UAP/Rule Updates

Approved PVAMU Rules:

Rule 31.05.01.P1 Faculty Consulting and External Professional Employment

Rule 33.99.08.P1 Student Employment

Approved PVAMU Administrative Procedures:

UAP 11.03.99.P0.01 Shortened Courses

UAP 21.01.02.P0.03 Credit Card Collections Security (PCI)

UAP 21.05.01.P0.01 Gifts, Donations, Grants & Endowments

UAP 24.01.01.P0.01 University Golf Cart and Service Vehicle Safety

UAP 24.01.01.P0.02 Health, Safety, and Environmental Management Programs

UAP 24.01.01.P0.03 Lab Hood Inspections

UAP 24.01.01.P0.04 Incinerator Usage

UAP 24.01.01.P0.05 Chemical and Biological Safety Responsibility

UAP 24.01.01.P0.06 Use of Protective Equipment

UAP 24.01.01.P0.08 Employee Safety Responsibility

UAP 24.01.01.P0.09 Hazard Communication (HazCom) Program

UAP 24.01.01.P0.10 Laboratory Decommissioning

UAP 29.01.03.P0.01 Information Resources-Administrator Special Access

UAP 29.01.03.P0.03 Information Resources Email Usage

UAP 29.01.03.P0.04 Information Resources-Intrusion Detection

UAP 29.01.03.P0.12 Information Resources-Security Monitoring

UAP 29.01.03.P0.24 Information Resources-Firewalls

UAP 29.01.03.P0.26 Information Resources-System Development and Acquisition

UAP 33.99.01.P0.01 Employment Practices

UAP 33.99.08.P0.01 Student Employment

UAP 33.99.99.P0.02 Organizational Accountability

Deleted PVAMU Rules

Rule 01.01.01.P1 Development and Publication of Rules

Rule 01.01.01.P2 Development and Publication of Administrative Procedures

Rule 21.99.03.P1 Gifts, Grants, Loans and Bequests

Rule 24.01.01.P1 Hazardous Communication Program

Rule 24.01.04.P1 Environmental Health and Safety Program

Deleted PVAMU Administrative Procedures

UAP 07.03.99.P0.01 Conflicts of Interest, Dual Office Holding and Political Activities

UAP 13.99.99.P0.01 Installment Carrying Fee

UAP 13.99.99.P0.02 Installment Late Fee

UAP 13.99.99.P0.03 Release of Fiscal Holds

UAP 13.99.99.P0.04 Dropping Students for Non-Payment

UAP 13.99.99.P0.05 Delayed Disbursement

UAP 13.99.99.P0.06 Administrative Pending

UAP 13.99.99.P0.08 Scholarships, Fellowships, Assistantships and Stipends

UAP 13.99.99.P0.10 Book Vouchers

UAP 13.99.99.P0.11 Criteria for State Funded Scholarships

UAP 13.99.99.P0.12 Tuition Rebates for Certain Undergraduates

UAP 13.99.99.P0.13 International Education Finance Aid Fund

UAP 13.99.99.P0.15 Student Grievance Procedures

UAP 13.99.99.P0.16 Lab and Equipment Access Fees

UAP 15.01.99.P0.01 Research Agreements

UAP 18.99.99.P0.01 Affiliated Fund Raising Organizations

UAP 21.01.01.P0.01 Monthly Financial Statements

UAP 21.01.02.P0.01 Cash Receipts

UAP 21.01.04.P0.02 Working Fund

UAP 21.01.04.P0.03 Returned Checks

UAP 21.05.01.P0.02 Matching Gifts

UAP 21.99.99.P0.02 Purchase Orders

UAP 24.01.01.P0.07 First-Aid Kits and Training

UAP 25.99.01.P0.01 Unallowable Purchases

UAP 25.99.99.P0.02 Food Purchases

UAP 25.99.99.P0.03 Independent Contractor Services

UAP 25.99.01.P0.04 Request for Proposal

UAP 25.99.01.P0.05 Membership Fees

UAP 27.04.99.P0.02 Form 500 Personnel/Budget Action Request

UAP 27.04.99.P0.04 Preparation Report Biweekly Payroll

UAP 31.02.02.P0.01 Determination of Employee Work Status

UAP 31.03.02.P0.01 Sick Leave

UAP 31.03.05.P0.01 Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Vacation

UAP 31.03.99.P0.01 Lump Sum Termination Pay

UAP 33.04.01.P0.01 Security and Use of Golf Carts

UAP 33.04.01.P0.05 Financial Accounting Management Information System (FAMIS) Access and Security

UAP 33.04.01.P0.06 Administration of Sponsored Programs

UAP 33.05.02.P0.01 Employee Training

UAP 33.99.02.P0.01 E-Verification Procedures

UAP 33.99.14.P0.01 Criminal History Investigations

UAP 33.99.99.P0.06 Acceptance of Personal Gifts by Employees

UAP 33.99.99.P0.07 Smoking

UAP 33.99.99.P0.10 Classified Pay Plan

UAP 33.99.99.P0.12 Staff Development Program

UAP 33.99.99.P0.15 Contract Workforce

UAP 33.99.99.P0.16 Employment in Security Sensitive Positions

UAP 45.01.99.P0.01 Parking and Traffic Regulations

UAP 50.99.99.P0.01 Travel Approvals and Reimbursements

UAP 50.99.99.P0.02 Travel Advances

UAP 50.99.P0.03 Travel Regulations and Training

UAP 50.99.P0.04 Travel Contracts

UAP 50.99.P0.05 Central Billing Account

UAP 50.99.P0.06 Student Travel Procedures

UAP 50.99.P0.07 Local Travel Fund Allowance Guidance

UAP 50.99.P0.08 Corporate Credit Card

UAP 61.99.99.P0.02 Written Communication to Outside Agencies


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