC 1978
Prince, Gloria  BS HMEC 1978
Richard, Brenda  BS HMEC 1978
Sadberry, Erma  BS Clothing  1978
Singletary, David  BS AGED 1978
Smith, Woodard  BS ANSC 1978
Spears, Leonard  BS AGED 1978
Stamps, Debra  BS AGED 1978
Stredic, Abigail  BS HMEC 1978
Talley, Carolyn  BS HMEC 1978
Walker, Barbara  BS HMEC 1978
Williams, Harriett  BS HMEC 1978


Agunblade, Tolutomi  BS AGEC 1979
Alli, Waheed  BS AGEC 1979
Bailey, Denita  BS HMEC 1979
Baker, Earnestine  MS HMED 1979
Barrett-Wiltz, Debbie  BS Clothing & Merchandise 1979
Beal, Rubye  BS Clothing&Merchandising 1979
Benjamin, Debra MSW BS Clothing&Textiles 1979
Besong, Manfred  MS AGED 1979
Booker, Paul Jr. BS AGSS 1979
Carden, Helen  BS HMEC 1979
Cardiff, Susan  BA HMEC 1979
Curry, Theadra  BS HMEC 1979
Curtis, James  BS AGRI 1979
Fryer, Andre  BS AGED 1979
Gipson, Margie  MS HMED 1979
Gordon, Frank Jr. MS AGED 1979
Haggerty, Kay  BS HMED 1979
Hawkins, Gracie  BS HMEC 1979
Henderson, Riley  BS ANSC 1979
Higgins, Shela  BS Clothing&Textiles 1979
Hobson, Winston  MS AGSS 1979
Hubbard, Regina  BS Clothing & Mechandising 1979
Humphrey, Donna  BS Clothing & Merchandising 1979
Idusuyi, Dickson  MS AGRI 1979
Johnson, Margie  BS HMEC 1979
Lenord, Angel  BS Clothing& Merchandising 1979
Lewis, Verlalia  BS Clothing& Merchandising 1979
Lewis, Syleria  BA Dietics 1979
Mahran, Abbas  MS AGEC 1979
Manning, Jerry  BS Clothing & Merchandising 1979
Mays, Debra  BS Clothing& Merchandising 1979
Moore, Carrie  BS Clothing & Merchandising 1979
Moore, Jacqueline  BS HMEC 1979
Mshelia, Yohanna  MS AGSS 1979
Newsome, Mary  BS HMEC 1979
Nickleberry, Teresa  MS HMEC 1979
Nwihim, Christian  BS AGEC 1979
Obadan, Anthoinia  MS HMEC 1979
Obu, Ihim  MS AGSS 1979
Preston, Patricia  BS HMEC 1979
Ragas, Albert  MS AGSS 1979
Reese, Jacqueline  MS AGSS 1979
Reynolds, George  MS AGSS 1979
Seimavula, Frank  BS AGED 1979
Thomas, Donna  BS HMEC 1979
Thompson, George  BS AGSS 1979
Townsend, Hester  MS Diagnostician 1979
Turner, Grace  BS Clothing&merchandising 1979
White, Gayle  BS Dietics 1979
Willis, Yolunda  BS Clothing and Textiles 1979
Woodard, Matilda  BS HMEC 1979


Anderson, Barbara  BS ANSC 1980
Beatty, Glen  MS HMEC 1980
Bennett, Lorenza Jr. BS AGRI 1980
Breed, Kimberly  BS CLOTH/TEXT. 1980
Cole, Mike  BS AGRI 1980
Durham, Willie  BS HMEC 1980
Ferguson, Joseph  BS AGED 1980
Gay, Rogiltha  BS HMED 1980
Gidado, Qudirat  BS ANSC 1980
Hackett, Lynne  BS HMEC 1980
Harris, Linda  BS ANSC 1980
Harris, Rogiltha  BS HMED 1980
Ireland, Jerome  BS AGSS 1980
Johnson, Bridgenettle  BS HMED 1980
Jones, Barbara  BSHE HMEC 1980
Leban, Levon  MS AGED 1980
Long, Roland  MS AGED 1980
Mable, Alonzo  BS ANSC 1980
McClendon, Brenda  BS CLOTH/TEXTILES 1980
McMilliam, Debra  BS CLOTH/TEXTILES 1980
Miller, George  BS AGEC 1980
Nnamani, Nwoma  BS AGEG 1980
Ogundare, Kayode  BS AGEC 1980
Olomjobi, Onesimus  BA AGEC 1980
Perry, Sheranda  BS HMEC 1980
Ragsdale, Rubye  MS AGED 1980
Ramahobo, Dominic  BS ANSC 1980
Reed, Freddie  BS AGED 1980
Roberts, Ronel  MED AGED 1980
Scott, Malcolm  BS AGED 1980
Seimavula, Frank  MS AGED 1980
Thompson, Jack  BS AGED 1980
Thompson, George  MS AGSS 1980
Toote, Mark  BS AGED 1980
Turnquest, Donovan  BS AGSS 1980
Williams, Sanquanett  BS AGED 1980


Akpobome, Godwin  BS AGEG 1981
Allen, Lizabeth  BS HUNF 1981
Anwusi, Chudube  BS AGEG 1981
Jackollie, Mulbah  BS agri. Extn educ 1981
Johnson, Zonnie  BS AGRI 1981
Ross, Beverly  BS HMED 1981
Woodard, Donna  BS HMEC 1981


Bennett, Kenneth  BS AGRI 1982
Beyene, Tsegaye  BS AGSS 1982
Carrothers, Elizabeth  BS AGSS 1982
Elliott, Karen  BS DIETETICS 1982
Harris, Janice  BS HMEC 1982
Hawkins, Deborah  BS CLOTHING  1982
Holmes, Terrence  BS AGSS 1982
Ireland, Jerome  BS AGSS 1982
Keculah, Henery  BS AGEC 1982
Kima, Laetitia  BS AGEC 1982
Mattis, Derrick  BS AGEC 1982
McDonald, Sonseeahrae  BS CLOTHING  1982
McWhinney, Delton  BS ANSC 1982
Miller, Stanley  BS AGRI 1982
Morris, George  BS AGED 1982
Perkins, Willie  BS HMED 1982
Scott, Malcolm  BS AGED 1982
Smith, Martin  BS AGSS 1982
Stephens, Jacqueline  BS ANSC 1982
Tavahen, Behzad  BS AGEG 1982
Thomas, Karen  BS AGEC 1982
Thompson, Stephen  BS AGEC 1982
Welikhe, Wycliffe  BS AGEG 1982
Williams, Clowel  BS AGSS 1982
Yates, Jo Ann  BS HMEC 1982


Abrakson, Lutuh  BS AGSS 1983
Ainabe, Victor  ANSC 1983
Blaise, Bah  MS AGED 1983
Brissett, Charles  AGSS 1983
Chinn, Robin  CER CERT 1983
Clemetson, Doreen  BS AGEC 1983
Deal, Robert  AGED 1983
Ehiorobo, Eliot  AGEC 1983
Francis, Baldwin  BS AGEG 1983
Gbenekama, Jonathan  MS ANSC 1983
Hanes, T. J.  AGSS 1983
Henderson, Danny  ANSC 1983
Hudspeth, Melody  BS cloth textile 1983
Hunter, Deirdre  cloth textiles 1983
Jackson, Leslie  BS ANSC 1983
Jackson-Wallace, Evelyn  BS HMEC 1983
Killebrew, Charles  BS AGEC 1983
Kroma, Andrew  BS AGEC 1983
Lacy, Carrie  ANSC 1983
McCalla, Iris  AGEC 1983
Nelson, Rudolph  BS AGEC 1983
Onic, Ellis  cloth textile 1983
Onyango, Samuel  ANSC 1983
Renchie, Don  BS ANSC 1983
Robinson, Roy  bs AGEC 1983
Sherman, Linda  MS HMEC 1983
Simon, Leola  BS HUNF 1983
Skeete, Roger  BS ANSC 1983
Waller, Lloyd  ANSC 1983


Alharazim, Saifudeen  BS AGEG 1984
Anderson, Leon  BS AGEC 1984
Austin, Nigel  BA AGEC 1984
Awusi, Chudube  AGSS 1984
Bailey, Jack  BS ANSC 1984
Bobb, Diane  BS HUNF 1984
Clark, Ernest  BS AGEC 1984
Cosby, Sharon  MS HUNF 1984
Crawford, Daniel  BS AGEC 1984
Crowder, Jimmy  MS ANSC 1984
Cummings, Ernest  bs AGED 1984
Demessie, Mengistu  MS ANSC 1984
Denman, Walter  BS AGEG 1984
Dixon, Cynthia  BS AGEC 1984
Duffus, Eustace  BS AGED 1984
Edison, Wilkie  BS ANSC 1984
Edwards, Michael  BS AGEC 1984
Falloon, Cradwick  BS AGED 1984
Gordon, Leon  MS ANSC 1984
Henderson, David  BS ANSC 1984
Hunter, Charlene  BS AGEC 1984
Josey, Kathi  BS HMEC 1984
Livings, David  BS AGEC 1984
Lyons, Paulette  MS AGSS 1984
Martindale, Delores  BS HMEC 1984
North, Myra  BS HUNF 1984
Ogunsakin, Felix  MS ANSC 1984
Onwuharonye, Samuel  MS AGEC 1984
Onyekanne, Bernadette  BS ANSC 1984
Osemwengie, Lantis  BS ANSC 1984
Russell, Paulette  MS ANSC 1984
Samms, Canute  ANSC 1984
Steptoe, Richard  BS ANSC 1984
Thomas, Trent  BS AGEC 1984
Wicker, Mary  BA HMEC 1984


Allen, George  BS ANSC 1985
Allen, Patricia  BS HUNF 1985
Bowe, Michael  BS ANSC 1985
Chopp, Adrain  BS HMEC 1985
Cox, Donald  BS ANSC 1985
Denmon, Omar  BS AGEC 1985
Dlamini, Brenda  BS ANSC 1985
Fromayan, David  BA AGEC 1985
Jackson, Edward  BS ANSC 1985
Lane, Alex  BS AGEG 1985
Meikle, Jerrell  BS ANSC 1985
Minor, Gerald  BS ANSC 1985
Natter, Theophilus  BS AGED 1985
Nketiah, Nicky  MS AGEC 1985
Odariko, Dauda  BS AGRI 1985
Onwukegwu, Julius  MS ANSC 1985
Perry-Smith, Sheree  BS HUNF 1985
Tesfai, Mehari  MS AGSS 1985
Thomas, Dennis  BS AGED 1985
Thomas, Cassandra  BS HUNF 1985
Varnie, Fayah  BS AGRO 1985
Watts, Baron  MS AGEC 1985


