drawn image of car with police ticketingHOW TO AVOID CITATIONS

It is not difficult to avoid parking citations. Please read and follow these simple rules; they will save you money!


…do not drive and/or park on campus. Visitors make sure that you stop and check in at the Information Center located at the entrance of the campus.


  • Carefully read the signage for parking spot you are in. All spaces on campus require a permit. If there is no sign in front of the space, then refer to the sign at the entrance of the parking lot.
  • DO NOT PARK in spaces designated for persons with disabilities unless you have the proper permit. The University strongly supports ADA and fines are issued to cars parked illegally in these spaces.
    NOTE: Spaces designated for persons with disabilities are so designated at all times.
  • Be sure to properly display your permit. All hangtags should be suspended from the vehicle’s rearview mirror with the entire permit visible through the front windshield from outside the vehicle. Motorcycles permits are self-adhering and must be permanently affixed to the rear of the bike, as close to the license plate as possible. You will be issued a citation if the parking attendant or officer cannot see your permit. See permits for how to display your decal.
  • Do not park against the flow of traffic.
  • Permits are valid in certain areas. Do not park in an area marked for another permit type.


Parked Illegally: $100.00

  • Parked in Handicapped Space
  • Parked in Tow Away Zone
  • Parked in Fire or Emergency Zone
  • No Parking Anytime Zone
  • Parked on Driveway
  • Parked by Fire Hydrant
  • Parked in Reserved Space
  • Parked on the Side Walk
  • Parked on Grass

Falsifying Hangtags: $200.00

  • False Hangtag
  • Stolen Decal

Moving Violation: $125.00

  • Ran Stop Sign
  • Unsafe Speed
  • Driving on Sidewalk & Closed Streets

Faculty/Staff Lot: $50.00

  • Parked in Faculty & Staff Lot
  • Parked in Reserved Area
  • Double Parked

Non-Moving Violation: $25.00 (per violation)

  • Parked on Street
  • Parked in Restricted Lot
  • Expired Decal
  • Decal Improperly Displayed
  • Decal Not Displayed
  • Abandoned Vehicle