Collegiate License

Mission Statement:
The Licensing Program mission is to ensure that the visual image and reputation of the University is preserved at all times.  All uses of the trademarks associated with Prairie View A&M University are approved and monitored through the Licensing Program. The Office of Public Relations also assist with monitoring the usage of the word marks and logos printed on materials throughout the campus.

Prairie View A&M University has partnered with Learfield Licensing for our primary license company. SMA was founded in 1997 and has become a leader in collegiate licensing.

Businesses/Individuals interested in using Prairie View A&M logo and/or marks must be licensed through Strategic Marketing Affiliates.

The main objectives for Licensing are the three “P’s”:
Protection: The trademark licensing program serves to protect the reputation of the University by ensuring that only approved representations of the University marks appear before the public and that goods bearing these marks are of approved quality.

Promotion: Trademarks licensed products bearing logos and graphics that suggest quality and excellence play a major role in recruiting students and faculty, garnering alumni support and establishing a distinction among schools.

Profit: Royalties generated help offset costs of the licensing program and provide an added source of revenue to support other programs such as scholarships and other underfunded areas.

Visual Guidelines for license