Ahenkora, Seth  BS ANSC 1986
Asayba, Festus  BS ANSC 1986
Atkins, Randall  BS HUNF 1986
Bailey, Jennifer  BS AGEC 1986
Brown, Carlton  MS ANSC 1986
Brown, Lela  BS ANSC 1986
Brown, Belinda  BS HUNF 1986
Cannon, Delwin  BS AGEG 1986
Clarke, Valimay  BS HUNF 1986
Curry, Carolyn  BS HUNF 1986
Flowers, Erelene  BS HUNF 1986
Gibson, Netterkate  BS HUNF 1986
Golakai, Sylvanus  BS ANSC 1986
Gunner, Michael  BS AGEC 1986
Hall, Cecil  BS ANSC 1986
Hall, Jennifer  BS ANSC 1986
Harvey, Sheila  BS ANSC 1986
Ivey, Durrant  MS ANSC 1986
Kai, Abugarshall  BS ANSC 1986
Miller, Stephen  BS AGEG 1986
Ogunleye, Tunde  BS ANSC 1986
Ojiambo, Rosemary  BS AGEC 1986
Okonto, Osita  BS AGEC 1986
Richards, Mansfield  MS ANSC 1986
Richards, Walt  MS ANSC 1986
Richardson, Cheryl  BS HUNF 1986
Robinson, Junior  BS ANSC 1986
Sanders, Kelvin  BS ANSC 1986
Tangu, Charles  MS AGEC 1986
Taylor, Oscar  BS AGEC 1986
Thomas, Flora  BS HMEC 1986
Vandi, Jina  BS AGEG 1986
Vandi, Sao  BS ANSC 1986
Walker, Lloyd  MS ANSC 1986
Watt, Wesley  MS ANSC 1986


Awotundun, Raphael  MS AGEC 1987
Batiste, Cassandra  BS HUNF 1987
Bebe, Frederick  BS ANSC 1987
Beckford, Hazel  BS ANSC 1987
Beckham, Huey Jr. BS ANSC 1987
Boozer, Astor  BS AGEG 1987
Cole, Mike  MS CIAG 1987
Crombe, Leon  BA AGEC 1987
Devereaux, Calvin  BS AGEG 1987
Edwards, Pansy  BS ANSC 1987
Egiebor, Osamudiamnen  BS ANSC 1987
Essienumoh, Enefiok  MS AGEC 1987
Freeman, Genora  BS HMED 1987
Gilchrist, Tracy  MS ANSC 1987
Grant, James Jr. BS ANSC 1987
Greer, Hope  BS HMEC 1987
Gross, Darlene  BS HUNF 1987
Harris, Ronald  BS AGEG 1987
Harris, Paul  BS ANSC 1987
Haynes, Elizabeth  BS HUNF 1987
Igbokwe, Raphael  MS ANSC 1987
Jackson, Patricia  BS AGEC 1987
Kasivivat, Krisda  MS ANSC 1987
McFarlane, Paul  BS AGEC 1987
McMahan, Joe  BS ANSC 1987
Minns, Leslie  BS AGEC 1987
Odak Onyango, Peter  MS AGEC 1987
Osamudiamwen, Egiebor  BSAG ANSC 1987
Pickens, Betty  BS HMEC 1987
Richard, Brian  BS ANSC 1987
Ross, Beverly  MED HMED 1987
Runcie, Locksley  BS ANSC 1987
Scales, Sharon  MS HMEC 1987
Selkridge, Anne  BS AGED 1987
Smith, Anthony  BS AGEG 1987
Snaith, Eugenie  BS ANSC 1987
Villarreal, Tina  BS HUNF 1987
West, Lindsey  BS AGEG 1987
White, Sarah  BS HUNF 1987
Williams, Mia  BS AGEC 1987


Ali, Batula  MS HMEC 1988
Bell, Clinton  BS ANSC 1988
Cephas, Willie  BS AGED 1988
Coleman, Milton  BS ANSC 1988
Deveraux, John  BS ANSC 1988
Duffie, Doris  BS AGRO 1988
Foley, Regenia  BS HUNF 1988
Gardiner, Carl  BS ANSC 1988
Harrison, Brenda  BS HMEC 1988
Hutchinson, Dencle  BS ANSC 1988
Hyginus, Chukwu  BS ANSC 1988
Johnson, Deores  BS HUNF 1988
Kerdmolee, Sukit  MS ANSC 1988
Koska, Marie  MS HMEC 1988
Kouassi, Marcel  BS ANSC 1988
Lockett, Yolanda  BS ANSC 1988
Malone, Tony  BS ANSC 1988
Mathews, Alphonso  MS AGEC 1988
Mohamadi-A, Majid  BS ANSC 1988
Mullings, Marline  BS ANSC 1988
Ogunlana, Sehinde  BS AGEC 1988
Omeludike, Hyacinth  BS ANSC 1988
Onipede, Babatunde  MS AGEC 1988
Onwudiegwu, Ekwutosi  BS HUNF 1988
Parker, Myra  BS HUNF 1988
Petty, Annie  BS HUNF 1988
Robinson, Tanya  BS HUNF 1988
Romans, Keith  BS ANSC 1988
Ruff, La'Letta  BS HMEC 1988
Selkridge, Anne  MED CIAG 1988
Teasley, Sharon  BS ANSC 1988
Thompson, Jennifer  BS ANSC 1988
Tims, Vanessa  BS AGRI 1988
Walker, David  BS AGED 1988
Warren, Sharon  BS HMEC 1988
Williams, Shawn  BS HUNF 1988


Akwaeze, Mary  BS ANSC 1989
Birdow, Diana  MA HUSC 1989
Bridges, Michael  BS AGEC 1989
Brown, Jennifer  BS AGEC 1989
Browning, Richard  BS ANSC 1989
Deen, Fatou  MS AGEC 1989
Duncan, Mary  BS ansc 1989
Edwards, Canvis  BS HMEC 1989
Fontenot, Ester  MS HMEC 1989
Gillis, Edith  BS HUNF 1989
Goodie, Grace  BS AGEG 1989
Hamilton, Tyrone  BS ANSC 1989
Harris, Mary  MS HMEC 1989
Henderson, Tillman  BS AGRI 1989
Howard, Derrick  BS AGEC 1989
Johnson, TeneInger  BS HMEC 1989
Marburger, Richard  BS AGED 1989
Morse, Carolyn  MS HMEC 1989
Omoloja, Aruna  BS AGEG 1989
Paye, Lawrence  BSAG AGEC 1989
Peters-Ayuk, Bridget  BS AGEC 1989
Samuels, Lorraine  BS AGEC 1989
Schroeder, Paul  BS AGED 1989
Smith, John III BSAG AGEC 1989
Smith, Lanzel  BS AGRO 1989
Tyler, Oscar  BS AGED 1989
Utsahakul, Saknarong  MS AGEC 1989
Williams, Deborah RD BS HUNF 1989
Williamson, David  BA AGSS 1989
Witter, Hixroy  BS AGRO 1989
Woolley, Walter  BS AGEC 1989


Becker, Roxanne  BS ANSC 1990
Blake, Everard  BS AGEC 1990
Brown, Rosalind  BS HMEC 1990
Campbell, Margaret  BS AGEC 1990
Daniels, Nelson  BS AGEC 1990
Francis, Glen  BS AGHR 1990
Garcia, Alton  BS AGRO 1990
Gardner, Philipene  BS ANSC 1990
Hajin, Mohamed  BS ANSC 1990
Hamilton, Robert  BS AGEC 1990
Harris, Ernett  BS AGEC 1990
Horn, Sherryl  BS AGEC 1990
Jusu, Daniel  BS AGEC 1990
Leblanc, Joseph  BS AGRO 1990
Malone, Allen  BS AGEC 1990
Manyama, Ngwako  MS AGSS 1990
Rhoden, Samuel  BS AGEC 1990
Rochez, Cruz  BS ANSC 1990
Rogers, Barrington  BS AGHR 1990
Sayers, Dave  BS AGEC 1990
Shorunke, David  BS AGRO 1990
Small, Michele  BS ANSC 1990
Solomon, Stefanie  BS AGEC 1990
Spence, Orrett  BS AGRO 1990
Stanley, Robin  BS ANSC 1990
Thibodeaux, Danny  BS AGED 1990
Tomlinson, Patrick  BS ANSC 1990
Wainwright, David  BS ANSC 1990
Wilbert, Linda  MS HMEC 1990
Wiley, Melissa  BS ANSC 1990
Williams, Robert  BS AGEC 1990
Williams, Shane  BS AGSS 1990


Ahari-Hashemi, Hassan  MS AGEC 1991
Ali, Mohamed  BS AGRO 1991
Ambe, Dominic  BS AGEC 1991
Bryant, Arbrenia  BS HUNF 1991
Christie, Anthony  BS AGEC 1991
Coombs, Linford  BS ANSC 1991
Cooper, Bruce  BS AGEC 1991
Cotton, Dale  BS ANSC 1991
Emesih, Gerald  MS ANSC 1991
Fearon, Collin  BS AGEC 1991
French, Dennis  BS AGEC 1991
Hayes, Bryan  BS AGRO 1991
Hayes, Theodore  BS ANSC 1991
Hinds, Maxine  BS AGED 1991
Jarrett, Luke  BS AGRO 1991
Krebs, Francis  BS AGED 1991
Lewis, Ronald  MS ANSC 1991
Ojo, Kolawole  MS ANSC 1991
Peters, Kirbian  BS AGEC 1991
Smith, Audrea  BS AGED 1991
Spence, Audrey  BS AGEC 1991
Thomas, Julie  BS ANSC 1991
Uchendu, Ike  MS AGEC 1991
Weideman, Tamara  BS AGED 1991


Adekoya, Adolphus  BS AGRI 1992
Allen, Dudley  BS AGEC 1992
Anderson, Carlton  BS ANSC 1992
Ayuk, Yvonne  BS AGEC 1992
Bailey, Shirley  BS ANSC 1992
Barnes, Cleopatra  BS ANSC 1992
Bartlett, Josephine  BS ANSC 1992
Batiste, Cassandra  MS HMEC 1992
Biglow, Olevia  BS HUNF 1992
Carden, Isiah IV BS AGHR 1992
Chin, Koo  MS ANSC 1992
Christie, Nathaniel  BS AGRI 1992
Crawford, Tracy  BS AGEC 1992
Daniels, David  BS AGHR 1992
Edwards, Demetrius  BS HUNF 1992
Ezekor, Peter  BS ANSC 1992
Fisher, Alex  BS ANSC 1992
Gonzales, Ramona  BS AGEC 1992
Gray, Cassandra  BS ANSC 1992
Greaves, Rudyard  BS ANSC 1992
Gresham, Lizabeth  MS HMEC 1992
Ingram, Carmen  BS AGHR 1992
Lasker, Mattie  BS AGHR 1992
Ogbeide, Phillip  BS AGEC 1992
Richards, Willard  BS ANSC 1992
Schwartz, Kenneth  BS AGEC 1992
Smith, Sterling  BS ANSC 1992
Stewart, Sheila  BS HUNF 1992
Thwaites, David  BS AGEC 1992
Watson, Michella  BS ANSC 1992
Williams, Ramona  BS HMEC 1992


