Volunteers Needed!!!

KPVU is committed to the community through various fundraising and promotional events.  We conduct membership campaigns during the year and partner in the community for a variety of events.  Volunteers are always welcomed throughout the year!!! Your volunteering helps to enhance KPVU’s delivery of services, community outreach, student development/training and On-air programming.

Campaign Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

  • Top Volunteers: (Organization/Individual) will both receive on-air top recognition.
  • Top Individual: awarded special KPVU promotional gifts.

Please fill out the following form to register for volunteering :

  • Waiver
    I certify that I am offering my services to The Texas A&M University System and/or one of its universities or agencies on a volunteer basis. I understand that I will receive no pay, benefits or other privileges of employment of any kind for my services. I further understand that I am not eligible for worker’s compensation benefits if I am injured or become ill as a result of my volunteer work, and I am not eligible for unemployment compensation benefits when my volunteer assignment ends. I also certify that I have not been promised and have no expectation that I will receive a paid position as a result of my volunteer work.

For additional information, please contact the KPVU Development Office at (936) 261-3756

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