New Spaces/Moves

Request for New Space or Moves

Campus Planning uses a formalized space request process to support the successful delivery of projects that impact University space utilization and growth. This process provides clarity and transparency as Campus Planning guides users through request initiation, approval, project review, execution and closeout.

All requests for additional space or facility must be made on the Space Request Form. The form should be used for requesting any type of space and/or facility not currently allocated to the requesting unit.

Each form sent to the Department of Campus Planning must be approved and signed by the responsible Dean, Director or Vice President. The request will be evaluated by the Campus Planning Department in coordination with the Requestor, and recommendation will be forwarded to the Associate Vice President of Business Services and Senior Vice President for Business Affairs for consideration.

If renovation or new construction cost are required as part of the space request, the Office of Campus Planning will coordinate scope definition and cost estimates as part of the review process. The requesting department must fund all work associated with the new space or renovation being requested. This cost includes the actual move of all new equipment and the cost of all construction and renovation requests.