Heman Marion Sweatt LSAT Prep Program

Herman Marion Sweatt

Photograph, Picture of Heman Sweatt holding a press conference for the NAACP headquarters in New York City, 1950. Photo by Fred M. Vinson. Courtesy of the University of Texas. Image available on the Internet and included in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107

Heman Marion Sweatt originally intended to become a physician.  This professional goal changed wit him applying for admission to the University of Texas Law School at the age of thirty-seven (37) in 1946.  Denial of his admission placed Sweatt, a married mailman with a Bachelor’s degree in biology earned sixteen (16) years prior to his law school application. On a trajectory to become the plaintiff in a law school de-segregation suit filed by the NAACP against University of Texas President, Theophilus S. Painter.  In April of 1950, the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Sweatt, and two months later; in June of 1950, issued a unanimous verdict in favor of the plaintiff.

Sweatt could have easily begun classes at the Prairie View Law School in downtown Houston, which was established in 1947, or the School of Law of the Texas State University for Negroes in Austin.  Each established under the “separate but equal” doctrine.  However, he refused and remained steadfast to attend the University of Texas.  In September of 1950, he was admitted and began classes forging an example of leadership, courage, and determination that continues to inspire students even today.  We honor his legacy in opening the door for others by naming the LSAT prep program, the Heman Marion Sweatt LSAT Prep Program

Program Goal

The primary goal of this program is to enhance diversity in the legal profession by increasing law school enrollment for undergraduate college students from disadvantaged groups that are underrepresented in the legal profession.  This Prep program’s rigor is designed to enhance skills to improve the participants’ performance on the LSAT thereby increasing their opportunity for successful admission into the Law school of their choice.  A cohort of not less than 10 and no more than 15 participants will be admitted into this Prep program on a bi-annual basis.  Courses will be offered by KAPLAN test prep instructors.

This project is jointly supported by the College of Juvenile Justice and Psychology and the Brailsford College of Arts and Sciences.

Application Deadline

Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 12:00PM / JJPY 133 or via email at nkmitchell@pvamu.edu.


  1. Junior/Senior Standing;
  2. 3.0 GPA;
  3. Resume and Completed Application;
  4. Two Academic Refrences;
  5. Receipt Reflecting Payment of $250.00 to the PVAMU Cashier’s Office.
  6. Contact vlayers@pvamu.edu for instructions.