“Smart” Lab and Technology Resources

The Division of Social Work, Behavioral and Political Sciences has several labs and seminar spaces available to enhance student learning.  This past year, the Division received funds from Title III to develop a “smart” lab with video conferencing technology and a seminar space.  Faculty often schedule class time to utilize the technology and improve learning outcomes.  This year, guest speakers connected directly to our students through a video conferencing facility.  These facilities connect DSWBPS students to experts, community leaders, and peers from all over the world.  Faculty in the Division believe in a “hands on” approach to teaching.  The best way to learn how to do something is to “do” it.  These facilities are also equipped with the latest statistical software.

Smart Room

Division students have access to a state of the art “Smart Room” for video conferencing and “hands on” learning.












Smart Room

Dr. Nojeim is working with students in his nonviolent social movements of Gandhi and King course.









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