Scientists from Mexico Visit to the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences

On June 29, 2017 a contingent of scientists from the Instituto Tecnologico de Pabellon de Arteaga (ITA) from the state of Aguascalientes in Mexico toured the Cooperative Agriculture Research Center farm on the campus of Prairie View A&M University as part of their tour of the Prairie View A&M University campus. The ITA is one of the 266 member Institutions of the National Technology of Mexico Education System with which Prairie View A&M University has a collaborative working agreement.  Deland Myers also met with representatives from ITA during his Study Abroad class visit with 6 students to Mexico in the spring.

The contingent (Shown in the picture during their visit to CARC International Goat Center) was led by President Humberto Ambriz Delgadillo (arms folded) and included faculty members Edgar Zacarias Moreno (brown shirt), Uriel Luévano Hernández (in the glasses), and Jose Ernesto Olvera Gonzalez (speaking with student).  The group toured the International Goat Research Center with Gary Newton and Alpina Ho-Watson. They also visited the greenhouses and horticulture fields where they met Research Scientists Aruna Weerisooriya and Peter Ampim.

One of CAHS undergraduate student Juan Avendano (shown in picture), who works with Newton, also accompanied the visitors on the tour and was very helpful with explaining the research on the farm given his work experience and command of the Spanish language.  The hope is that this visit will lead to future research collaborations with the ITA and CARC as well as facilitating student and faculty exchanges between the two institutions.

Scientists from Mexico Visit to the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences

Pictured: Mexican Scientists during their visit to one of the Laboratories the Cooperative Agricultural Research Center International Goat Research Center and interaction with Students and Research Scientists.

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