Allen, Loyce  BS Clothing 1993
Carroll, Jon  BSAG AGRI 1993
Dodd, Stanley  BSAG AGRO 1993
Harrison, Geraldine V BSDT HUNF 1993
Kirby, Clarence V BSAG AGEC 1993
Murray, Desmond  BSAG AGEC 1993
Neita, Sandra  BSAG AGEC 1993
Rhodes, Franklin  BSAG ANSC 1993
Roberts, Paul  BSAG AGRO 1993
Thompson, Jennifer  MS ANSC 1993


Anderson, Fitzroy  BSAG AGEC 1994
Baldwin, Alma  MED CIMT 1994
Barnes, Camiqueka  BSAG AGEC 1994
Bean, Stacie  BSDT HUNF 1994
Broussard, Mary  BSAG AGRO 1994
Brown, Sheila  BSAG ANSC 1994
Davis, Helen  BSDT HUNF 1994
Greaves, Rudyard  MS ANSC 1994
Green, Garth  BSAG AGEC 1994
Gutierrez, Jose  MS ANSC 1994
Harris, Monica  BSAG AGEC 1994
Harrison, Roberto  BSAG AGEC 1994
Hinds, Maxine  MED AGED 1994
Hurst, Mhyrun  BSAG AGRO 1994
Hurst, Thyron  BSAG AGRO 1994
Jeffery, Arneida  BSDT HUNF 1994
Jin, Yong-Koo  MS ANSC 1994
Jones, Troy  BSAG ANSC 1994
Kerr, Margaret  BSAG ANSC 1994
Narmah, Robert  BSAG AGRO 1994
Prince, Michael  BSAG ANSC 1994
Prince, Rex  BSAG ANSC 1994
Russell, Dennis  BSAG AGRO 1994
Scott, Monica  BSAG AGRI 1994
Thomas, Carlyle  BSAG AGRO 1994
Thompson, Canute  BSAG ANSC 1994
Williams, Lemuel  BSAG AGHR 1994
Woldesenbet (DNU), Selamawit  MS ANSC 1994
Young, Harris  BSAG AGEC 1994


Abbaspour, Zahra  BSAG AGRO 1995
Adams, Melodie  BSDT HUNF 1995
Agu, Emilia  BSDT HUNF 1995
Ansah, Henry  BSAG ANSC 1995
Bailey, Patrice  BSAG AGHR 1995
Bell, Terrance  BSDT HUNF 1995
Beyene, Asefa  MS AGSS 1995
Daniels, Linder  MS HMEC 1995
Davison, Donna  BSAG AGHR 1995
Francis, Alycia  BSDT HUNF 1995
Garner, Barbara  MED CIEE 1995
Glover, Monica  BSAG AGEC 1995
Goudeau, Marvin  BSAG AGEC 1995
Hamilton, Ronald  BSAG ANSC 1995
Hengel, Della  BSAG ANSC 1995
Hubbard, Terrance  BSAG AGEC 1995
Hurst, Thyron  MS AGSS 1995
Hurst, Chegala  BSDT HUNF 1995
Johns, Theresa  BSDT HUNF 1995
Johnson, Juan  BSAG AGEC 1995
Jones, Georgia  BSAG ANSC 1995
Jones, Tabatha  BSAG ANSC 1995
Konan, Jonas  BSAG AGRO 1995
Lawson, Stephanie  BSDT HUNF 1995
Madu, Wenceslaus  MS AGSS 1995
Mason, Rolanda  BSDT HUNF 1995
Mmbijjewe, Gitonga  BSAG AGRO 1995
Moore, Hermalynda  BSAG AGHR 1995
Nauls, Floyd Jr BSAG AGHR 1995
Nolan, Nadine  BSDT HUNF 1995
Phillips, Lawrence  BSAG ANSC 1995
Quarrie, Clive  BSAG ANSC 1995
Rayford, Madison  BSAG AGHR 1995
Reedom, Marshall III BSAG AGHR 1995
Roberts, Paul  MS AGSS 1995
Schroeder, Bobbie  BSAG AGHR 1995
Scott, Kenyatta  BSAG AGHR 1995
Shofner-Stewart, Denise  BSAG ANSC 1995
Smith, Audrea  MS HMEC 1995
Thibodeaux, Latachia  BSAG ANSC 1995
Thomas, Angela  BSDT HUNF 1995
Turnquest, Diana  BSAG AGEC 1995
Vaughan, Vivian  MS AGSS 1995
Wesley, Marcus  BSAG AGEC 1995
Williams, Errol  BSAG AGEC 1995


Abanathy, Regina  BSDT HUNF 1996
Achiaa, Rita  BSDT HUNF 1996
Adams, Michael  BSAG ANSC 1996
Adkins, Shandria  BSDT HUNF 1996
Amerson, George  BSAG AGHR 1996
Battle, Tiffany  BSDT HUNF 1996
Bolar, Sherri  BSDT HUNF 1996
Campbell, Edward  BSAG AGRO 1996
Clarke, Luthfy  BSAG AGEC 1996
Coleman, Leroy  BSAG AGRO 1996
Coleman, Cyndermontrell  BSDT HUNF 1996
Donahue, Gene  BSAG AGHR 1996
Evans, Donna  BSDT HUNF 1996
French, Dennis  MS AGEC 1996
Fretty, Kesler  BSAG ANSC 1996
Grimes, La A. BS ANSC 1996
Harris, Tandolyn  BSAG ANSC 1996
Henson, Sheila  BSDT HUNF 1996
Humphrey, Trenah  BSDT HUNF 1996
Jones, Noel  BSAG AGEC 1996
Lewis, Jeretha  BSAG AGEC 1996
Lewis, Sean  BSAG AGEC 1996
Lewison, Eleaner  MS AGEC 1996
Marvelley, Duken  BSAG AGEC 1996
McCubbin, Karen  MS HMEC 1996
Omutiti, Elizabeth  MS ANSC 1996
Owens-Freeman, Pamela  MS HMEC 1996
Rhoden, Samuel  MS AGEC 1996
Richardson, Angela  BSAG AGEC 1996
Shellberg, Monique  BSAG AGEC 1996
Smith, Lorna  BSAG AGHR 1996
Smith, Thomas  BSAG AGHR 1996
Solomon, Larry  BSAG ANSC 1996
Stewart, Seymour  BSAG AGRO 1996
Stueart, Sonja  MS HMEC 1996
Taylor, Howard  BSAG AGEC 1996
Thomas, Carlyle  MS AGSS 1996
Thompson, Jennifer  MED CIAG 1996
Un, Thavann  BSAG ANSC 1996
Williams, Neville  BSAG AGRO 1996
Williams, Kiley  BSAG ANSC 1996


Adkins, Shandria  MS ANSC 1997
Alley, Jason  BSAG ANSC 1997
Babino, Aaron  MS HUSC 1997
Bailey, Rose  BSDT HUNF 1997
Beal, Loyd III BSAG AGRO 1997
Blake, Sherene  BSAG AGRO 1997
Branch-Vital, Angela  BSDT HUNF 1997
Brooks, Michael  BSAG ANSC 1997
Broussard, Mary  MS AGSS 1997
Brown, Lowell  BSAG AGRI 1997
Brown, Sheila  MS ANSC 1997
Bulgin, Ainsley  BSAG AGRO 1997
Christle, Harry  BSAG AGHR 1997
Coleman, Cyndermontrell  MS ANSC 1997
Condell, Andrea  BSAG AGRO 1997
Ewan, Conroy  BSAG AGEC 1997
Faulkner, Seh  BSAG ANSC 1997
Fearon, Gary  BSAG ANSC 1997
Forge, Derrick  BSAG AGHR 1997
Gray, Cassandra  MS ANSC 1997
Harris, Tandolyn  MS AGSS 1997
Hart, Tiffanie  BSDT HUNF 1997
Howard, Shomona  MS AGSS 1997
Jones, Georgia  MS ANSC 1997
Josey, Tara  BSAG ANSC 1997
King, Latrina  BSAG ANSC 1997
Lewis, Kino  BSDT HUNF 1997
Lohr, Suzy  MS HUSC 1997
McAdams, Chaka  BSAG AGHR 1997
Mmbijjewe, Gitonga  MS AGSS 1997
Nicholas, Craig  BSAG AGEC 1997
Northcutt, Thomas  BSAG AGEC 1997
Oliphant, Tobe II BSAG AGHR 1997
Ongudu, Dacho  BSAG AGHR 1997
Orange, Sammy Jr BSAG AGEC 1997
Patrick, Angela  BSAG ANSC 1997
Paye, Lawrence  MS AGEC 1997
Payne, Greg  MS AGEC 1997
Pellican, Yolanda  BSDT HUNF 1997
Pierre, Anthony  BSAG ANSC 1997
Quarrie, Clive  MS ANSC 1997
Riley, Shanae  MS HUSC 1997
Robinson, Jervis  BSAG ANSC 1997
Scott, Angela  BSAG ANSC 1997
Scott, Coraletta  MS HUSC 1997
Semien, Willie  BSAG ANSC 1997
Simmons, Ardell  BSAG ANSC 1997
Small, Wayne  BSAG AGEC 1997
Smith, Pamela  MS HUSC 1997
Stewart, Paul  BSAG AGEC 1997
Thomas, Roland  BSAG AGEC 1997
Thomas, Wilbert  BSAG AGEC 1997
Thompson, Canute  MS ANSC 1997
Walker, Adrian  BSAG AGEC 1997
Wilbarger, Toni  BSDT HUNF 1997
Wilbert, Linda  MS HUSC 1997
Williams, Sandquanett  MS AGEC 1997


