Students’ Goals and Ambitions Met, Challenges and Fears Overcome through CAHS Research

At any given point, so much can be running through the mind of an average student at Prairie View: goals, challenges, fears, and ambitions. However, the students who make the most of their educational career are the ones who seek out and appreciate the wealth of opportunities this institution has to offer.

The Outlook on Agriculture radio show hosts had a chance to speak to one such student and guest, Juan Avendaño. A 26-year-old senior at Prairie View A&M originally from Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico, Avendaño is looking forward to graduating in December 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Agriculture with a concentration in Animal Science. During his time in the CAHS, he has had the chance to be an active member of the Livestock Club and participate on the Livestock Show Team, displaying his skills in the areas of livestock management, roping techniques, and riding proficiency.

One of his most beneficial experiences has been the work in goat genetics and breeding as a research assistant at the world renowned International Goat Research Center located at the University Farm. His exposure to this field of study with scientists such as Gary Newton and Shaye Lewis will lead him on a path to earning his doctorate. He recently competed in the 2016 Pathways Research Symposium which hosts over 900 students from eleven different institutions in the TAMU system. With the help of his research mentors, Avendaño placed 1st for agriculture presentations and 2nd for overall research.

“As soon as I heard about Prairie View, I got excited. As soon as I set foot on the beautiful campus, faculty informed me of all the opportunities available to students,” Avendaño states. “I am thankful to the researchers who have given me the opportunity to work with them. I believe that if I keep working hard, more opportunities will come. Prairie View is a wonderful spot for anyone who is trying to go to college,” he continued.

He is looking forward to using the skill and knowledge he gains to continue his education and participate in future research to progress the field of agriculture.

Submitted by Raymond Thomas, DOMCiT Student Staff