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The mission of the Developmental Education Program is to promote the academic success of all Prairie View A & M University students by providing effective instruction to students  with diverse levels of preparedness that foster college readiness in Reading, Mathematics, and English in a timely manner.

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Developmental Course placement

            TSI Assessment Score Sheet used for placement                .

Course Number TSIA Score ..  Main Idea & Supporting Details Author’s Use of Language
RDNG 100 341 or less  
RDNG 112  1-3      OR 1-3
RDNG 131  4 or higher     AND 4 or higher
PASSING 351 or higher


Course Number TSIA Score Sentence Structure                ..  Agreement                  …..  
ENGL 100 349 or less  
ENGL 112  1-4      OR 1-4
ENGL 131  5 or higher     AND 5 or higher
4 Essay
Multiple Choice


Course Number TSIA Score      Elementary Algebra          . 
MATH 100 335 or less  
MATH 113 1-5
MATH 133 6 or higher     
PASSING 350 or higher








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