Remote TSI Assessment

Pre-approved Remote Testing Locations

Remote TSI Assessment Requests are processed on Friday’s during regular business hours.

If you are not choosing a school from the pre-approved list of exam sites, you must speak to your local test center and obtain their contact information (Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail) to place in this form. You are responsible for locating a school that is willing to administer this exam for you.

Remote testing is generally for incoming/transfer students who reside out of state. In-state students may also remote test if they choose. BE AWARE that in addition to the PVAMU cost for the exam ($10/section), the institution administering the exam may charge an additional administration/proctoring fee that students are responsible for. Out of state students are only permitted to test at a community college, technical/vocational school or four year university. Students will not be permitted to test at any of the following: high schools, public libraries, for-profit testing centers or any other location not approved by the PVAMU Testing Office. Students who are out of the country living on US military bases may contact us about testing with the DOD testing centers located on your base and approval will be determined on a case by case basis. 

Remote testing does not cost the testing institution any test materials. ALL login information will be provided by our testing office and our materials will be used. It is very important that testing offices are aware of this as it will make them more likely to allow you to test using their facilities.

DO NOT REGISTER FOR THIS EXAM IF YOU WANT TO TAKE IT ON THE PVAMU CAMPUS. To take exams on the PVAMU campus, please click here.

All payments will need to be made online via the PV Marketplace before testing instructions will be sent to the receiving institution.

This test is required by the University to all students who have not met the minimum TSI requirements for exemption. The exemption requirements are as follows:

ACT Test scores: a Composite score of 23 AND a minimum of 19 in Verbal and Math
SAT Test scores: a Combined Math/Verbal score of 1070 AND a minimum of 500 in Verbal and Math

You may also fulfill the requirements by taking and passing any of the following exams:

Before August 26, 2013

THEA Test scores: Reading – 230  Math – 230  Writing – 220
COMPASS Test scores: Reading – 81  Algebra – 39  Writing – 6 Essay OR 5 Essay AND 59 Multiple Choice
ACCUPLACER Test scores: Reading – 78  Elem Algebra – 63  Writing – 6 Essay OR 5 Essay AND 80 Multiple Choice
ASSET Test scores: Reading – 41  Elem Algebra – 38  Writing – 6 Essay OR 5 Essay AND 80 Multiple Choice

After August 26, 2013

TSI Assessment scores: Reading – 351 Math 350 Writing 5 Essay OR 4 Essay AND 363 Multiple Choice

Effective August 26, 2013 the state of Texas has replaced all previously accepted Placement Exams with ONE exam called the TSI Assessment. This new exam is required by all students who do not meet a previously approved exemption.

You will be redirected to the payment site upon completion of the form.
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