PVSTEP Process

PVSTEP Process Flow Printable Process Flow Chart

  1. Review all internship postings and select up to three areas of interest to complete the synopsis.
  2. Answer the synopsis questions in essay form and submit with your unofficial academic transcript online. If you are submitting for more than one department/operating unit, please include each in your submission.  Multiple submissions will not be accepted.  Please ensure that you have answered each question thoroughly.  Questions not answered will not be considered for review.  The requirements are below.
    1. Please explain how participating in PVSTEP and working with the department/operating unit you have selected fits your academic and career goals.
    2. After researching the department/operating unit, please explain specific skills, knowledge, and courses you have taken and/or experience you have that would make you a qualified intern for that department.
    3. Explain one situation in which, because you took initiative, the end results of your efforts was a success.
  3. Once the student receives notification from the Student Employment Office of acceptance into the program, the student will apply online for their pre-selected three posting.  Applicants are required to submit the following documents online.

    1. PVSTEP Employment Application
    2. Resume
    3. Two (2) Reference Letters
    4. Acceptance Letter/Email from SEO
  4. The candidate interviews with the hiring department and the department forwards the submitted application with the finalist name, via email to pvstep@pvamu.edu,, along with the following documents for each candidate interviewed.
    1. Standard Hiring Evaluation Matrix
    2. Interview Questions Matrix
  5. The finalist receives a job offer letter, signed by the Student Employment Office and submits the offer letter to the hiring department to create an EWR.  The finalist submits the following documents to the Student Employment Office:
    1. EWR Copy
    2. Job Offer Letter
    3. Employee Personnel Data Sheet/Disabled Veterans’ Status Form
    4. I-9 Form & Original Identification
    5. W-4 Tax Withholding Form
    6. Confidential Release Form
    7. Student Employment Success Guide Certification Sheet
    8. Summer 2014 Detailed Class Schedule (if attending)
    9. Fall 2014 Registration/Schedule (required)
    10. Intern Work Schedule
  6. A UIN (if the student has not already received one) will be available 24 hours after the above documentation has been submitted to the Student Employment Office.
  7. The intern completes the five (5) State Mandated Trainings, and submits the PDF copy of the training transcript to the Student Employment Office , no later than Wednesday, May 28, 2014 for the 06/02 start date and Wednesday, June 11, 2014 for the 06/16 start date.
  8. ORIENTATION:  Orientation and departmental trainings are the responsibility of each respective hiring department; both should begin on the first day or work, Monday, June 2, 2014 or Monday June 16, 2014.


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