Mentoring the Next Generation of Farmers and Ranchers

Faculty and staff within the Department of Agriculture Nutrition and Human Ecology and the Cooperative Extension Program collaborated on a series of workshops for new and beginning farmers and ranchers interested in production farming and enhancing production efficiencies. The project was funded by a NIFA grant emphasizing practical skillsets and applications needed to manage a small, diverse farm or ranch while exposing participants to the social, ecological and environmental considerations of sustainable production. By participating in the project, participants learned how to market cattle. Upon completion of the requirements, they received a beef quality certification through Texas A&M University’s Beef 706 at College Station.

While this grant expires December 2017, it has already helped students in the CAHS pursuing agriculture degrees. Student participants have included Joshua George, Ronald Charles, Nicholas Turner, Gabriel Phillips, Phillip Boyd, Emory Davis, Philip Harris and Gerry McLLveen. Their participation helps differentiate them from other graduates and enhances the value of their degrees.

Kelley Redmon


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