Certified Student Leader Program

PVAMU - CSLP.pngStudents who participate in the Certified Student Leader program will attend 7 workshops, engage in community service and create a portfolio documenting their journey of leadership at Prairie View A&M. The purpose of this program is to encourage involvement and provide students with a variety of opportunities that will increase their leadership knowledge and skills. After successful completion of the program, students will be able to articulate the legacy they would like to leave at Prairie View A&M by setting personal and career goals, many of which will be applicable beyond their college experience.


Requirements of the program include:

  • Students must be in good academic standing with the university
  • Students must have a 2.3 or higher to participate
  • Full-time student
  • All classifications are eligible to participate
  • Students must attend all workshops for certification


1st Tier of Certification is attending workshops on these topics

  • Effective Leadership skills
  • Your legacy as a Panther
  • Communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Time Management/Professionalism
  • Civic Engagement
  • Goal setting/Positive Financial Choices
  • Conflict resolution/ Problem Solving


2nd Tier of Certification is

  • 15 hours of volunteering
  • These hours will count towards your Community Service hours
  • These hours will be spent doing service learning projects such as cleaning campus, and or helping mentor young students.
  • Other hours can be collected during Panthers at Work, or other events coordinated by Mrs. Alisha Lowe-Scott.
  • This will give freshmen an opportunity to become acclimated to the University, while they continue to plan the legacy they wish to leave.
  • Students may also gain volunteer hours threw their particular student organizations that they are a part of verification will be needed.


3rd Tier of Certification is

  • Students are to have a “Leadership Mentor”, which are faculty members, alumni, staff members, organization advisor, academic advisor or community leaders. These mentors will assist students with goal settings and developing future career plans.
  • The students should meet with their mentor at least two times during their 7 week certification process.
  • Also the Leadership Mentors should help the student develop short term and long term goals that effect positive change in their personal life but as well the campus. A recommendation letter from your mentor should be placed in your Leadership Portfolio.
  • Leadership Portfolio will include all the information that will track your journey of the Certified Student Leader Program. This portfolio will hold all the information from workshops, test, sign in sheets from volunteer hours, and verification from Leadership Mentor.


All students who successfully complete the Certified Student Leader Program will be awarded with an official certificate, letter of reference and a celebratory banquet. The benefits for being a Certified Student Leader are immense! Potential employers and graduate schools look to hire students who have demonstrated their leadership skills and are proven to be leaders on their campus and surrounding communities. Involvement is essential to all college students as it provides a well-rounded and holistic experience and serves as a complement to the academic experience.