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Important Early Registration Information for Spring 2016

  • Students need to see their Academic Advisor for Pre-Registration before the 13th.
  • Athletes must be Pre-Advised prior to the 9th because they must go to the Athletic Advisor to get their Registration Hold removed.
  • Engineering Majors must see their Engineering Advisor first before coming to their UC Advisor.  You must bring an advisement sheet signed by your Engineering Advisor.
  • Music Majors must see their Music Department Advisor before coming to see their UC Advisor.  You must bring an advisement sheet signed by your Music Department Advisor.
Date Information
11/2/15 Last day to withdraw from a class
11/2/15 Spring 2016 classes will be posted on Panthertracks
11/9/15 Early Registration for Special Populations (Band, Athletics, Honors, Veterans) with passing grades
11/13/15 Early Registration for Freshmen begins (with appropriate midterm GPA – check with your Academic Advisor)
11/23/15 Early Registration for those with less than “C” in a Developmental class
12/1/15 Last day to WITHDRAW from the UNIVERSITY
12/2/15 Final Exams begin
1/19/16 Spring 2016 classes begin

Mission Statement for the Division of Academic Advisement

The mission of the UC Division of Academic Advisement is to provide holistic, effective accessible advisement for incoming freshmen and other special populations and to serve as a resource for departmental advisement. This division is also committed to providing centralized support and referral services for the students of University College.

Goals for the Division of Academic Advisement:

  • To provide effective advisement on major and career selection based on a comprehensive analysis of each student’s academic skills, interests and the results of appropriate instruments.
  • To provide effective advisement on class selection based on major requirements, student’s academic history and current skill levels.
  • To provide appropriate academic interventions that encourage student success
  • To provide accessible, centralized support and referral services

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