Achieng, Alice  MS AGSS 1998
Alexander, Erika  BS ANSC 1998
Bailey, Jennifer  MS AGEC 1998
Barnes, Brian  MS ANSC 1998
Bates, Kelly  BSAG ANSC 1998
Biglow, Olevia  BSN HUNF 1998
Brown, Carl  BSAG AGEC 1998
Cary, Pauline  MS HUSC 1998
Clay, Trellis  MS HUSC 1998
Cook, Mary  BSAG ANSC 1998
Cox, Frank  BSAG AGHR 1998
Daniels, Aleece  MS HUSC 1998
Davis, Rusha  BSDT HUNF 1998
Derricote, Monique  BSDT HUNF 1998
Ellis, Veron  BSAG AGEC 1998
Evans, Stephanie  MS HUSC 1998
Frank, Adam  BSAG ANSC 1998
Goodie, Grace  MS HUSC 1998
Gray, Schelly  MS HUSC 1998
Grimes, La A. MS ANSC 1998
Haggerty, Donald  BSAG AGHR 1998
Harris, Audis  BSAG AGEC 1998
Hodge, Cory  BSAG AGHR 1998
Iroku, Betty  MS AGSS 1998
Isiba, Olubunmi  BSAG AGHR 1998
Johnson, Rupel  BSAG AGRO 1998
Jones, Gregory  BSAG ANSC 1998
Langworthy, Drew  BSAG ANSC 1998
Littlejohn, Sheldon  BSAG AGRO 1998
Michael, Bucky  BSDT HUNF 1998
Milton, Randy  BSAG ANSC 1998
Mitchell, Sion  BSAG ANSC 1998
Omauzo, Patricia  MS HUSC 1998
Otulana, Olatokunbo  BSAG ANSC 1998
Payton, Larry  BSAG AGEC 1998
Perry-Smith, Sheree  MS HUSC 1998
Poyser, Kerry  BSAG AGRO 1998
Smith, Carlene  BSAG ANSC 1998
Smith, Lorna  MS HUSC 1998
Stewart, Seymour  MS AGSS 1998
Stubblefield, Christoph  BSAG AGHR 1998
Taylor, Shonda  MS AGSS 1998
West, Dexter  BSAG AGEC 1998
Whatley, Barbara  BSDT HUNF 1998
Whetstone, King  BSAG AGEC 1998
Williams, Kendrick  BSAG AGHR 1998
Williams, Curtis  MS HUSC 1998
Williamson, Sophia  BSAG AGEC 1998
Woodson, Pat  BSAG AGHR 1998
Wright, Victor  BSAG AGRO 1998


Adams, Samuel  BSAG ANSC 1999
Addai, Kwaku  BSAG AGHR 1999
Baldwin, Marilyn  MS HUSC 1999
Bates, Morris  MS HUSC 1999
Becker, Sherryl  MS HUSC 1999
Beckford, Neville  BSAG AGEG 1999
Bulgin, Ainsley  MS AGSS 1999
Cage-Mcgee, Angela  BSDT HUNF 1999
Cavil, Brian  BSDT HUNF 1999
Condell, Andrea  MS AGSS 1999
Crockett, Rosie  MS HUSC 1999
Dang, Ronald  BSAG AGRO 1999
Delco, Hermoine V BSDT HUNF 1999
Dotie, Yvonne  MS HUSC 1999
Fink, Corey  BSAG ANSC 1999
Finley, Melton  BSAG AGHR 1999
Foy, Lenora  BSAG AGEC 1999
Freeman, Tiffiney  BSDT HUNF 1999
Gill, Carol  BSAG AGRI 1999
Gilmore, Xyanthine  BSAG ANSC 1999
Goines, Dorothy  MS HUSC 1999
Harris, Charles  BSAG ANSC 1999
Hopkins, Marlon  BSDT HUNF 1999
Jenkins, Aretha  MS HUSC 1999
Johnson, Lawrence  BSAG AGEC 1999
Johnson, Jaree  BSAG ANSC 1999
Kellier, Allison  BSAG ANSC 1999
Lambert, Rhonda  BSAG ANSC 1999
Llorens, Antoinette  MS HUSC 1999
Lockhart, Latisha  BSAG AGEC 1999
Mitchell, Todnechia  BSAG AGRI 1999
Murray, Desmond  MS AGEC 1999
Pitchford, Jared  BSAG ANSC 1999
Powell, Hawley  MS ANSC 1999
Robinson, Jervis  MS AGSS 1999
Roland, Terea  BSAG ANSC 1999
Roye, Sophia  BSDT HUNF 1999
Stevenson, Major Jr BSAG ANSC 1999
Stewart, Paul  MS ANSC 1999
Taylor, Curtis  BSAG AGEC 1999
Williams, Kiley  MS ANSC 1999
Winsman, Michelle  BSAG ANSC 1999


Adegbola, Adegboyega  BSAG AGEC 2000
Brown, Alvin  BSAG AGEC 2000
Brown, Carl  MS ANSC 2000
Brown, Felicia  BSDT HUNF 2000
Chandler, Leslie III BSAG ANSC 2000
Chandler, Livia  BSAG ANSC 2000
Coleman, Quincy III BSAG AGRO 2000
Coleman, Leroy  MS AGSS 2000
Dilworth, Eudel  BSAG AGRO 2000
Dixon, Courtney  BSAG AGEC 2000
Few, Jonathian  BSAG ANSC 2000
Golding, Samuel  BSAG ANSC 2000
Gonzalez, Aura  MS HUSC 2000
Hamlin, Patricia  BSAG AGRI 2000
Harris, Ade  BSAG AGRI 2000
Henderson, Leonard  BSAG AGEC 2000
Houseworth, Steven  MS HUSC 2000
Iyengunmwena, John  MS HUSC 2000
Jackson, Maya  BSAG ANSC 2000
Jones, Gregory  MS ANSC 2000
King, Nikki  MS ANSC 2000
Kirksey, Diari  BSAG AGEC 2000
Lampkin, Stephanie  BSDT HUNF 2000
Lewis, Christopher  BSAG ANSC 2000
McFarland, Colita  BSAG AGRI 2000
Morgan Bloom-Higginbottom, Doris  AA HUSC 2000
Noel-Barrs, Rosena  MS HUSC 2000
Pelton, Michael  MS HUSC 2000
Perry, Doris  MS HUSC 2000
Petitt, Shawanda  MS HUSC 2000
Redding, Marcietta  MS HUSC 2000
Schmidt, Dorothy  BSDT HUNF 2000
Seymour, Cedric  BSAG AGHR 2000
Shaw, Dezra  BSAG AGEC 2000
Sheppard, Tenopra  BSAG AGEC 2000
Smith, Carlene  MS ANSC 2000
Spencer, Kimberly  BSAG AGRI 2000
Thomas, Wilbert  MS AGEC 2000
Thomas, Issiah Jr BSAG ANSC 2000
Thorn, Marv  MS HUSC 2000
Tinsley, Sharon  BSAG ANSC 2000
Viola, Tiffany  BSDT HUNF 2000
Walker, George  MS ANSC 2000
Watson-Robinson, Novelyn  MS HUSC 2000
Wheaton, Harvey III BSAG ANSC 2000
Wilkins, Christel  MS HUSC 2000
Wright, Victor  MS AGSS 2000


Anderson, Walter Jr BSAG AGEC 2001
Bennett, Janice  BSAG AGRI 2001
Bolanos, Miguel  MS AGSS 2001
Brown, Pamela  BSAG AGRI 2001
Brown, Cynthia  BSAG ANSC 2001
Brown, Ronald Jr BSAG ANSC 2001
Burns, Steven  BSAG AGRI 2001
Coleman, Jamie  BSAG AGEC 2001
Cooke, Peter  MS ANSC 2001
Cooke, Philip  MS ANSC 2001
Daley, Milton  BSAG AGRO 2001
Darden, James  BSAG AGRI 2001
Daye, John  MS HUSC 2001
Dunkley, Claudia  BSAG AGRI 2001
Dunkley, Kingsley  BSAG AGRI 2001
Eggleston, Nicole  BSAG AGRI 2001
Ekibolaji, Adetobi  MS HUSC 2001
Ferguson, Kenrick  BSAG AGRI 2001
Fink, Corey  MS ANSC 2001
Gray, Patricia  MS HUSC 2001
Griffin, Hugh  BSAG AGRI 2001
Hayes, Samual Jr BSAG AGHR 2001
Hill, Byron  BSAG AGRI 2001
Hunter, Charmayne  BSDT HUNF 2001
Ilyas, Muhammed  MS AGSS 2001
Johnson, Suzette  BSAG AGHR 2001
Lee, Xavier  BSAG AGEC 2001
Meka, Christian  MS ANSC 2001
Mitchell, Sion  MS ANSC 2001
Moore, Reginald  BSAG AGRI 2001
Norsworthy, Crystal  BSAG AGRI 2001
Petty, Monica  BSDT HUNF 2001
Randle, Demetria  MA HRPM 2001
Samuels, Lorraine  MSJJ AGEC 2001
Scott, Carl  BSAG AGRI 2001
Smith, Charles  BSAG AGEC 2001
Smith, Brandon  BSAG AGRI 2001
Smith, Tanya  BSAG AGRI 2001
Spence, Loy  BSAG AGRI 2001
Spiller, Demond  BSAG AGRI 2001
Stewart, Phyliss  BSAG AGRI 2001
Wesley, Brian  BS AGEC 2001
Williams, Kafi  BSAG AGRI 2001


Anderson, Phelue  BSAG AGRI 2002
Andrews, Sherille  BSAG AGRI 2002
Archer, Michael  BSAG AGRI 2002
Batiste, Edna  MS HUSC 2002
Baylock, Charla  BSDT HUNF 2002
Beckford, Neville  MS ANSC 2002
Brown, Lawrence  BSAG AGRI 2002
Burns, Tamika  MS HUSC 2002
Carrington, Glennis  BSDT HUNF 2002
Carter, Uletta  BSDT HUNF 2002
Clayton, Edgar  MS HUSC 2002
Coker, Desmond  BSAG AGRI 2002
Collins, Andra  BSAG AGRI 2002
Dilworth, Eudel  MS AGSS 2002
Gill, Carol  MS ANSC 2002
Golding, Samuel  MS ANSC 2002
Granger, Elijah  BSAG AGRI 2002
Grant, Shemeya  BSAG AGRI 2002
Gray, Charles  MS ANSC 2002
Hall, Derrick  BSAG AGRI 2002
Hanley, Robyn  BSAG AGRI 2002
Henry, Clement  BSAG AGRI 2002
Hughes, Jock  MS HUSC 2002
Hunter, Charlene  MS HUSC 2002
Ingram, Carmen  MED CIAG 2002
Jefferson, Reginald  MS HUSC 2002
Johnson, Lawrence  MS AGEC 2002
Jones, Lee  BSAG AGRI 2002
Jyoti, Shaila  MS AGEC 2002
Kirven, Andrea  BSAG AGRI 2002
Kirven, Jeneanne  BSAG AGRI 2002
Law, Nikki  BSDT HUNF 2002
Levy, Tovia  MS HUSC 2002
Lockwood-Snodgrass, Michelle  BBA HRPM 2002
Mack, Beverly  MS HUSC 2002
McCrimmon, Debra  MS HUSC 2002
McLean-Wilson, Marjorie  BSAG AGRI 2002
Nelson, Leigh  BSAG AGRI 2002
O'Bryant, Karen  MS HUSC 2002
Perkins, Nettie  MS HUSC 2002
Pugh, Damien  BSAG AGRI 2002
Rhodes, Tracie  MS HUSC 2002
Ricketts, Grantley  BSAG AGRI 2002
Roberts, Seth  MS HUSC 2002
Rodgers, Wavie  BSAG AGRI 2002
Scott, Katrina  MS HUSC 2002
Sheppard, Tenopra  MS AGEC 2002
Small, Marcus  BSAG AGRI 2002
Thomas, Corion  BSAG AGRI 2002
Ward, Barry  BSAG AGRI 2002
Watkins, Robert  BSAG AGRI 2002
Weaver, Tamera  MS HUSC 2002
West, Leslie  BSAG AGRI 2002
Wheaton, Harvey III MS ANSC 2002
Wiley, Tito  BSAG AGRI 2002
Winsman, Michelle  MS ANSC 2002


