Vol. 12, Issue 1 (June 2017)

Applications and Applied Mathematics:
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Vol. 12, Issue 1, (June 2017)                                                 pp.1-632


 (1)       S. Pazhani Bala Murugan and K. Santhi
An M/G/1 Retrial Queue with Single Working Vacation,
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(2)        Soumia Dani, Abdeldjebbar Kandouci, & Amina Angelika Bouchentouf
Conditional full support for Fractional Brownian Motion,
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(3)        M. Mursaleen
Generalized statistical summability of double sequences and Korovkin type approximation theorem,
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(4)        Yater Tato and B. K. Singh
Exponential Chain Dual to Ratio cum Dual to Product Estimator for Finite Population Mean in Double Sampling Scheme, 46-69
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(5)        Kien Trung Nguyen, Pham Van Chien, Ly Hong Hai and Huynh Duc Quoc
A Simple Linear Time Algorithm for Computing a 1-Median on Cactus Graphs, 70-77
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(6)        Rahman Farnoosh, Mahtab Hajebi and Seyed Javad Mortazavi
A Semiparametric Estimation for the Nonlinear Vector Autoregressive Time Series Model
, 78-97
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 (7)       M. Jani, D. Bhatta and S. Javadi
Numerical solution of fractional integro-differential equations with nonlocal conditions
, 98-111
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(8)        Gunvant A. Birajdar and M.M. Rashidi
Finite Difference Schemes for Variable Order Time-Fractional First Initial Boundary Value Problems
, 112-135
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 (9)       Mozhgan Akbari
Application of Kudryashov method for the Ito equations,
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(10)      F.R. Setudeh and N. Kouhestani
On (Semi) Topological BCC-algebras,
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(11)      Khadijeh Sadri and Hamideh Ebrahimi
Numerical Study of Soliton Solutions of KdV, Boussinesq, and Kaup{Kuperschmidt Equations Based on Jacobi Polynomials,
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(12)      M.S. Dada and S.O. Salawu
Lie Group Analysis of Heat and Mass Transfer of an Inclined Magnetic Field Pressure-driven Flow Past a Permeable Plate
, 189-200
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(13)         U.S. Rana  and  Robin
Effect of Damping and Thermal Gradient on Vibrations of Orthotropic Rectangular Plate of Variable Thickness
,  201-216
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(14)      Nezam Iraniparast, Lan Nguyen and Mikhail Khenner
Asympotic Behavior of Waxes in a Nonuniform Medium,
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(15)      R. Ponraj, Rajpal Singh and S. Sathish Narayanan
4-Prime cordiality of some cycle related graphs
, 230-240
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(16)      T. Muthuraji and S. Sriram
Representation and Decomposition of an Intuitionistic Fuzzy Matrix Using Some (
a,a) Cuts, 241-258
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(17)      A. Mohan RamiReddy, J. V. Ramana Reddy, N. Sandeep and V. Sugunamma
Effect of Nonlinear Thermal Radiation on MHD Chemically Reacting Maxwell Fluid Flow Past a Linearly Stretching Sheet
, 259-274
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(18)      Gaj Ram Damai and Prakash Muni Bajracharya
Frechet Differentiable Norm and Locally Uniformly Rotund Renormings, 275-290
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(19)         A. Malek and A. Hoque
Hematocrit Level on Blood flow through a Stenosed Artery with Permeable Wall: A Theoretical Study
, 291-304
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(20)      Anju Saini, V.K. Katiyar and Pratibha
Two-dimensional model of nano particle deposition in the alveolar ducts of the human lung
, 305-318
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(21)      Rajneesh Kumar, Nidhi Sharma, Parveen Lata and S. M. Abo-Dahab
Mathematical modelling of Stoneley wave in a transversely isotropic thermoelastic media
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 (22)     B. K. Dass and Rashmi Verma
Construction of m-Repeated Burst Error Detecting and Correcting  Non-binary Linear Codes
,  337-349
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(23)      Moulipriya Sarkar, Tapasi Das and R.N.Mukherjee
Bifurcation and Stability of Prey-Predator Model with Beddington-DeAngelis Functional Response
,  350-366
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(24)      Ayman Shehata
Some relations on generalized Rice’s matrix polynomials
, 367-391
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 (25)     M. M. Khader
Application of Taylor-Padé technique for obtaining approximate solution for system of linear Fredholm integro-differential equations
, 392-404
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(26)      Hadi Rezazadeh, Farid Samsami Khodadad and Jalil Manafian
New structure for exact solutions of nonlinear time fractional Sharma-Tasso-Olver equation via conformable fractional derivative
, 405-414
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(27)         M. R. Hassan, Md. Aminul Hassan2and M. Z. Ali
Stability of Triangular Liberation Points in the Sun – Jupiter System under Szebehely’s Criterion
, 415-432
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 (28)     E. M. Solouma
Two dimensional kinematic surface in Lorentz-Minkowski 5-space with constant scalar curvature
, 433-444
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(29)      M. Mousa-Abadian and S. H. Momeni-Masuleh
Numerical solution of linear time delay systems using Chebyshev-tau spectral method,
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(30)      Fuat Usta
Numerical solution of fractional elliptic PDE’s by the collocation method
,  470-478
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(31)      Vinay Kumar, Beena R Gupta and Rajiv Aggarwal
Numerical Simulation of the Phase Space of Jupiter-Europa System Including the Effect of Oblateness,
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(32)      Hassan Kamil Jassim
A Novel Approach for Solving
Volterra Integral Equations Involving Local Fractional Operator, 496-505
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 (33)        P. L. Sharma, Shalini Gupta and Mansi Rehan
On Circulate-Like Rhotrices over Finite Fields
, 506-520
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 (34)     Reza Pourgholi, Amin Esfahani, and Hassan Dana Mazraeh
Inverse Problem for a Parabolic System
, 521-539
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(35)     Nirmala P. Ratchagar and R. Vijayakumar
Effect of Buoyancy and Magnetic Field on Unsteady Convective Diffusion of Solute in a Business Stokes
Suspension Bounded by Porous Beds, 540-563
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(36)      Ahmed Ali Al-Gonah and Fatima Mohammed Al-Samadi
Some properties of certain mixed type special matrix functions and polynomials
, 564-582
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(37)      B. Johnson
Private Absorbant of Generalized de Bruijn Digraphs
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 (38)     Nasir Taghizadeh, Mozhgan Akbari, & Parirokh Esmaeelnejhad
Application of Bernoulli Sub-ODE Method For Finding Traveling Wave Solutions of Schrodinger Equation Power Law Nonlinearity
,   596-603
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(39)      S. K. Vaidya and S. H. Karkar
On Strong Domination Number of Graphs,
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 (40)     V. R. Manthena, N. K. Lamba, G. D. Kedar
Thermal stress analysis in a functionally graded hollow elliptic-cylinder subjected to uniform temperature distribution
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