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Newly hired employees will have to attend a mandatory orientation session on their first day at the University before they report to their respective departments, usually the 1st or the 15th of the month. (View Calendar for orientation dates). The location of the orientation session is determined by the number of new hires attending the session, they are generally hosted in the Harrington Science Building, Room 101, however the location may be subject to change so please contact the Office of Human Resources for details on locations (936-261-1730).Directions to New Employee Orientation. The session is slated to start at 8:00 am and goes until 5:00 p.m. with a break for lunch at noon. The sessions may not go all day, but do plan on being there for most of the day. The following areas are addressed in this orientation session:

  • General information about the University
  • System Policies
  • Employee Assistance Program – (UTEAP)
  • Email and Internet Security
  • Types of leave available to employees
  • Health Benefits
  • Parking
  • Library Services
  • I-9 Documentation (English) (Spanish)
  • Required Online Training Courses
There is certain information that you, the new employee must have in order to complete your orientation session. There are numerous forms that will have to be completed, some of which will require a social security number, so please make sure that if you can’t remember the number that you bring the card with you. One such form will be the I-9, which is a form that is used to verify employment eligibility. The form asks for certain documentation to be presented for review to determine your employment eligibility. On the form, a list of acceptable documents is provided. You can bring one item from “List A” if applicable, however if you have nothing from “List A”, then you will have to provide one from “List B” and “List C” in order to prove your employment eligibility. List of acceptable documents. (English) (Spanish)