Allen, Burrell  BSAG AGRI 2003
Beal, Christopher  BSAG AGRI 2003
Bsharat, Mohammed  MS ANSC 2003
Cannon, Clint  BSAG AGRI 2003
Colbert, Joy  MS HUSC 2003
Copeland, Beverly  BSDT HUNF 2003
Daley, Milton  MS ANSC 2003
Davis, Nicole  BSDT HUNF 2003
Drummond, Arden  BSAG AGRI 2003
Dubose, Kevin  BSAG AGRI 2003
Duncan, Justin  BSAG AGRI 2003
Dunkley, Claudia  MS ANSC 2003
Dunkley, Kingsley  MS ANSC 2003
Evans, Olious  BSAG AGRI 2003
Evans, Donna  MS HUSC 2003
Henderson, Wynitra  BSAG AGRI 2003
Henderson, Thaddeus  MS HUSC 2003
Hines, Rocquel  BSAG AGRI 2003
Howe, Warren  BSAG AGRI 2003
Hubbard, Lisa  MS HUSC 2003
Jackson, Caine  BSAG AGRI 2003
Johnson, Suzette  MS AGSS 2003
Johnston, Felicia  BS HUSC 2003
King, Jason  BSAG AGRI 2003
Laryea, Isaac  MS HUSC 2003
Lindley, Shan  BS HUSC 2003
Martin, Tapporrah  BSDT HUNF 2003
McCullough, Kenneth  BSAG AGRI 2003
Naylor, Blynthia  MS HUSC 2003
Nicholas, Franklin  BSAG AGRI 2003
Ogunleye, Tunde  MS ANSC 2003
Rigsby, Alexander III BSAG AGRI 2003
Robinson, Chamelia  MS HUSC 2003
Rose, Denise  BSAG AGRI 2003
Shanklin, Pamela  BSAG AGRI 2003
Sims, Theodore  BSAG AGRI 2003
Stewart, William  MS HUSC 2003
Stubbs, Tavrsus  BSAG AGRI 2003
Tates, Dennis  MS HUSC 2003
Taylor, Oral  BSAG AGRI 2003
Thomas, Jaquarias  BSAG AGRI 2003
Thomas, Sharonda  MS HUSC 2003
Vaults, Kimberly  MS HUSC 2003
Washington, Rachel  MS HUSC 2003
Wells, Elmary  MS HUSC 2003
Williams, Denzville  BSAG AGRI 2003
Wilson, Errol  BSAG AGRI 2003
Wooldridge, Toron  BS AGRI 2003


Anderson, Phelue  MS ANSC 2004
Baker, Darius  BSAG AGRI 2004
Bartley, Ann  MS HUSC 2004
Bennett, Janice  MS AGEC 2004
Brown, Lawrence  MS AGSS 2004
Caldwell, Jacqueline  MS HUSC 2004
Carter, Mozelle  BSAG AGRI 2004
Davis, Rhonda  MS ANSC 2004
Davis, Kanesha  MS HUSC 2004
Daviss, Jetera  MS HUSC 2004
Durham, Constance  MS HUSC 2004
Finley, Cedric  MS HUSC 2004
Grace, Brian  MS ANSC 2004
Gutzmore, Racquel  BSAG AGRI 2004
Harris, John  BSAG AGRI 2004
Harris, Debbie  MS HUSC 2004
Harris, Deborah  MS HUSC 2004
Hayes, Lorenzo  BSAG AGRI 2004
Hooper, Sherard  BS AGRI 2004
Howe, Warren  MS ANSC 2004
Johnson, Anwar  MS ANSC 2004
Johnson, Michelle  MS HUSC 2004
Kelly-Brown, Cordella  BSAG AGRI 2004
Kirven, Jeneanne  MS ANSC 2004
Knight, Jay II BSAG AGRI 2004
Lane, Tomekia  MA HUMN 2004
Leonard, Rafael  BSAG AGRI 2004
Leverett, Lindsey  BSAG AGRI 2004
Lewis, Shaye  MS ANSC 2004
Marlin, Glenda  MS HUSC 2004
Marsh, Peter  BSAG AGRI 2004
Matthews, Meredith  BSAG AGRI 2004
Mc Arthur, Darren  MS HUSC 2004
Milam, James  MS ANSC 2004
Norris, Terrance  BSDT HUNF 2004
Oggero, Lisa  MS HUSC 2004
O'Neil, Amanda  BSDT HUNF 2004
Peterson, Terri  MS HRPM 2004
Petty, Deboroh  MS HUSC 2004
Ricketts, Grantley  MS ANSC 2004
Robinson, Clarence  BSAG AGRI 2004
Rose, Denise  MS ANSC 2004
Ross, Yolanda  MS HUSC 2004
Simms, Beverly  MS HUSC 2004
Stigarll, Andrea  BSAG AGRI 2004
Thomas, Kesha  MS HUSC 2004
Walker, Jamila  BSDT HUNF 2004
Wallace, Margaret  MS HUSC 2004
Williams, Marcus  BSAG AGRI 2004
Williams, Willie  BSAG AGRI 2004
Wills, Louellen  BSAG AGRI 2004
Wilson, Canetra  MS HUSC 2004
Winfrey, Melita  MS HUSC 2004
Wyche, Denise  MS HUSC 2004
Yancy, Vita  MS ANSC 2004


Anderson, Paul  BSAG AGRI 2005
Baker, Kristin  BSAG AGRI 2005
Barnes, Sonya  BSDT HUNF 2005
Barrera-Compean, Moises  MS ANSC 2005
Beltran, Cindy  MS HUSC 2005
Beyer, Robert Jr BSAG AGRI 2005
Blahuta, Brandy  BSAG AGRI 2005
Brown, Tamela  BSDT HUNF 2005
Brunner, Blake  BSAG AGRI 2005
Burnett, Jacorey  BSAG AGRI 2005
Campbell, Amber  BSAG AGRI 2005
Clarke, Owen R. BSAG AGRI 2005
Coleman, Saranda  BSDT HUNF 2005
Collins, Brittany  BSAG AGRI 2005
Collins, Robert  BSAG AGRI 2005
Collins, Tasha  MS HUSC 2005
Cunningham, Linda  MS HUSC 2005
Cupp, Monica  BSDT HUNF 2005
Dade, Brittany  BSAG AGRI 2005
Doore, Lorna  BSDT HUNF 2005
Douglas, Jason  MS HUSC 2005
Dupree, Elliott  MS HUSC 2005
Freeman, Genora  MA HMED 2005
Fuss, Cynthia  MS HUSC 2005
Garcia-Hernandez, Rigoberto  MS ANSC 2005
Gayles, Fredrick  BSAG AGRI 2005
Gilliam, Winderlyon  MS HUSC 2005
Gooden, Pam  MS HUSC 2005
Hebert, Sherell  MS HUSC 2005
Hodge, Shameka  MS HUSC 2005
Horace, Laquita  MS HUSC 2005
Hubbard, Karissa  BSAG AGRI 2005
Jackson, Krishaun  BSAG AGRI 2005
Jackson, Sharae  BSAG AGRI 2005
Johnson, Krisna  MS HUSC 2005
Johnson, Trina  MS HUSC 2005
Jones, Danielle  MS HUSC 2005
Jones, Tommy  MS HUSC 2005
Kelley, Jarvis  BSAG AGRI 2005
Lewin, Pancita  BSAG AGRI 2005
Lindo, Rockefeller  BSAG AGRI 2005
Livingston, Le'Ron  MS HUSC 2005
Lofton, Kevin  MS HUSC 2005
Lyons, Bobbilyn  MS HUSC 2005
Martin, Walter  BSAG AGRI 2005
Maxwell, Devoral  MS HUSC 2005
Morris, Stephen  MS HUSC 2005
Moses, Keisha  MS HUSC 2005
Murray, Maekei  BSDT HUNF 2005
Myers, Regina I MS HUSC 2005
Neel, David  BSAG AGRI 2005
Nelson, Glenda  MS HUSC 2005
Ogunfeyimi, Edward  MS HUSC 2005
Panton, Hopeton  BSAG AGRI 2005
Petty, Tamara  MS HUSC 2005
Pope, Verlicia  MS HUSC 2005
Pratt, Caldonia  BSAG AGRI 2005
Richard, Heather  MS HUSC 2005
Roberts, Francis  BSAG AGRI 2005
Rosborough, Athleen  BSAG AGRI 2005
Smith, Niechia  MS HUSC 2005
St. Julian, Shaunteka  BSAG AGRI 2005
St. Julien, Shamaine  BSAG AGRI 2005
Stautmeister, Heather  MS HUSC 2005
Thompson, Barbara  MS HUSC 2005
Tomlinson, Cody  BSAG AGRI 2005
Tompkins, Carla  MS HUSC 2005
Walker, Raenata  BSAG AGRI 2005
Walker-Byrd, Benicia  MS HUSC 2005
Wells, Tesia  MS HUSC 2005
Williams, Lashondra  MS HUSC 2005


