The Risk Management & Safety Department is dedicated to assisting the University achieve its first-class status in teaching, research, and impeccable service through efficient and effective support and leadership necessary to implement the various federal, state, and locally required Risk Management & Safety programs, policies and procedures.

Relationship of the Unit’s Mission to the University’s Mission

With PVAMU and the Business Affairs’ Core Values & Mission Statements as our foundation, it is the Risk Management & Safety department’s policy to assist the University achieve its first class status in teaching, research and impeccable service in a safe, responsible manner with respect for the environment and for the well-being of PVAMU’s faculty, staff, students, visitors, and local community. Conserving and protecting natural resources is essential to PVAMUs sustainability as well as the future of the world.

Goals and Objectives

      • Provide Safety Training and Awareness to Students, Faculty and Staff
      • Develop written instruction and guidelines to help accommodate a healthy and safe environment
      • Identify and reduce potentially hazardous conditions
      • Monitor Performance and Compliance (EPA, TDH, DOT & The Texas A&M System)
      • Help Maintain Compliance
      • Assist and Advise Departments on RMS Issues
      • The PVAMU Risk Management & Safety Department is committed to the responsible support necessary to implement the various federal, state, and locally required safety programs and for carrying out the Risk Management & Safety policies and procedures that have been established by PVAMU RMS.

The PVAMU RMS takes a proactive approach and has the authority to abate unsafe conditions or operations within PVAMU when, in the professional opinion of the Director of Risk Management & Safety, or respective safety officer, the condition or operation constitutes an imminent hazard to life and/or property. Other conditions or operations considered not to be of an imminent nature, but in violation of federal, state, local, A&M System or PVAMU standards are recommended for correction through appropriate administrative channels.

RMS will continue to work with administration, academic departments, service departments, clinics, laboratories, and specialized committees for the development and implementation for the continued improvements of the PVAMU safety programs. These programs, listed below, are designed to prevent accidents and to identify and correct risk