Tailgating Safety

Tailgating Safety Requirements

  • Tailgating will be only allowed in the area of Blackshear Stadium and areas designated by The University Parking Department.
  • Tailgating will be limited to your parking spot and space directly and your vehicle onto the drive lane, but you cannot block traffic flow in the driving lane.
  • Fans can purchase additional parking hangtags for tailgating space/area.
  • RV’s must be parked in designated RV areas in each lot.
  • Please use the charcoal waste receptacles provided to dispose of your hot charcoal.  See attached diagram/map.

Prairie View A&M University will conform to all Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission laws, including the section that prohibits the public consumption of alcoholic beverages outside of licensed areas on Sunday prior to 12:00 p.m.

Fire Safety Requirements

  • Fire Extinguisher: Minimum rating 5 lb. ABC/ must be fully charged and be accessible at all times. The Safety Office will conduct safety check.
  • Charcoal:  Must be match light or quick light.  Only approved starter fluid may be used.  No other type or means of starter fluid will be allowed.  Provide a metal pan under BBQ pit to prevent ashes from falling onto the ground; deposit used coals in the bins provided; do not throw trash in these containers.
  • All beverages must be in a can or cup.  No glass containers will be allowed.
  • Propane:  Ensure connections are tight to prevent leaks; drippings from gas grills must not fall onto the ground.
  • Trash:  Keep area clear of trash; avoid allowing trash to accumulate around BBQ pits; deposit trash into dumpster, not in ash bins.
  • Pit Safety:  Keep combustible material at least three feet (3’) away from pits; placement of pits should be such that passers-by cannot come into contact with the pit; watch for children playing in the area; do not leave burning pits unattended; do not place hot pits or coals in or under your vehicle; allow time for pits to cool.

Generators:  Use of generators is allowed, however fuel must be stored in an approved metal safety can with spring loaded lid and flashback guard.

For questions/concerns, contact the Parking Management Office at (936) 261-1701.  To purchase, click here.