Addai, Kwaku  MS AGEC 2006
Crawford, Jamaal  MS AGEC 2006
Lee, Christoper  MS AGEC 2006
Samuels, Lorraine  PHJJ AGEC 2006
Axel, Tamika  BSAG AGRI 2006
Burger, Kasie  BSAG AGRI 2006
Davis, Traci  BSAG AGRI 2006
Douglas, Stedman  BSAG AGRI 2006
Glenn, Marcus  BSAG AGRI 2006
Green, Dalkeith  BSAG AGRI 2006
Harris, Brandon  BSAG AGRI 2006
Hartsfield, Rosondra  BSAG AGRI 2006
Henry, Rafel  BSAG AGRI 2006
Hodge, Benita  BSAG AGRI 2006
Holgate, Leon  BSAG AGRI 2006
Hubbard, Ashley  BSAG AGRI 2006
Johnson, Christopher  BSAG AGRI 2006
Jones, Lanicia  BSAG AGRI 2006
Long, Monique  BSAG AGRI 2006
Neal, Kelvin  BSAG AGRI 2006
Porias, Laura  BSAG AGRI 2006
Robinson, Brijette  BSAG AGRI 2006
Smith, Sherry  BSAG AGRI 2006
Stewart, Courtney  BSAG AGRI 2006
Stringfellow, Kendre  BSAG AGRI 2006
Thomas, De'Shawn  BSAG AGRI 2006
Vega, Valerie  BSAG AGRI 2006
Williams, Aaron  BSAG AGRI 2006
Black, Kevin  MS ANSC 2006
Hines, Rocquel  MS ANSC 2006
Stoddart, Donald  MS ANSC 2006
Taylor, Oral  MS ANSC 2006
Wilson, Errol  MS ANSC 2006
Curtis, Arlina  BSDT HUNF 2006
Guider, Brooke  BSDT HUNF 2006
Hamilton, Joy  BSDT HUNF 2006
Wiley, Daphne  BSDT HUNF 2006
Wong, Fei-Woon  BSDT HUNF 2006
Allison, Tina  MS HUSC 2006
Anglin, Dana  MS HUSC 2006
Banks, Sandra  MS HUSC 2006
Barber, Bridgett  MS HUSC 2006
Barnes, Chantel  MS HUSC 2006
Byrd, Tammy  MS HUSC 2006
Caldwell, Kanetrica  MS HUSC 2006
Cole, Milton  MS HUSC 2006
Copeland, Beverly  MS HUSC 2006
Ennis, Brooke  MS HUSC 2006
Fountaine, Kimberly  MS HUSC 2006
Franklin, Ann  MS HUSC 2006
Gamble, Tasia  MS HUSC 2006
Goodman, Monique  MS HUSC 2006
Hayes, Patra  MS HUSC 2006
Hill, Elwanda  MS HUSC 2006
Jackson, Vernita  MS HUSC 2006
Johnson, Dezra  MS HUSC 2006
Johnson, Victoria  MS HUSC 2006
Jones, Natasha  MS HUSC 2006
Jones, Tia  MS HUSC 2006
Jones, Tiffany  MS HUSC 2006
McGraw, Anthony  MS HUSC 2006
Mitchell-Morris, Debra  MS HUSC 2006
Mouton, Tiffany  MS HUSC 2006
Ogunfeyimi, Atinuke  MS HUSC 2006
Perkins, Johnifer  MS HUSC 2006
Portis, Edward  MS HUSC 2006
Ray, Kristin  MS HUSC 2006
Sneed, Sonya  MS HUSC 2006
Thibodeaux, Sharon  MS HUSC 2006
Toney, Richard  MS HUSC 2006
Turnquest, Diana  MS HUSC 2006
Vaughn, Denise  MS HUSC 2006
Wilks, Venetia  MS HUSC 2006
Williams, Glenda  MS HUSC 2006
Willoughby, Abiola  MS HUSC 2006


Adewunmi, Joseph  BSAG AGRI 2007
Anderson, Brenda  BSAG AGRI 2007
Anderson, Paul  MS ANSC 2007
Anderson, Kristi  MS HUSC 2007
Ayers, Genevieve  BSDT HUNF 2007
Biley, Julian  BSAG AGRI 2007
Bryant, Sycreeda MURPHY MS HUSC 2007
Cameron, Nikki  BSAG AGRI 2007
Chester, Christopher  BSAG AGRI 2007
Doore, Lorna  MS HUSC 2007
Ekpo, Asuquo  MS HUSC 2007
Epperson, Marcus  BSAG AGRI 2007
Freelon, Benjamin  MS AGEC 2007
Fuselier, Licia  MS HUSC 2007
Garrett, Gloria  MS HUSC 2007
Gillum, Latoya  MS HUSC 2007
Grant, Talitha  BSDT HUNF 2007
Green, Jamayel  BS ANSC 2007
Gutzmore, Racquel  MS ANSC 2007
Hall, Sherian  BSAG AGRI 2007
Hardin, Yvette  MS HUSC 2007
Harrison, Mack  BSAG AGRI 2007
Henderson, Minnie  MS HUSC 2007
Henry, Avarita  MS HUSC 2007
Hicks, Lionetra  MS HUSC 2007
Hines, Nicholas  BSDT HUNF 2007
Howard, Gabrielle  BSDT HUNF 2007
Hubbard, Robert  BSAG AGRI 2007
Jackson, Ronda  BSAG AGRI 2007
James, Tamara  MS HUSC 2007
Jarvis, Nkechi  MS HUSC 2007
Joseph, Danielle  MS HUSC 2007
Keggins, Jullian  BSAG AGRI 2007
King-Donelson, Rashaad  MS HUSC 2007
Lablanche, George III BSAG AGRI 2007
Landry, Grace  MS HUSC 2007
Leslie, Larchin  BSAG AGRI 2007
Lindo, Rockefeller  MS AGSS 2007
Mandjoundou-Mourende, Lucrece  BSAG AGRI 2007
McDonald, Andrea  BSDT HUNF 2007
Murray, Arletta  BSAG AGRI 2007
Palmer, David  BSAG AGRI 2007
Panton, Hopeton  MS AGSS 2007
Pratt, Caldonia  MS AGSS 2007
Redmond, Brittany  BSAG AGRI 2007
Reese, Chad  BSAG AGRI 2007
Richardson, Chenedra  MS HUSC 2007
Robinson, Dakesha  BSDT HUNF 2007
Scott, Kaydra  BSDT HUNF 2007
Simon, Sabrina  MS HUSC 2007
Smith, Karla  MS HUSC 2007
Smith, Shirley  MS HUSC 2007
Stevenson, Kecia  BSAG AGRI 2007
Stewart, Scherica  BSAG AGRI 2007
Stoddart, Dahlia  BSAG AGRI 2007
Teague, Brandon  BSAG AGRI 2007
Teamer, Galan  BSAG AGRI 2007
Thomas, Jessica  BSDT HUNF 2007
Thomas, Yolanda  MS HUSC 2007
Thompson, Angela  BSAG AGRI 2007
Thompson, Keitha  MS HUSC 2007
Treadwell, Dorothy  MS HUSC 2007
Vincent, Lauren  BSAG AGRI 2007
White, James  MS HUSC 2007
Williams, Tyra  MS HUSC 2007
Woods, Ashley  MS ANSC 2007


Adkins, Tennia  BSDT HUNF 2008
Alford, Jamie  BSAG AGRI 2008
Alleyne, Ashley  BSAG AGRI 2008
Anderson, Doneric  BSAG AGRI 2008
Anderson, Fralonda  BSDT HUNF 2008
Anthony, Adam  BSAG AGRI 2008
Armstrong, Gloria  MS HUSC 2008
Barre, Cassandra  MS HUSC 2008
Biglow, Olevia  MSN HUNF 2008
Blanton, Priscilla  BSDT HUNF 2008
Bledsoe, Constance  MS HUSC 2008
Bowens, Herschel  BSAG AGRI 2008
Brooks, Kimberly  MS HUSC 2008
Byrd, Jamie  MS HUSC 2008
Caddell, Declinia  MS HUSC 2008
Campbell, Amber  MS ANSC 2008
Cason, Glenn Jr BSAG AGRI 2008
Clark, Chari  MS HUSC 2008
Clemons, Kyle  BSAG AGRI 2008
Coleman, Andrea  MS AGSS 2008
Cooks, Giuseppe  BSAG AGRI 2008
Cornell, Dezerea  BSAG AGRI 2008
Freeman, Oliver  MS AGSS 2008
Freeman, Barbetta  MS HUSC 2008
Garrett, Shirley  MS HUSC 2008
Granston, Gorman  BSAG AGRI 2008
Gray, Madene  MS HUSC 2008
Harris, Latoya  MS HUSC 2008
Haye, Khadine  BSAG AGRI 2008
Henry, Grace  MS HUSC 2008
Hewett, Courtney  BSDT HUNF 2008
Holloway, Monique  BSDT HUNF 2008
Jabbie, Mohamed  BSDT HUNF 2008
Jackson, Gwendolyn  MS HUSC 2008
Jackson, Twanna  BS HUSC 2008
Jenkins, Sherri  MS HUSC 2008
Jones, Shanda  MS HUSC 2008
Jones, Shante'  MS HUSC 2008
Knight, Cory  BSDT HUNF 2008
Luchin, La'Charia  BSDT HUNF 2008
Luchin, Quanesha  BSDT HUNF 2008
Manko, Maria  MS HUSC 2008
Matthews, Austee  BSDT HUNF 2008
McKinney, Darvel  BSAG AGRI 2008
McKnight, Demesia  MS HUSC 2008
Medina, Jessaira  BSDT HUNF 2008
Monette-Robertson, Keona  BSDT HUNF 2008
Moore, Phyllicia  BSAG AGRI 2008
Myers, Tamara  BSAG AGRI 2008
Nelson, Dacian  BSAG AGRI 2008
Payne, Amanda  BSDT HUNF 2008
Pounall, Tareq  BSAG AGRI 2008
Reed, Patrice  BSDT HUNF 2008
Reed, Te'Anna  MS HUSC 2008
Rochelle, Antecia  BSDT HUNF 2008
Rolland, Leticia V MS HUSC 2008
Samuel, Carol  MS HUSC 2008
Scott, Jason  BSAG AGRI 2008
Skeene, Dawnette  BSAG AGRI 2008
Standley, Kimberly  MS HUSC 2008
Steptoe, Aleisha  BSAG AGRI 2008
Stewart, Dwain Jr BSAG AGRI 2008
Thibodeaux, Cameron  MS HUSC 2008
Thibodeaux, Cameron  MS HUSC 2008
Warren, Sonji  MS HUSC 2008
White-Reese, Hillita  BSAG AGRI 2008
Williams, June  MS HUSC 2008
Williams, Tawana  MS HUSC 2008
Wolfe, Ashantia  MS HUSC 2008
Yarbrough, Raekesha  BSDT HUNF 2008


