CAHS Apprentices are Encouraged to Take Calculated Risks

Ali Fares presenting on career development to SLAP participantsThe Student Leadership Apprentice Program (SLAP) had an exciting September with excellent speakers and networking opportunities. Ali Fares, SLAP Executive Mentor, and Associate Director for Research in the Cooperative Agricultural Research Center, engaged the students in a meaningful discussion focused on the importance of setting a professional agenda and the impact that creativity has on their career advancement. Fares shared insight about taking calculated risks: “All great innovators have to stare fear in the face at some point, but they’ll tell you that true innovation begins when failure no longer frightens.” The students were also challenged to share a 2-minute video discussing their core values and to express their thoughts and opinions about their experience in the SLAP program. One apprentice shared “I’m glad I took advantage of this opportunity. I can see the benefits already.”

Dr. Kwaku Addo with SLAP participants after his leadership skills presentationKwaku Addo, SLAP Executive Mentor and Associate Director for Academic Programs and Department Head, closed the month out with a presentation titled “Assessing Leadership Skills”. His session focused on helping students to discover their leadership style, understand the impact of emotional intelligence and identifying and restraining unethical behaviors. Addo shared a quote by Sheri L. Drew, American author and publisher, “True leaders understand that leadership is not about them but about those they serve. It is not about exalting themselves but about lifting others up.” The apprentices walked away feeling empowered and excited about their upcoming lectures.

The next discussion will be held on October 21, 2016. LaRachelle Smith and Danielle Y. Hairston Green, SLAP Co-Advisors, will present a talk titled “Clarifying Your Vision and Critical Thinking”. This session is designed to help the apprentices set a course to follow and identity what they want to accomplish by implementing change or supporting a cause in their community or university.

The SLAP is a research project designed to help students interested in careers in Agriculture develop key non-cognitive skills that are essential to early career success.

IRB Protocol: 2016-002

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