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HESI A2 Exam – Retest

You may only retest if you have approval from the Pre-Nursing Office. We must have this form on file before your registration will be processed. 


NO RETESTS WILL BE GIVEN without approval.

Applicants MAY NOT take or RETAKE the exam anywhere other than the APPROVED locations which include the national Prometrics locations and on the main PVAMU campus through the office of testing. Locations for the Houston area can be found here.

Test Date





# of seats

Registration Deadline

2/24/17 HESI A2 RETEST Delco Bldg 101 12:00 PM 30 2/17/17
2/27/17 HESI A2 RETEST Delco Bldg 101 12:00 PM 30 2/20/17

Information & Questions

Once you have registered and paid for your exam, you will need to go to https://evolve.elsevier.com/exam to create your Evolve username and password. You must bring this user name and password to the exam and any retests. Please use your eight (8) digit PVID # (Pxxxxxxxx) and your PVAMU e-mail (xxx@student.pvamu.edu) when creating your Evolve account.  Without this information, your scores will be delayed.


PVAMU Main Campus – Delco Building – Room 101

PVAMU Nursing Campus – Room 928

Additional Information

  • A photo ID is required for check-in.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to start of exam.
  • You will be provided scratch paper and a pencil.
  • Additional resources, such as a conversion table or periodic table, will not be provided.

Prohibited Items

  • Any device capable of recording audio, photographic or video content, or capable of viewing or playing back such content
  • Calculators (a calculator function is built into the software for some exams)
  • Candidate-provided keyboards
  • Cellular phones/pagers, smart-phones, beepers, walkie-talkies, PDAs or wireless communication devices (e.g., BlackBerry, iPad)
  • Dictionaries, books, pamphlets or reference materials
  • Digital cameras
  • Digital watches, alarm watches or wristwatch cameras
  • Flash/thumb drives or any other portable electronic devices
  • Food, beverages, or tobacco products
  • Hats (unless worn as a religious requirement)
  • Hoodies
  • Listening devices such as radios, media players with headphones or recorders
  • Mechanical pencils, pens or highlighters
  • Non-medical electronic devices
  • Papers of any kind
  • Slide rules, protractors, compasses or rulers
  • Weapons or Firearms

Cost and Payment Information

The cost for the HESI A2 – Retest exam is $60 for PVAMU students and $75 for non-PVAMU students. It does not matter if you are taking one or all 5 parts of the exam, the cost remains the same. There is limited seating available for this exam. If you have not paid for  your exam within 30 days of registering, your registration form may be cancelled to make room for another examinee. YOUR SPOT WILL NOT BE HELD IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID.


All exams are non-transferable and non-refundable

To cancel or reschedule an exam, you must have approval in writing from the College of Nursing.

HESI A2 Exam Technical Information

The HESI A2 is a computerized exam consisting of five (5) sections: grammar, reading comprehension, critical thinking, anatomy and physiology, and math. You will have 4 hours to complete the exam. Results of the exam are good for one (1) year. You are only allowed to take the test twice before you will not be considered for the College of Nursing. The second attempt must be a minimum of 30 days after the first attempt.

Applicants should prepare for this exam. There are several kinds of study materials available, ranging in price from $20-$100. Locate these by searching online for “HESI A2 preparation” or by browsing in a bookstore. Preparation can also be done on campus by visiting the Student Academic Success Center on the 3rd floor of the library or the Center for Academic Support located on the 2nd floor of the library.

Passing Scores

Students are permitted to take the pre-nursing entrance examination (HESI A2) twice. Successful completion of the examination is a score of 75% in the areas of Reading, Grammar, Mathematics, Anatomy/Physiology, and the writing of the Critical Thinking section within two attempts.

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