Army ROTC – Training

The experience and training provided by Army ROTC separates ROTC graduates from their peers. Army ROTC Cadets are taught to be leaders and are provided hands-on experience in managing physical, financial, and human resources. Our cadets often possess a higher level of self-confidence and superior decision-making skills. The challenge of developing leaders to manage resources and command units equipped with state-of-the-art equipment forms the basic foundation of the military science curriculum. Some of these activities include rappelling demonstrations, ranger weekends, road marches, leadership exercises, adventure training, land navigation exercises, patrolling, survival skills training, and Ranger Challenge – a varsity-level team that competes against other universities in military skills events. Click on Campus Training to view some of the training events we conduct every week during the academic school year.

Leadership Training Course (CIET)

Students without any prior military service may receive constructive credit for the basic course by attending and successfully completing a summer internship called the Leader’s Training Course at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The internship is a four-week training program conducted during the summer months and is designed to orient students to the U.S. Army.  Participants will receive approximately $900 for the internship. Students not enrolled in ROTC and who have completed a minimum of sixty credit (60) hours may attend the Leader’s Training Course. Students who successfully complete the training can receive four (4) hours of constructive credit and qualify for an Army ROTC two-year scholarship. For more information check out the Leader’s Training Course (LTC) website.

Cadet Leadership Course (CLC)

A student who demonstrates the potential to become army officer and who meet the physical and scholastic standards are eligible to enroll in the Advanced Course. It covers the final two years of college and includes a five-week course held during the summer between the junior and senior years. Cadets receive instruction in management, tactics, professionalism, ethics, and advanced leadership skills. While enrolled in this course, a cadet receives a stipend ranging from $300-$500 per month for up to 10 months of the school year and approximately $900 for attending the Cadet Leadership Course (CLC), known as Warrior Forge. For more information check out the Cadet Leadership Course website.

Other Training

We also have several schools that you may apply for:


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