CAHS Technology Resources Help Get Job Done

New resources are available to assist the CAHS faculty and staff with presentations, research analysis, and professional development. Give these tools a try and contact the department of marketing, communications and IT (DOMCiT) if there are additional resources to add to this list.

As the purveyors of information from a premiere agricultural research center with many opportunities to explore new discoveries, we look to analytics that make sense of an issue to determine the needs of our clientele. According to the makers of the NVivo software, this tool is designed to help organize, analyze and find insights in unstructured or qualitative data such as interviews, open-ended survey responses, articles, social media and web content.
This software tool creates animated videos and presentations that are interactive and engaging. It’s easy to use and especially helpful for reaching youthful audiences or when light-hearted and fun is the message you want to convey. Follow the link and discover The Secret to an Awesome PowToon or take a peek at the creative handiwork of extension colleagues who have already placed their presentations in the webinar series page of the CAHS website.
This exciting resource is a gem for self-guided, on-the-go learning at your convenience. With an iPad or smart phones, you can even turn your car into a mobile seminar session. Learn something new or improve your skills in almost any category from technology, teaching, leadership development, Microsoft software, graphic design plus many more. Some videos include worksheets and transcripts that can enhance any learning style.

Publication Templates
Present a strong consistent image at your next program or presentation with our new editable templates. CAHS branded Flyers, Power Points and Symposium Posters are now available to be downloaded – along with official logos – from the Resources tab of the CAHS website. Branding is a practice, which if followed consistently, gives us an edge in the eyes of our consumers and stakeholders. It says that we are serious about our service.

CAHS faculty and staff can submit a request for access to NVivo, Powtoons, and NVivo licenses are in limited supply and distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

LaRachelle Smith


LaRachelle Smith
Director of Marketing, Communications and Information Technology
(936) 261-5150