Leaders Encourage Students to ‘Go Beyond Their Imagination’

Leaders encourage students to Go Beyond Their ImaginationAdvisors for the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences Student Leadership Apprentice Program (S.L.A.P) have received excellent feedback from the apprentices regarding what they are learning and ways they intend to use this knowledge in their academic experience and in preparation for their careers.

October’s workshops began with a presentation facilitated by co-advisors LaRachelle Smith and Danielle Hairston Green entitled “Clarifying Your Vision and Critical Thinking.” This session was designed to help the apprentices set a course to follow and exclude what they are not trying to accomplish. Through a fun game of ‘JENGA,’ the apprentices explored critical thinking and decision-making.SLAP participants playing a game of Jenga

The month ended with an exciting discussion led by QualQuan, LLC, president and Prairie View A&M University Alum, Samuel S. Sampson. During this session the students learned about Root Cause Analysis as well as the importance of data and research. In a creative treadmill exercise demonstration, the students were exposed to the concepts of graphical representation, linear regression, scatterplot, correlation, and extrapolation. The session concluded with a discussion about using data to make informed decisions. Sampson reminded students to “boldly go beyond your imagination!”

In the last sessions of the program, co-advisor Smith presented a discussion on Picking a Platform for Change and the Impact of Collaboration, and Bridgett Ross, Director of the Small Business Development Center, explored the power of Backwards Mapping and Goal Setting.

The SLAP program is a research project designed to help students interested in careers in Agriculture to develop key non-cognitive skills that are essential to early career success.

IRB Protocol: 2016-002

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