PATHWAY to TOTAL You Wellness

  • PV Wellness Expo 2019

Did you know that Prairie View A&M University has an employee wellness program?

Some employees will answer with a resounding “Yes!” but most will probably say “No”. We would like to take a moment to introduce or re-introduce our employee wellness program to our campus community. The “Pathway to Total You Wellness” program was created 5 years ago and highlights the importance of a healthy workforce. The Office of Human Resources plans Wellness events throughout the year and each event focuses on different aspects of wellness. The five main areas of wellness that are the building blocks of our programming: physical, mental, financial, technological and nutritional health. The Office of Human Resources has started a new campaign to engage employees in our wellness program and believe that Wellness Ambassadors are the key!

You might be wondering who a Wellness Ambassador is and what will they do?

Wellness Ambassadors are people who value good health and a holistic life.   People who want to help their co-workers and friends live well, feel good and help foster the spirit of wellness in their works area(s). A Wellness Ambassador is a volunteer member of our faculty/staff who serves as a wellness liaison and assists in promoting employee health and wellness programs within their own departments. Wellness Ambassadors are strategic partners in publicizing the campus wellness programs via emails, newsletters, posters, flyers and personal invitations to their colleagues. Ambassadors will play a vital role in building a better work place by partnering with the Office of Human Resources. Planning, programming of fun and incentivized wellness events, promoting and encouraging employees to participation within their department(s) are key to the Wellness Ambassadors role.  Ambassadors will also help by educating their colleagues on the rich benefit programs the Texas A&M University System provides to its employees and their dependents.

Newly appointed Wellness Ambassadors are scheduled to have their first meeting on February 28, 2019 with the Office of Human Resources. The Ambassadors will learn about their role in promoting a culture of health and wellness among our campus employees. Join us on the “Pathway” to a healthier PVAMU!

For more information on the Wellness Ambassador Program please contact or call the HR Wellness Champions – Monica Hetherington at 936/261-1720 or Patti Toller at 936/261-1727.

5th Annual Employee Wellness Expo  – Healthy Luau!

PV Wellness Luau

PV Wellness Luau, Registration Table

Door prize winners after our event!