Football Stadium & Athletic Field House (Facility) – Status Report (9-10-13)

November 15, 2013

The Football Stadium & Athletic Field House was recently approved by the Board of Regents.  All architects/engineers (A/E) were interviewed on August 5, 2013, with PBK Sports being selected the A/E of record.  A kick-off meeting was held on PVAMU’s campus September 6, 2013 and was comprised of representatives from PVAMU, the A&M System Office of Facilities Planning & Construction, and PBK.

Project Narrative:

The existing Blackshear Stadium will be demolished and a new stadium complex constructed in its location.  The complex will feature a 15,000 seat stadium situated similarly to Blackshear’s current north-south axis, with an athletic facility immediately adjacent to the north.  The stadium façade treatment will defer to the brick palette prevalent on the campus.  Treatment of the athletic facility’s north facing façade and its proximate pedestrian areas should enhance connectivity with existing sports fields and Nicks Arena, further enhancing an athletic quadrant at the southwest corner of campus.

In terms of functional space, the stadium is currently planned to include the following amenities:

  • West side (home) grandstand capacity of 9,000 and east side grandstand capacity of 6,000
    • Covered concourse including concessions
    • Inclusion of up to 500 premium club seats
    • Premium seating level featuring:
      • 10 luxury suites
      • Separate president and athletic director suites
      • Lounge area
      • Commissary or catering kitchen
      • Press level with space for:
        • Television and radio broadcasting
        • Print and digital media booth
        • Home and visiting coaches booths
        • Audio-visual control booth
        • Statistics and replay booths
        • Spectator amenities including:
          • Lobby entry space
          • Concessions and merchandising space

The new athletic facility is planned as a one or two-story facility with views into the event bowl from select offices and areas.  The ticketing management office and sales windows will be located within the athletic facility, with adjacency to the stadium.  All facility interiors will be designed with a Hall of Fame concept in mind, and will showcase imagery and awards from past and current PVAMU athletic triumphs.  The building will include:

  • Academic support space including study hall and small conference rooms
  • Sports medicine suite
  • Four (4) team meeting rooms and expanded strength and conditioning facility for all sports
  • Football dressing room and lounge including:
    • Eight (8) breakout rooms
    • Coaches’ dressing room
    • Equipment and laundry space
    • Men’s and women’s track locker rooms
    • Women’s soccer home locker room
    • Officials’ locker room
    • Football administrative space including
      • Eleven (11) offices
      • Conference room
      • Two (2) large team meeting rooms
      • Athletic administrative space including
        • Director’s office
        • Two (2) assistant offices
        • Conference room
        • Ten (10) other sports offices