How To Start A Business In Texas

August 19 – Cooperative Extension Program continues to do great work in the counties and communities it serves. Extension Agent Nate Peterson,  who serves in Harris County in the Community and Economic Development unit, conducted a program entitled “How to Start a Business in Texas.”

Along with his Graduate Assistant Na’shon Edwards, Peterson partnered with Kennedy Elementary Parent Center Director, Mrs. Klerly Manson to make the program a huge success.

The program’s curriculum covered the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur and surveyed participants interested in entrepreneurship based on their skills, interests, and passions.  Participants learned the fundamentals, advantages, and disadvantages of starting a business. Many were familiar with owning a business and openly shared their experiences. Participants also learned how to turn their past skills, passions, and talents into a successful business.

Clients were provided information and resources about starting a business and the various components on entrepreneurship including:

  • The Definition of an Entrepreneur
  • Myths about Entrepreneurship
  • 10 Steps to Start a Business
  • 5 Reasons Why Businesses Fail
  • Traits and Skills of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Resources
  • Group discussions

Before the presentation started, participants played a learning game called Kahoot. Participants were also provided handouts, business plan templates, and additional resources on starting a business in Texas.

Post evaluations indicated that 90% of the participants were completely satisfied with the quality of the program and are looking forward to attending future Harris County CED programs.

This work was supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, 1890 Extension Formula Program projects under Section 1444.






Natriez “Nate” Peterson
Harris County CED Extension Agent
(713) 274-0988

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