Remote TSI Testing

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What is Remote Testing?

Remote testing allows PVAMU students to take the TSI Assessment at a college or university close to their homes. Remote Testing is available for all students who are located outside of the Prairie View Area and cannot take the TSI Assessment on the main campus and is especially useful for out-of-state students.

PLEASE CLICK the following link to find testing locations in your state: Remote Testing Sites

What are my options if I do not see a Remote Testing location on the Pre-Approved Remote Testing Site List?

If there is NOT a Pre-Approved site in your area, you will need to call a local college or university and see if they will proctor the exam for you. Please note that Remote Testing does not cost the proctoring institution any materials. ALL login information will be provided by the PVAMU Testing Center and our materials will be used. It is very important that proctoring testing centers are aware of this as it will make them more likely to allow you to test using their facilities.

If a proctoring institution says YES, you must obtain their contact information (University Name, Contact Name, Phone Number, and Email) and include it in the registration form.

If you cannot find an institution to proctor the exam, please call or email the PVAMU testing Center.

How the Remote Testing Process Works?

  1. Exam is registered and paid for through the PVAMU testing center.
  2. Registration and payment are process, and Remote Voucher is sent to the proctoring institutions testing center
  3. Student receives an email from about Remote Voucher.
  4. Once Remote Voucher email has arrived, Students can call and make an appointment with proctoring institution
  5. Student takes the exam
  6. Once exam is completed, TSI results are inputted into the system by the TSI office.

BE AWARE that in addition to the PVAMU cost for the exam ($10/section), the institution administering the exam may charge an additional administration (proctoring) fee that students are responsible to pay.

Remote Testing Guidelines

  • Out of state students are only permitted to test at a community college, technical/vocational school or four year university. Students will NOT BE permitted to test at any of the following: high schools, public libraries, for-profit testing centers or any other location not approved by the PVAMU Testing Office.
  • Students who are out of the country living on US military bases may contact us about testing with the DOD testing centers located on your base and approval will be determined on a case by case basis. 


Please note, if you do not pay for your exam via the PV Marketplace, your registration form will not be processed.

Please note that Registration forms are not processed automatically. If you have not received a confirmation email within 72 hours of your registration, please check your SPAM or JUNK mail, or send an email to

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