Adewunmi, Joseph  MS ANSC 2009
Anderson, Brenda  MS AGSS 2009
Ards, Tori  MS HUSC 2009
Ayers, Genevieve  MS HUSC 2009
Baldwin, Patrick Sr BSAG AGRI 2009
Ball, Ricaya  BSDT HUNF 2009
Bell, Dionne  MS HUSC 2009
Bland, Sandra  BSAG AGRI 2009
Booker, Stephanie  BSDT HUNF 2009
Boyer, Marchandra  BSDT HUNF 2009
Briscoe, Felicia  BSAG AGRI 2009
Bryant, Joshlyn  BSAG AGRI 2009
Chavez, Sylvia  BSAG AGRI 2009
Delahoussaye, Natalie  BSDT HUNF 2009
Dickerson, Courtney  MS HUSC 2009
Finnie, Robert  BSAG AGRI 2009
Glover, Lazena  MS HUSC 2009
Gray, Olivia  BSDT HUNF 2009
Hamilton, Belan  BSDT HUNF 2009
Handy, James Jr BSDT HUNF 2009
Hazziez, Danielle  MS HUSC 2009
Hightower, Donna  MS HUSC 2009
Hollins, Carrie  MS HUSC 2009
Hyatt, Keidra  BSDT HUNF 2009
Jackson, Brukendra  BSAG AGRI 2009
Jackson, Britney  BSDT HUNF 2009
Johnson, Calvin  BSDT HUNF 2009
Johnson, Lagraytria  MS HUSC 2009
Jones, Johnie III BSAG AGRI 2009
Lopez, Marvin  BSAG AGRI 2009
McDonald, Andrea  MS HUSC 2009
Montague, Michelle  MS HUSC 2009
Moore, Ashley  BSDT HUNF 2009
Mosby, Lionel Jr BSAG AGRI 2009
Norwood, Shante  BSAG AGRI 2009
O'Bryant, Maelishia  MS HUSC 2009
Palacios, Monica  BS ANSC 2009
Palmer, Courtney  BSAG AGRI 2009
Pham, Priscilla  BSDT HUNF 2009
Pinson, Tanesha  MS HUSC 2009
Price, Ne'Andreia  BSAG AGRI 2009
Samuel, Eboni  MS HUSC 2009
Smith, Sheldon  BSAG AGRI 2009
Stancil, Ashley  BSDT HUNF 2009
Sykes, Urariyya  BSAG AGRI 2009
Thomas, Audrene  BSAG AGRI 2009
Thomas, Natalye  MS HUSC 2009
Walker, Kameila  BSAG AGRI 2009
Walters, Kineka  BSAG AGRI 2009
Ward, Ashley  BSAG AGRI 2009
White, Ketera  BSDT HUNF 2009
Wilkerson, Ashley  MS HUSC 2009
Willis, Kara  BSAG AGRI 2009
Wright, Ariell  MS HUSC 2009


Abu, Ramat, P BSDIET HUNF 2010
Anderson, Shanoy, C BSAG AGRI 2010
Avery, Jazmine, D BSDIET HUNF 2010
Forbs, Deidra, M BSDIET HUNF 2010
Gay, Christina, D BSDIET HUNF 2010
Green, Jamayel, T MS ANSC 2010
Gutter, Mia, M BSHS FMCS 2010
Hickerson, Kirby, N MS ANSC 2010
Hill, Don, H BSAG AGRI 2010
Hunt-Batiste, Kirneiqua, J BSHS FMCS 2010
Johnson, Angel, N BSDIET HUNF 2010
Lafleur, Latosha, J BSHS FMCS 2010
Luchin, Keri, S BSDIET HUNF 2010
Mason, Paul, A BSAG AGRI 2010
Moss, Pamela, M MS HUSC 2010
Najjemba, Hasifa, K BSDIET HUNF 2010
Rucker, Desiree, K MS ANSC 2010
Schoffield, Seifullah, K BSAG AGRI 2010
Stigler, Crystal, B MS HUSC 2010
Walker, Vanessa, R BSAG AGRI 2010
Willingham, Davida, L MS HUSC 2010


Agwu, Princess, B BSAG AGRI 2011
Allen, Courtney, R BSAG AGRI 2011
Arkadie, Chelsea, E BSDIET HUNF 2011
Baxter, Alura, D BSDIET HUNF 2011
Beal, Tenechia, S BSHS FMCS 2011
Bell, Reginald, J BSDIET HUNF 2011
Blakemore Thomas, Krystal, R BSAG AGRI 2011
Bryant, Alana, M BSAG AGRI 2011
Chambers, Kristen, D BSAG AGRI 2011
Chapman, Michelle, N BSAG AGRI 2011
Cook, Sherron, R BSDIET HUNF 2011
Crain, Jesse, R MS AGSS 2011
Davis, Yakisha, T BSAG AGRI 2011
Dosewell, Bryant, G BSAG AGRI 2011
East, Jennifer, C BSAG AGRI 2011
Evans, Jacquice, S BSDIET HUNF 2011
Ferguson, Kenrick, G MS ANSC 2011
Gardner, Miriam, S BSDIET HUNF 2011
Gonzalez, Jessica, N MS HUSC 2011
Green, David, A MS HUSC 2011
Hale, Memvis, J BSAG AGRI 2011
Harris, Senae, L BSHS FMCS 2011
Harrison, Mack, B MS ANSC 2011
Helton, Trey,  BSAG AGRI 2011
Irvin, Deshandra, S BSDIET HUNF 2011
Johnson, Ashley, N BSDIET HUNF 2011
Johnson, Lakisha, S MS HUSC 2011
Madu, Ifeoma, J BSDIET HUNF 2011
Martin, Shannon, N MS HUSC 2011
McCarty, Ursala, N BSAG AGRI 2011
McKissic, Geoffrey, E BSAG AGRI 2011
Melancon, Brittany, A BSAG AGRI 2011
Monroe, Dandria, L BSAG AGRI 2011
Morrow, Ebony, M MS HUSC 2011
Mosby, Lance, C BSAG AGRI 2011
Motton, James, A BSAG AGRI 2011
Nelson, Dacian, A MS ANSC 2011
Norman, Nicholas, H BSAG AGRI 2011
Palacios, Monica, A MS HUSC 2011
Palmer, Courtney, P MS ANSC 2011
Pounds, Tameka, R MS HUSC 2011
Pride, Monet, C BSDIET HUNF 2011
Reed, Demetris, D BSAG AGRI 2011
Rhyne, Garrett, D BSAG AGRI 2011
Richard, Quindrick, B BSAG AGRI 2011
Richards, India, S BSAG AGRI 2011
Ridley, Nicole, D MS HUSC 2011
Riggins, Cephas, A MS HUSC 2011
Sawtelle, John, A BSAG AGRI 2011
Scott, Elsie, L BSHS FMCS 2011
Smith, Bobby, J BSAG AGRI 2011
South, Sanique, M BSDIET HUNF 2011
Spears, Quinton, O BSAG AGRI 2011
St. Julien, Shamaine, L MS ANSC 2011
Symister, Ebony, O BSDIET HUNF 2011
Taylor, Candance, N MS HUSC 2011
Thomas, Corylee, M BSAG AGRI 2011
Truesdell, Christine, M MS HUSC 2011
Vanriel, Renae,  BSAG AGRI 2011
Walker, Kameila, M MS ANSC 2011
Wallace, Leroy,  BSAG AGRI 2011
Ward, Tiffany, C BSHS FMCS 2011
Warren, Sherrelle, A BSDIET HUNF 2011
Washington, Demitrius, R MS ANSC 2011
Washington, Gabrielle, N BSAG AGRI 2011
White-Reese, Hillita, A MS ANSC 2011
Wilborn, Jasmine, L BSAG AGRI 2011
Williams, Linda, B MS HUSC 2011
Williams, Sherventina, O BSAG AGRI 2011
Young, Patrick, J BSDIET HUNF 2011


Abili, Antoinette, A BSDIET HUNF 2012
Allen, Carde, P BSHS FMCS 2012
Allen, Wentrice, L BSDIET HUNF 2012
Beverly, Cory, A BSAG AGRI 2012
Blackmon, Terronica, L MS ANSC 2012
Bryant, Audrey, R MS AGSS 2012
Chavis, Jazmine, N BSAG AGRI 2012
Clewis, Reuben, R BSAG AGRI 2012
Cotton, Katrina, S MS HUSC 2012
Curry, Magan, C MS HUSC 2012
Davis, Shaneeta, L BSAG AGRI 2012
Donelson, William, F BSAG AGRI 2012
Finley, Tyree, L BSAG AGRI 2012
Foster, Amber, J MS HUSC 2012
Gardner, Derek, S BSAG AGRI 2012
Griffin, Cherika, D BSDIET HUNF 2012
Gutter, Mia, M MS HUSC 2012
Hall, Sherian, L MS ANSC 2012
Hamilton, Selena, V MS HUSC 2012
Harris, Shantinique, S BSHS FMCS 2012
Hayes, Carla, N MS HUSC 2012
Herrera, Herlinda,  BSAG AGRI 2012
Herrera, Imelda,  BSAG AGRI 2012
Hicks, Corey, J BSAG AGRI 2012
Hill, Don, H MS AGSS 2012
Hines, Katrina, L MS HUSC 2012
Ishaq, Archana,  MS HUSC 2012
Johnson, Athenia, J BSDIET HUNF 2012
Johnson, Dion, J BSDIET HUNF 2012
Johnson, Je'Colby, D BSAG AGRI 2012
Jordan, Michael, S BSAG AGRI 2012
Mackey, Garrett, A BSAG AGRI 2012
McGee, Shana, L BSDIET HUNF 2012
Moore, Ashley, N MS HUSC 2012
Oliver, Regina, A BSHS FMCS 2012
Paredes, Francisco, R BSAG AGRI 2012
Pittman, Aretha, M MS HUSC 2012
Schoffield, Seifullah, K MS AGSS 2012
Scott, Selina, C BSDIET HUNF 2012
Sheppard, Claresse, T MS HUSC 2012
Smith, Latoya, D MS HUSC 2012
Tanner, Alexis, M MS HUSC 2012
Taylor, Alana, C BSDIET HUNF 2012
Thomas, Audrene, M MS ANSC 2012
Tillis, Stephon,  BSAG AGRI 2012
Turner, Reid, G BSAG AGRI 2012
Washington, Jamie, G MS ANSC 2012
Wilburn, Lajoya, A BSAG AGRI 2012
Williams, Annisia, L BSAG AGRI 2012
Williams, Christine, M BSDIET HUNF 2012
Williams, Joshua, L MS HUSC 2012
Williams, Sonja, K MS HUSC 2012


