Pre-Law Institute for Mentoring Students (Pre-LIMS) Program

The Pre-Law Institute for Mentoring Students (Pre-LIMS) Program offers a unique experience for college students who are interested in the legal profession.  This rigorous four-week Program is designed to expose students to the requirements of law school admission. The Program is primarily directed for college students from disadvantaged groups that are underrepresented in the legal profession.

The Pre-LIMS Program is a four-week summer institute which will: (1) introduce students to law school and the legal profession; (2) provide students with substantive academic skills to strengthen their preparation for law school; and (3) educate and prepare students for the application and admission process. Students must attend all classes and participate in all Program activities.  This is a full-time commitment, and students are encouraged not to pursue employment or studies outside of the Program.

The Pre-LIMS Program targets college students with high academic standing who have just completed either their second or third year of college. All undergraduate students enrolled in the University are encouraged to apply.  However, preference will be given to students who have completed their second and third years of college prior to the beginning of the Program.  Students who have completed the Bachelor’s degree are not eligible for the Program.

Application for Pre-LIMS

Please contact Dr. Billy Monroe, Coordinator of the Pre-LIMS Program, at 936-261-3206 or or Dr. Lee McGriggs at 936-261-3221 or for additional information.

Program Sponsors

The Pre-LIMS Program is sponsored by the Division of Social Work, Behavioral and Political Sciences at Prairie View A&M University and generous financial support from the University of Texas at Austin School of Law.

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