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My department has a need for student workers. How do I advertise the vacancy?

  1. Submit the job description form using JDSOnline.
  2. After being reviewed, the job will then be posted on the Student Employment website. Please allow 3 business days after submission for the job to be actively listed on the website.
  3. The position will be posted for no more than ten (10) business days.

The vacancy is still posted under job listings, but I have already chosen a student employee. How do I get the listing removed?
If the position is filled, it is the responsibility of the department to send an email to notify the SEO of the status of the position. Email:

My job posting is expiring but I haven’t found the right candidate, can I extend the listing period?
If an extension is needed, or re-posting of the position, the hiring department must notify the Student Employment Office ( to request the position be re-posted. The listing will be extended for ten (10) business days. Please note, positions will only be posted two (2) times.

How do I hire a student?

  1. Conduct an interview with the student. The student must present a completed Student Employment Application and a copy of their resume along with their proof of being awarded work study funds, if they are on financial aid.
  2. When you determine the candidate you would like to hire, please have the student complete a New Hire Packet.
  3. The supervisor must complete the Job Offer Letter, located in the student worker’s hiring packet, and the Employee Wage Request (EWR) through the Canopy System.
  4. The student must complete the Student Employee Orientation.
  5. Once the student has completed his/her orientation and the online training requirements, he/she gives the hiring packet to the supervisor to review and certify, then the student brings the packet to SEO for processing.
  6. The department can verify the student has been approved to begin working by checking the completed routing of the EWR with the final approval of SEO and the Budget Office.
  7. For more information, please go to: Supervisor Resources.

How do I rehire a student?

  1. If the student worked on campus in the previous semester, then the department must have the student complete a Rehire Packet, available under Student Resources.
  2. Complete the EWR, with the Job Offer letter and Work Study Award letter attached as separate documents.
  3. Once the packet has been received from the student and reviewed by the supervisor for completeness, the student will bring the rehire packet to the SEO for processing.
  4. Rehire students must complete a Refresher Orientation annually, every Fall semester.
  5. To verify if the student can begin working, the supervisor must check with the EWR creator to verify the EWR has been approved by SEO and completed routing.
  6. For more information, please go to: Supervisor Resources.

What are the procedures for hiring a Graduate Student Worker?
The Student Employment Office will only process the employment paperwork for Graduate Work Study Assistants, Non-Teaching, who are paid through Federal or Texas Work Study funds. Graduate Assistants, including Graduate Assistants, Non-Teaching who are paid at an hourly rate, will be processed through the Office of Human Resources. Graduate Assistantships will be offered at the discretion of the hiring department and will be processed through the Office of Human Resources. For further information on getting hired as a Graduate Assistant through Human Resources please visit the Graduate Assistants page under HR’s Manager Toolkits.

What happens if my student works beyond the amount of work-study awarded?
Any money earned in excess of the award allocation will be charged back to the hiring department at 100%.

How can I acknowledge my student worker’s hard work and efforts?
The National Student Employment Association (NSEA) declares a full week in April as National Student Employment Week. National Student Employment Appreciation Week offers our University the opportunity to focus on those students attending college and displaying excellent performance and work ethics in their workplace. For further information on the National Student Employment week visit the Supervisor Resources. Supervisors are encouraged to provide their student employees with feedback on the value of their work and the students’ accomplishments throughout the year. Acknowledging student workers motivates, encourages and thanks student employees while inspiring them to continue their efforts.

Am I required to schedule breaks for student employees?
For every four (4) consecutive hours of work, all student employees are permitted to take a rest period, not to exceed fifteen (15) minutes. These rest periods are to be taken away from the work area and should be scheduled and controlled by the supervisor to ensure office continuity. A student who works six (6) or more consecutive hours is also entitled to take a lunch break of at least thirty (30) minutes.

Is there a student worker dress code in place?
Yes, there is a Student Worker Dress Code policy. Minimum standards are defined in the policy; however, more restrictive standards may be put into place if the office/department deems it necessary.

How do I terminate a student employee?
If the student is being terminated because they have completed the allotted amount of work study, you need to process the EWR for termination. If the student needs to be terminated for another cause, please contact the Student Employment Manager at or (936)-261-1793.

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