Projects Completed

Welcome  Center

New single-story building for welcoming and informing visitors to the University Campus. Building elements include an overhang canopy, offices, multi-purpose gathering space, meeting room, catering kitchen, gallery space, gift shop and building support spaces.

Commuter & Staff Parking Lot Additions

Providing these parking lots will allow vehicular traffic to park in various locations of the campus main core which will help reduce the amount of traffic in transiting areas where pedestrian traffic is prevalent. Shuttle bus service will make the parking lots attractive to students and visitors alike, reducing the requirement for vehicles to enter the campus core. Commuter students will be able to access open parking for easier access to internal campus facilities.

Campus Northeast Road Extension

The street improvements are being proposed to provide safe and better access within the campus for pedestrians and vehicles. Due to the critical role that these roads play for all on the Prairie View A&M University Campus, it is important to address these issues and make improvements so that vehicle and pedestrian traffic can navigate the campus safely and in an efficient manner. Providing this loop extension will allow vehicular traffic to “bypass” streets that are regularly used by students and university personnel. The addition of this street will provide better access and improve safety for the vehicles using the streets, as well as nearby pedestrians.

Fabrication Center

Fabrication Design Center