Core Curriculum Committee


James Palmer, Associate Professor, English (Chair)
Sarah Wakefield, Associate Professor, English (Co-Chair)
Camille Gibson, Associate Professor, Justice Studies (Co-Chair)
Jian-Ao Lian, Professor, Mathematics
Michael Nojeim, Associate Professor, Political Science
Toniesha Taylor, Assistant Professor, Communication
Tracey Moore, Visiting Assistant Professor, Art
Teresa Hughes, Visiting Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
Peter Metofe, Visiting Assistant Professor, Psychology
Alphonso Keaton, Associate Professor, Biology
Barry Norwood, Associate Professor, Architecture
Philisie Washington, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Hock Chong, Associate Professor, Business
Suxia Cui, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
Milton Daley, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Cooperative Agriculture Research Center
Denise Simmons, Student Conduct Officer, Student Affairs
Ashley Williams, Student
Abimbola Daramola, Student


  • Gather information and data from faculty, staff, alumni, and students regarding Core 2014
  • Distribute data to all stakeholders for review
  • Host focus group meetings with students and faculty to assist with new core selection
  • Review all component area proposals through task forces and as a full committee and offer feedback to units during first round of review
  • Narrow proposal pool to reasonable number consistent with THECB transferability rules
  • Make recommendation on new core to the University Academic Council, after
    • Examining recommendations from Core Curriculum Task Forces
    • Ensuring alignment of courses with core objectives for each component area
    • Ensuring assessments are in place for courses and outcomes
    • Ensuring that data will be collected
    • Reviewing assessment data collected previously, if course is in current core, as a way to narrow potential core pool
    • Reviewing all syllabi
  • Assist with Core Proficiency Survey and GESA assessments of graduating seniors
  • Assist with selection and implementation of national assessment instrument such as ETS Proficiency Profile

Component Area Review:

Eight Component Area Task Forces:

  • Review core request forms for the following:
    • 1) Required core objectives are taught and reinforced;
    • 2) Required objectives are to assessed in meaningful and measurable ways;
    • 3) TCCNs are correct/reasonable (see form from Lenice Brown);
    • 4) University Academic Council (UAC) Forms and documentation are attached, if unit is proposing a new course or an existing course will be revised.
  • Review course syllabus for the following:
    • 1) Student learning outcomes are clear and aligned with required core objectives;
    • 2) Course title and description match those listed on Core Request Forms, UAC Form, and current Undergraduate Catalog, if applicable
    • 3) Course assignments are described in detail and align with required core objectives;
    • 4) Course outline demonstrates when assignments are due.