Osadeba Omokaro

  • Osadeba Omokaro

Osadeba Omokaro is moving up the ranks in the corporate world to his new position as a District Sales Manager for Monsanto. He will be responsible for the management of personnel who handle product allocations, distribution, and sales. He will now hold roles such as training advisor, account manager, and funding manager.

Message form Osadeba:

I am very excited about this opportunity. I believe I will continue to be very successful and rise to the level of expectations placed upon me, and with God’s help exceed even those expectations. I know without a doubt that Prairie View A&M University is a major contributor to my current achievements. I recognize my abilities and skills have been cultivated on Prairie View’s campus in the College of Agriculture & Human Sciences. Since 2011 I have interned with this company which has lead to me experiencing 14 out of 50 State of the United States in my travels. My first internship was in 2011 where I worked with Ag. Retailers in South & North Dakota although I resided in Brookings, SD. This is where I was exposed to my first corn and soybean fields. I spent a summer working on Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats (S.W.O.T.) Analysis for the districts my manager covered. This was one task I could easily accomplish based off of me learning how to do a (S.W.O.T.) analysis the semester before the internship in Dr. Wash-Jones class. I could honestly say this gave me a advantage over the other interns who struggled with this task. I worked on several other projects that summer, and received an offer to come back to intern the next summer. I would then travel to West Texas, to work with cotton farmers around Lubbock, TX where I relocated to. I was now a team lead of four other interns in the program, and assisted them with their success. We all received offers to return for either internships or full time employment. I followed that summer with my last internship with the company in Omaha, NE. I was honored to be asked to be the program lead for all 39 interns over the U.S.  After, a successful summer I was offered a full time employment opportunity upon graduation. This was my story leading up to my current role with the company, but if it were not for the skills and talents learned at Prairie View and in the College of Agriculture & Human Science I would not be here.

For this I am very thankful for everything I receive along my journey “At The University” (Dr. McGriggs Voice); and to all my fellow panthers especially my AgFam you have the ability to accomplish all I have and more. I didn’t know the answers or the right thing to do, but I knew PV made me a productive person, and I would succeed eventually even if I had set backs along the way.