Academic Affairs Technology Council

The Academic Affairs Technology Council is the technology governing and managing body for Academic Affairs. The committee is charged with informing and advising the Office of Academic Affairs in the advancement of technology and technical services related to the functional delivery of a rigorous 21st century education to ensure faculty/staff/administrator/students are attuned to and prepared in technology utilization for their respective fields. In addition, the AATC will serve as the Academic Affairs advisory team to the Information Technology Governance Committee.

The primary responsibilities include:

  1. Developing and updating the Academic Technology Strategic Plan to set goals for recommending, advising on and monitoring progress towards long-range strategic planning technology and resources.
  2. Serving as a forum for the interaction of campus service providers and their user communities by monitoring the various aspects of campus usage, and by periodically soliciting the feedback of users.
  3. Advising the Academic community of opportunities to share technology across all-Academic units.
  4. Regularly updating bylaws and procedures for Academic Technology information support across campus
  5. Reviewing actual and proposed changes in the administrative structures that support information technology and resources.
  6. Formulating statements of general policy related to information technology and resources.
  7. Recommending, advising on, and monitoring the progress towards the improvement of campus information technology literacy through the training of campus personnel.
  8. Undertaking other activities it considers appropriate to foster and promote the effective and efficient use of information technologies and resources.
  9. Identifying training and development needs for Academic Affairs that include an Annual Technology Summit.

Current focus:


The Academic Affairs Technology Council meets the 2nd Thursday of every month at 2:00pm – 3:30pm. The council is chaired by Demitris Cambric, Executive Director for Academic Technologies (non-voting member). Members of this Council include:

Jamila Clayton
Office of Academic Engagement and Student Success

Mr. Chris Galvez
College of Engineering

Dr. Charles Grear
Social Work, Behavioral and Political Science

Ms. Stephanie Holmes
Distance Learning

Mr. Isaac Smith
College of Nursing

Ms. Ruby Stevens-Morgan
Institutional Research

Dr. Jennifer Erdely
Languages and Communications

Ms. Kimberly Gay
John B. Coleman Library

Mr. Kenneth Hines
College of Business

Dr. Cleveland Lane

Mr. Pankaj Chhetri
School of Architecture

Ms. Joy Thomas
Financial Aid

Dr. Sherri Frizell
Computer Science

Dr. Carmen Carter
Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Dr. Lisa Hobson
Faculty Senate

Mr. Kenyatta Simmons
Office of Recruitment and Marketing

Dr. Ashwani Srivastava
College of Agriculture and Human Sciences

Dr. James Valles
College of Arts & Sciences


Ellucian Degree Works

Ellucian Degree Works is an easy-to-use set of online academic planning tools that help students and advisors see what courses and requirements students need to graduate. It integrates with student information systems, and records interactions with students – so you can see what they see.

Implementation began on October 12, 2015, and was successfully launched in March 2016.

Ellucian CRM Recruiter

Ellucian Recruiter is more than a central point of management. It’s a powerful set of student recruitment software and analytical tools that tracks performance against desired results—and builds stronger relationships with your desired students.

Implementation began in November 2015, and was successfully launched in July 2017 for Fall 2018 recruiting.

Ellucian CRM Advise (Pilot)

Ellucian Pilot is more than an academic planning tool. It’s a powerful solution that lets you define your own priorities, customize functions to meet your needs, and automate manual administrative work so you can invest your time and resources where they count the most. With Ellucian Pilot, you can see every facet of a student’s experience and track success by cohort, course, degree/program, or any other customized view. Then you can share that information with every department on campus to deliver meaningful, personal, and coordinated support.

Implementation began on December 18, 2014, and was successfully launched in January 2016.

Leepfrog – CourseLeaf Curriculum

CourseLeaf Curriculum (CIM) is a course inventory and curriculum management platform, with customized online forms and automated workflows, designed to ensure accuracy across an institution’s courses and programs. CIM automatically reports the impacts of curriculum changes, exchanges information with student information systems and tightly integrates with CourseLeaf Catalog.

Implementation began in January 2014, and was successfully launched in Fall 2016.