October 28 – For the past 32 years, the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences students, alumni, faculty, and staff have come together the morning before the homecoming parade to break bread, and this year was no exception. During Homecoming 2019, the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences gathered once again for the annual Lindsey Weatherspoon Ag Breakfast. Nearly 300 people attended the early morning feast before making their way to the annual parade on campus.

This year, the committee, headed by CAHS Faculty member Tenelnger Abrom Johnson, made adjustments to ensure a smooth event. “We wanted to do something different, so we minimized the program part of the breakfast,” said Johnson. She said the change helped improve the efficiency of the event, with breakfast as the highlight. “I think it went well; besides, we plan to save program events for our upcoming CAHS Week when we will bring our Alumni [alumni] back to campus for a variety of activities in the spring.”

Also, the CAHS Alumni Association presented the dean with a check for $2,500. This year’s emcee Dr. Wash Jones said the breakfast is a perfect networking event. “It’s a great opportunity for students, alumni, and staff to network. It helps to renew relationships and sustain long-lasting relationships.”

The breakfast, which was attended by the late Mr. Weatherspoon’s family, including his widow who recently celebrated her 96th birthday, and his daughter Dr. Vanessa Weatherspoon, went off without a hitch. During the event, a new CAHS t-shirt was unveiled and sold to 25 alumni.


Once breakfast wrapped up, the majority of guests went to watch the parade and the CAHS float, which was created and designed by the various student clubs. This year, CAHS Dean Dr. Gerard D’Souza rode on the float which included live animals.

Tucker Wilson


Tucker Wilson
Media & Publications Coordinator