Safe Sitter Training in Bell County

When parents look for someone to watch their children, they want someone who is dependable and responsible. Bell County and Central Texas Housing Consortium offer a Safe Sitter Training course that teaches babysitters the qualities parents seek in having someone care for their children.

Designed for youth age nine and older, the training teaches participants how to:

  • Care for children and infants.
  • Build a babysitting business.
  • Keep the children and sitter safe.
  • Make good decisions and problem solve.
  • Handle emergencies such as injuries, illnesses, and household accidents.
  • Interview for jobs and write resumes.

Safe Sitter Training is an effective tool to jumpstart a pre-teen or teen’s career. The training teaches responsibility, safety, and professionalism. Sheryl Austin, FCS agent in Bell County, believes that such training can help families in various ways. Having a trained, qualified sitter on occasion offers parents time to decompress and focus on other family needs. Once participants complete the course, they are eligible to take the certification exam, and if credentialed, one’s service is in higher demand.

For more information on this Cooperative Extension County Program and others, contact Sheryl Austin at or call (254) 933-5305.

James Palmer


James Palmer, Ph.D.
Interim Dean and Director of Land-Grant Programs
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