Allen, Angela,  MS HUSC 2013
Allen, Christopher, J BSAG AGRI 2013
Andalib, Kacem, M BSAG AGRI 2013
Anderson, Shanoy, C MS AGSS 2013
Avery, Jazmine, D MS HUSC 2013
Banks, Derrick, D BSAG AGRI 2013
Blair, Christina, L MS HUSC 2013
Blakemore Thomas, Krystal, R MS AGEC 2013
Blakemore, Erika, N BSAG AGRI 2013
Branch, Samantha, L MS HUSC 2013
Branford, Ernest, G BSAG AGRI 2013
Bryant, Alana, M MS ANSC 2013
Bryant, Timothy, D BSAG AGRI 2013
Clark, Van, C BSAG AGRI 2013
Collins, Felesha, A BSAG AGRI 2013
Collins, Troy,  BSAG AGRI 2013
Cranson, Cheri, S BSDIET HUNF 2013
Cunningham, Christopher,  BSAG AGRI 2013
Davis, Yakisha, T MS HUSC 2013
East, Jennifer, C MS ANSC 2013
Egans, Skarlar, D BSHS FMCS 2013
Evans, Joseph,  BSAG AGRI 2013
Fajkus, Erica, R BSAG AGRI 2013
Farria, Chloe, E BSDIET HUNF 2013
Foreman, Natasha, N BSDIET HUNF 2013
German, Franklin, L BSAG AGRI 2013
Greenwood, Latonjalia, C BSAG AGRI 2013
Harris, Bianca, S BSAG AGRI 2013
Henderson, Erica, S MS HUSC 2013
Hewitt, Deltora, J BSAG AGRI 2013
Hogan, Helenia, G BSAG AGRI 2013
Jackson, Carice, E BSDIET HUNF 2013
Johnson, Raychell, D BSHS FMCS 2013
Johnson, Richard, G MS HUSC 2013
Johnson-Blue, Ebony, Q MS HUSC 2013
Kirby, Bruce, A BSAG AGRI 2013
Kiser, Daisha,  BSHS FMCS 2013
Kreidie, Sam,  MS ANSC 2013
Lange, Teresa, M BSDIET HUNF 2013
Lowery, Justin, L BSAG AGRI 2013
Moore, Phylicxia, J BSAG AGRI 2013
Ndomba, Zoe, N BSAG AGRI 2013
Nelson, Thy'Asia, T BSHS FMCS 2013
Omokaro, Osadeba, O BSAG AGRI 2013
Pelham, Daina, C BSDIET HUNF 2013
Phillips, Paige, A MS AGEC 2013
Polk, Chelsea, B BSDIET HUNF 2013
Porter, Ladeleon, R BSDIET HUNF 2013
Quinones, Myriam, E MS HUSC 2013
Rengifo, Lorraine,  BSAG AGRI 2013
Scott, Quintin, A BSAG AGRI 2013
Seban, Deepthi,  MS HUSC 2013
Storr, Mickelle, C BSAG AGRI 2013
Talley, Olivia, J BSAG AGRI 2013
Taylor, Rachel, A MS AGEC 2013
Taylor, Zachary, C BSAG AGRI 2013
Thornton, Michelle, M MS ANSC 2013
Tolen, Tamra, N MS ANSC 2013
Vanriel, Renae,  MS HUSC 2013
Washington, Jade, D BSHS FMCS 2013
Watson, Aaron, M MS AGEC 2013
Watson, Koran, B BSDIET HUNF 2013
Williams, Gabrielle, E BSDIET HUNF 2013
Williams, Sherventina, O MS ANSC 2013
Winters, Brendan, M BSAG AGRI 2013
Young, Phylicia, R BSAG AGRI 2013


Allen, Joshua, D BSAG AGRI 2014
Andrews, Michelle, Lorraine MS HUSC 2014
Blanton, Ebony, Raven Cymone BSDIET HUNF 2014
Brown, Dexter, T MS HUSC 2014
Bryant, Audrey, R MS HUSC 2014
Burnley, Gina, L MS HUSC 2014
Bustamante, Guadalupe,  BSDIET HUNF 2014
Campbell, Avery, J BSAG AGRI 2014
Carter, Rachel,  BSDIET HUNF 2014
Clewis, Reuben, R MS HUSC 2014
Collins, Latrice,  BSAG AGRI 2014
Darville, Braden, Victoria MS HUSC 2014
Diggs, Darrin, R BSDIET HUNF 2014
Edloe, Reggia, K BSAG AGRI 2014
Fleming, Artruh, L MS HUSC 2014
Franklin, Devonte, Bijain BSAG AGRI 2014
Hall, Nicosha, D MS HUSC 2014
Harris, Jarian, N BSHS FMCS 2014
Hodge, Nakeatha, Deloris MS HUSC 2014
Homer, Adrian, B MS HUSC 2014
Hughes, Rayshell, A BSDIET HUNF 2014
Hutchinson, Erica, N BSAG AGRI 2014
Johnson, Sammie, L MS HUSC 2014
Lafleur, Latosha, J MS HUSC 2014
Lee, Jemimia, A MS HUSC 2014
Leslie, Tremaine, N MS HUSC 2014
Lewis, Keith, R BSAG AGRI 2014
Lewis, Ryan, C BSAG AGRI 2014
Maclin, Jordan, S BSDIET HUNF 2014
Marks, Demarcus, J BSAG AGRI 2014
Mayo, Melissa, Nicole BSDIET HUNF 2014
Mazurkiewicz, James, Michael BSAG AGRI 2014
Melancon, Bronia, S BSDIET HUNF 2014
Niles, Monica, M BSDIET HUNF 2014
Parmer, Kimberlee, A MS HUSC 2014
Paul, Patric, S BSAG AGRI 2014
Pickens, Chauncey,  MS HUSC 2014
Porotesano, Liki, K BSAG AGRI 2014
Robinson, Derrick, L BSDIET HUNF 2014
Scott, Courtney, R BSAG AGRI 2014
Seabrook, Tiesha, J BSAG AGRI 2014
Seawright, Tiana, M BSAG AGRI 2014
Semien, Natalie, D BSHS FMCS 2014
Smith, Sheldon, E MS HUSC 2014
Thompson, Arabia, R MS HUSC 2014
Townsend, Christopher, K BSAG AGRI 2014
Tsamouris, Danielle, J MS HUSC 2014
Walker, Shayna, T BSHS FMCS 2014
Wesley, Dalton, W BSAG AGRI 2014
White, Avian, Rene BSAG AGRI 2014
Williams, Gabrielle, Mariah BSDIET HUNF 2014
Williams, Kendric, N BSAG AGRI 2014
Young, Patrick, J MS HUSC 2014


Barnes, Marsha, Je'Cole MS HUSC 2015
Booker, Shymia, Latrice BSDIET HUNF 2015
Bradford, Tara, Dawn MS HUSC 2015
Brown, Ashley, Shamere BSDIET HUNF 2015
Buchanan, Brice, L BSAG AGRI 2015
Budd, Jalisa, Renee MS HUSC 2015
Byrd, Brenda, Ann MS HUSC 2015
Castleman, Mirygea, Chenay BSAG AGRI 2015
Chavis, Jazmine, N MS HUSC 2015
Checkley, Tristan, M BSAG AGRI 2015
Crawford, Linda, R MS HUSC 2015
Crayton, Tristan, Dion BSDIET HUNF 2015
Delahoussaye, Natalie, C MS HUSC 2015
Estrada, Eden,  BSAG AGRI 2015
Flanagan, Genettra, L MS HUSC 2015
Fry, Conlee, Paul Herrera BSAG AGRI 2015
Ghansah, Imelda, Natasha MS HUSC 2015
Grant, Racquel, S BSDIET HUNF 2015
Grogan, Depresia, M BSAG AGRI 2015
Hall, Daijonna, M BSAG AGRI 2015
Hall, Sherian, L MS ANSC 2015
Henry, Rafel, D MS HUSC 2015
Hickerson-Randolph, Jardes, M BSAG AGRI 2015
Hill, Chelsee, B MS HUSC 2015
Hughes, Jordan, Cemone BSAG AGRI 2015
Jaramillo, Maddison, Emily BSAG AGRI 2015
Jenkins, Jarrett, Oneal BSAG AGRI 2015
Ly, Lynh, M BSAG AGRI 2015
McDonald, Andrea, E BSDIET HUNF 2015
McKissic, Geoffrey, E MS ANSC 2015
Miller, Christopher, G BSAG AGRI 2015
Murchison, Meghan, Chanel BSHS FMCS 2015
Navarro, Alisa, Yvette BSAG AGRI 2015
Neal, Shallaya, F MS HUSC 2015
Orsak, Clayton,  BSAG AGRI 2015
Ortega, Leslie, A BSHS FMCS 2015
Owens, Brandie, Louise BSAG AGRI 2015
Peaches, Jeremy, J BSAG AGRI 2015
Reed, Ryian, Donald BSAG AGRI 2015
Reed, Theo, L BSAG AGRI 2015
Roberts, Canesha, Chearell BSAG AGRI 2015
Rogers, De Quantanae, V BSAG AGRI 2015
Samuel, Kayla, Quinnetria BSAG AGRI 2015
Semiens, Nacshaunal, R BSHS FMCS 2015
Smith, Shannon, Ashlea BSDIET HUNF 2015
Somers, Rose Marie,  BSAG AGRI 2015
Stokes, Breuhna, Janae BSDIET HUNF 2015
Strait, Kendra, T BSAG AGRI 2015
Taher, Hanein, Jamal MS HUSC 2015
Watson, Skyee, N MS HUSC 2015
West, Rosalyn, G MS HUSC 2015
White, Ketera, C MS HUSC 2015


Andrews, Briana, Disha BSDT HUNF 2016
Bonton, Ashley, Janae MS HUSC 2016
Bowden, Alison, Deann BSAG AGRI 2016
Brooks-Thomas, Tamara, M MS HUSC 2016
Burrell, Travis, H BSAG AGRI 2016
Coleman, Janyse, Shant'E BSDT HUNF 2016
Cotton, Skye, Joelle BSAG AGRI 2016
Edmond, Natasha, Shanta MS HUSC 2016
Evans, Brooke, Jermaine BSAG AGRI 2016
Foster, Gwendolyn, Cheral BSDT HUNF 2016
Hughes, Rayshell, A MS HUSC 2016
Jackson, Breanna,  BSAG AGRI 2016
Jones, Tiara, Natasha BSHS FMCS 2016
Mathis, Latoya, Lashay BSDT HUNF 2016
McClennon, Robert, Woodie BSAG AGRI 2016
McNary, Kaylin, R BSAG AGRI 2016
Muhammad, Omari, Jibri BSAG AGRI 2016
Nealy, Ashley, Nicole'Rose BSAG AGRI 2016
Rose, Christopher, L BSAG AGRI 2016
Rutledge, Mia, C BSAG AGRI 2016
Simon, Raylyn, Gus BSAG AGRI 2016
Simpson, Rushundra, M MS HUSC 2016
Slater, Wesley, W BSAG AGRI 2016
Solomon, Ashley, M MS HUSC 2016
Stueart, Chiquitia, L BSHS FMCS 2016
Thomas, Desiree, L BSAG AGRI 2016
Tones, Mellonesse, Campanella BSAG AGRI 2016
Trice, Recca, Brittany MS HUSC 2016
Turner, Keesha, Jackson MS HUSC 2016
Veazie, Takara,  MS HUSC 2016
Walker, Clara, L MS HUSC 2016
Walker, Jarrod, Terrell BSDT HUNF 2016
Ward, Tiffany, Chantelle BSDT HUNF 2016
Williams, Alisa, Boda MS HUSC 2016
Williams, Zsathala, Sheterria BSDT HUNF 2016

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