Where Are They Now: Christopher Johnson

February 18 – The friendships, lessons, and knowledge gained at Prairie View A&M University is the common theme of why alumni hold their alma mater near to their hearts. Christopher Johnson’s PV experience helped prepare him for the life he lives today and better allowed him to give back to others.

Christopher Johnson

Johnson found his purpose while pursuing a degree in Agriculture Education at the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences. He already had a deep love for cattle, horses and the outdoors, so he knew studying agriculture would suit him well. The courses Johnson engaged in during his time at Prairie View made him well-rounded in “all things agriculture,” a skill he would use beyond his time as a student. Being heavily involved in everything the College offered was something very important for Johnson and he would decide to take on a job at the Swine Center on the university farm. Each day, he was tasked with the goal to keep all swine fed and their stalls cleaned and neat. Having this role gave him experiences he could share in the career for which he was preparing.

After graduating in 2006, Johnson would go on to teach agriculture for seven years. His dedication in his career has led him to take on new opportunities and he is currently serving as an Assistant Principal at North Shore Sr. High School in Galena Park Independent School District. He attributes his success to the lessons he learned while on “The Hill,” particularly the professors who he had the pleasure of learning from. “One CAHS professor that poured into me constantly was Dr. Risch. He probably doesn’t know it, but his wise counsel made me a better student,” said Johnson.

CAHS has played an integral role in developing its alumni, both professionally and personally as Johnson can attest. “PV agriculture treats everyone like family.  The connections you make on the Hill will last a lifetime.” He hopes the college’s impact continues for all future generations.

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