Five CAHS Undergraduates Share Research and Study Abroad Experiences in Seminar Series

Michelle Mbia during her presentationRaymond Thomas, Michelle Mbia, Cayla Steemer, Jessica Watts, and Tiffany Latin gave presentations at the CAHS Research Seminar Series on Thursday, October 20, 2016.

Thomas and Latin shared their experiences on their summer study abroad trip to Namibia. Mbia gave a summary of the research study she has been conducting under the supervision of Peter Ampim, Research Scientist, on the response of greenhouse grown Egyptian spinach to three fertilizer rates. Findings of the study will further be fine-tuned and later shared with crop growers around Houston and other metropolitan areas in Texas.  Raymond Thomas during his presentationUnder the supervision of Laura Carson, Research Scientist, and other faculty members across campus, Steemer has been looking at annotations associated with domesticated and endangered animals. Using their experimental method, they hope to unlock new ways to research using bioinformatics.  Watts, who has been working with Shaye Lewis, Research Scientist, shared the results of her study on identifying candidate genes and gene networks important for the establishment and maintenance of spermatogenesis in the goat testes.

These presentations were received very well by the faculty and research scientists present. Students were very excited to share their experience both in research and travel abroad. CAHS students will continue to be more involved in research to strengthen their academic experience. These and other presentations presented during CAHS’ Seminar Series can be viewed using the following link:

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