Elementary School Day on “The Hill” Comes to the Farm

Dr. Ripendra AwalOn November 18, 2016, PVAMU hosted over 1,400 youth for its Elementary School Day on “The Hill.” A group of about 60 students from Aldine ISD visited the University Farm and were introduced to research and extension activities by CAHS personnel through hands-on activities. Students rotated through the following stations before heading back to the MSC for lunch:

1) Ultrasound and Stethoscopes. Students were introduced to equipment used by veterinarians and also by animal production researchers to evaluate the body conditions of the animals.

2) Water Quality and Quantity. Students examined different types of soil-water content sensors and water quality monitoring devices such as analytical probes.

3) Wellness and Nutrition. Students in this station used a retrofitted standing bike to make smoothies with different healthy ingredients. They were able to peddle their way to a smoothie.

4) Plant Identification and Appreciation. Students were able to see different plants and to examine their major parts, e.g. leaves, roots, shoots, and flowers.

5) Vermiculture. In this station, students had a brief introduction to the process of using worms to decompose organic food waste, turning the waste into a nutrient-rich material capable of supplying necessary nutrients to help sustain plant growth and protect the environment.

Awal Ripendra


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