Projects Under Construction

Farrell Hall Dinning Renovation

To renovate Farrell Hall to a Resident Dining Hall.

Panther Collaboration and Innovation Commons

The new Panther Collaboration and Innovation Commons—located on the third floor of the J.B. Coleman Library—is designed for students to engage in all areas of digital media in one location.  Called Panther C.I.C. for short, the area will provide digital resources needed for course work, research, and experience for future employment in digital video and audio, images and animation, digital presentations and mor

Road Improvements

This project has focused on improving the quality of the university roads. Re-striping and hole repairs.

Military ROTC Building

Construct a new Military Service Building for Army, Navy and Air Force ROTC's. The facility will include classrooms, computer lab, Navy simulation computer lab, offices, armory for non-active firearms and supply storeroom.

New University Police Department

An Emergency Response Coordination Center and University Police Facility



Upcoming Projects

Texas Institute for Preservation of Museum

This project will assist with documenting the complete history of African American Texans. African descendants have had a presence in Texas for almost 500 years, maybe longer. The territory was the northernmost area of New Spain (Mexico) in 1528 when Esteban (Estevanico), a Moroccan Moor servant, waded ashore with a group of Spanish conquistadors near what is now Galveston Island and established himself as the first known African in what would become Texas. Since, African Americans have contributed significantly in all facets of the building of the Lone Star State — its infrastructure, image, and culture. For that, the Texas Institute for the Preservation of History and Culture is charting every aspect of the black experience in Texas as an online encyclopedia.

Campus Beautification

(1) a landscape median on University Drive to create a new and improved appearance as visitors approach the main campus entrance; (2) a reflecting pool north of the JB Coleman Library; (3) an improved gathering place for students with event stage in the center corridor of campus; and (4) a planting enhancement for the gateway to the engineering complex corridor.

Energy Consumption Reduction Project

The Addition of metering on all delivered systems (natural gas, heat, chilled water, domestic water, and electric), revamping of all interior and exterior lighting with LED / energy efficient lighting, and upgrade of thermal systems and controls to reduce cost and increase life cycle.

Intramural Fields

Development of athletic fields to support outdoor intramural sports activities